A: Yes, it is perfectly possible with the help of built-in FTP server.

Neutron has a build-in FTP server which can be bound to one of the source entries. Once FTP server is activated you can access your device media library remotely from another device.

To make it work:

  1. Neutron -> Settings -> Network -> FTP -> tap the gear icon and select one of the source entries which you intend to manage via FTP.
  2. Once selection is confirmed the FTP entry will display the FTP address which you need to input to the FTP client software (FileZilla is the best free candidate) or to the File Explorer (Windows) or to Connect Server (Apple OSX).
  3. If you are running Neutron on Apple iPhone/iPad device: connect to the created FTP server and create Music folder (/Documents/Music) that will contain your music library, it will help to avoid messing with Neutron's settings which are in /Documents/NeutronMP folder.