Firmware 41

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Firmware 41

Post by dmitrykos » Sat May 25, 2024 7:53 pm

Firmware 41 [05.2024]

Release Notes:

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* Fixed PCM channels swapped (L -> R, R -> L).

Update NConfigurator to 1.6.0 to use new advanced DSP functionality of Firmware 40+. Older NConfigurator will not offer Firmware 40+ update.

Update procedure for devices with Firmware Version 40 or lower:
  • Start NConfigurator app (see Downloads:
  • Navigate to Firmware tab
  • Click [Check For Update] button to fetch update details
  • Click [Update] to start firmware update procedure
  • Wait until device is updated (it shows progress on the OLED display)
  • Once device restarts self the update procedure is completed

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