[UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database related

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Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Post by sashokv36 » Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:39 pm

Liveinthemoment wrote:Maybe your problem is your tags and /or some corrupt mp3s (can corrupt in the transfer from pc to phone/tablet).

Try these ?
1) remove all sources again and then delete entirely the music files (can use xplore by lonely cat games for this).
2) on your pc - scan mp3s for errors - http://mp3.about.com/od/tutorials/ht/Ch ... Errors.htm
3) on your pc - mp3tag - check your tags are OK. If they are OK in mp3 tag they will be ok in Neutron. You may have multiple tags per file that are in conflict.
4) copy across fixed files

You might say but with xyz player they were OK BUT either xyz only reads 1 type of tag or they are now corrupt from either:
1) transfer (as above) or
2) using Android tagging software - I have tried them all and they ALL 100% will break tags sooner or later do not use them. You get a problem recopy from pc.

So the mp3s you sent Dmitry may not be the same as on your device. I had a similar problem with 1 album once and it drove me nuts trying to work it out. Turned out to be 1 song on an album.

Hope that helps.
Thanks, I will try your suggestions over the weekend.

However, I do not have any mp3 files on my phone, I use only flac files. Most of them are result of the following workflow on Windows PC: rip CD with EAC -> FLAC encode with CueTools -> adjusting tags and adding covers with MP3TAG.

There are some FLACs purchased on Internet too, though not too many.

Oh, and I never tried Android tagging software, everything is done on Windows PC as above.

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Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Post by Liveinthemoment » Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:19 am

There is a program to check flac files as well that I used some time ago but I cannot remember the name but its free.

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