Firmware 42

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Firmware 42

Post by dmitrykos » Sun Jun 02, 2024 7:22 am

Firmware 42 [06.2024]

Release Notes:

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* New DSP effect - Surround: based on Ambiophonics R.A.C.E. algorithm, 
  for use with external Speakers only (not for headset). This effect is also 
  supported by Neutron Music Player, so it is now possible to offload it to 
  DAC V1 and free mobile device's CPU for other tasks. Can be chained 
  with: 10-band EQ and FRC.
* Support for max frequency limitation via NConfigurator app. This 
  limitation can be useful for Android users who wish to limit DAC V1 
  to 44100 Hz and force Android OS or Apple iOS audio layer to operate 
  with this frequency effectively forcing bit-perfect behavior 
  unconditionally with any app.

Update NConfigurator to 1.6.1 to use new advanced DSP functionality of Firmware 42+.

Update procedure for devices with Firmware Version 41 or lower:
  • Start NConfigurator app (see Downloads:
  • Navigate to Firmware tab
  • Click [Check For Update] button to fetch update details
  • Click [Update] to start firmware update procedure
  • Wait until device is updated (it shows progress on the OLED display)
  • Once device restarts self the update procedure is completed

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