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[UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database related

Posted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 10:03 pm
by sashokv36

I have paid version of Neutron MP and am currently on version 1.76. I use it on Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I like player very much, however, there are couple of annoying bugs which somewhat spoil my user experience.

1. This was introduced in one of versions few months ago (do not recall when precisely). It was not there when I purchased Neutron (which was about 1 year ago). The issue is as following: after I delete an album from my SD card (and that means folder with all files, including FLAC and CUE) and refresh database, alum will still show up under the same Artist name, even though it shows 0 songs. If I have no more music of the same artist, Artist name is not in database anymore and album is also not in database. However, if I add new album of the same artist, this delete album is again visible in database under the list of albums for this artist with 0 songs. It would be great to see that something that was deleted is actually deleted.

2. Neutron clearly does not like letters of Latin alphabet other than standard English letters. Here there are 2 issues:
- If file name includes any of non-English letters, like é or è (and so on), then song will appear in the database under album twice: first time as correct track number with zero playing time and would not play at all and second time after all the tracks with names limited to letters of standard English alphabet, this time with correct playing time and it would play.
- And now Neutron started to substitute these Latin letters with various accents in song, albums and artists names in database with Cyrillic letters with or without accents, for example: instead of é I see й, instead of è I see и, instead of É I see Й and so on.

I searched the forum, however, could not find anything similar reported. I would greatly appreciate any help.

Many thanks!

Re: Couple of bugs to report - database related

Posted: Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:40 am
by dmitrykos
> 1. This was introduced in one of versions few months ago

Hmm.. this is quite strange as I could not reproduce described behavior. What I did:

- created folder Test,
- copied MP3 with album and artist names not existing in Neutron database yet,
- in Neutron pressed Refresh on Sources,
- entered to Artists and found that artist and then album,
- deleted test file from storage,
- in Neutron pressed Refresh on Sources,
- album and artist entries disappeared from UI

May be you could advise some of your steps so I could try to reproduce it again?

> 2. Neutron clearly does not like letters of Latin alphabet other than standard English letters

Sine 1.76 Neutron works with extended Latin letters better. The conditions are:

- if source of letters is in some code page, like CP1250, CP1252:

locale of device must be set to non-English, e.g. French, German, ... or interface translation language must be changed to native (French, German, Italian, ...).

- if source is in Unicode then all letters will be showed correctly, there are no conditions.

If you get those letter in from metadata of music file then I advise to use Mp3Tag PC app and do batch re-save operation of all such music files. Mp3Tag will convert metadata to Unicode encoding (UTF-8).

Re: Couple of bugs to report - database related

Posted: Fri Dec 06, 2013 9:26 pm
by sashokv36
Thank you very much for your response. Let me try to provide additional information.

For issue 1: I am using exclusively FLAC files, no MP3 and usually I have CUE files for my albums. Do not know if this is important or not. I am using as well some FLAC files which are complete album conversion with CUE file, not separate tracks (I use EAC to copy Image Uncompressed and then CueTools to create one big FLAC file with CUE file). Also you might want to try following sequence of actions:
- Create folder called Test and copy there some songs of an Artist that did not exist in database.
- Refresh database.
- Create folder Test1 and add more files of the same Artist but different Album. Refresh database again. You should now see all albums of this artist that you have added.
- Delete files from folder Test, but not from folder Test1. Refresh database and check whether you still see first album under the same Artist in database, though with 0 song entries.

Cannot guarantee though that this is still will reproduce and issue, as for me it also does not happen every time, seemingly randomly. Is there anything else that I should be looking at when such issue happens?

For issue 2:
- First part of the issue referred to file name in file system, not to metadata of the file. I am not sure which code page Windows 7 English is using to encode extended Latin letters into file name. Could you please advise? And is there any way to change this code page when I rename the file? Changing device locale is not an option, as I have songs named in different languages (French, German, Italian, Ukrainian, Russian etc.), but waste majority is English.
- Second part of the issue indeed referred to metadata. FLAC file with CUE file was encoded by CueTools and since it was one file for complete album rather than collection of FLAC tracks, I could not use MP3Tag (which I usually use in case I have separate tracks). I guess I need to use one FLAC file per album only when proper gapless playback is critical (like live albums for example).

Re: Couple of bugs to report - database related

Posted: Fri Dec 13, 2013 10:00 pm
by dmitrykos
> issue 1

Unfortunately could not reproduce :( I tried all possible combinations and was following your scenario but without any luck. Could it be that this behavior is fixed in current dev. version? It can be...

> file name in file system

The filenames in Android OS are in UTF-8 encoding and thus any language is supported and Neutron does not need any information about codepages and etc. I tried inserting ö into the filename and saw it unchanged in Neutron. Please make sure you see correct filenames in standard file manager.

> CUE file was encoded by CueTools

If you could e-mail ( one for study it would be easier to understand the problem. But first, try using for example Notepad++ PC text editor which allows to re-encode text file into UTF-8 encoding which will always work in Neutron.

Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Posted: Tue Dec 24, 2013 6:26 pm
by sashokv36

As far as issue 1 is concerned, is there any way to delete database completely from my phone, so that I can simply recreate it from scratch? I hope this can fix this issue.

For issue 2 - I'll send you via e-mail one of cue files created by CueTools where extended latin alphabet is not interpreted correctly by Neutron. By the way, does Neutron understand cue sheet embedded into FLAC file?

Many thanks!

Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:55 pm
by sashokv36

I guess I have only question now: is there any way to completely delete database so as to recreate it afterwards from scratch?

If yes, how this can be done?

Many thanks!

Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Posted: Sun May 25, 2014 5:44 pm
by sashokv36
Well, does not seem I can get any response. At the end, I paid just a few bucks, so be it... though knowledge of how to clean up database would be helpful to probably few more people.

Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Posted: Mon May 26, 2014 11:49 pm
by Liveinthemoment
simply remove the source then add it back

Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Posted: Wed May 28, 2014 6:17 pm
by sashokv36
Liveinthemoment wrote:simply remove the source then add it back
Just tried that - does not work, as after adding source back all empty records in database are back again (i.e. albums with 0 songs). So in fact removing source does not really DELETE anything from database.

Any other ideas apart from completely uninstalling this buggy software?

Re: [UNCONFIRMED] Couple of bugs to report - database relate

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:51 am
by Liveinthemoment
Maybe your problem is your tags and /or some corrupt mp3s (can corrupt in the transfer from pc to phone/tablet).

Try these ?
1) remove all sources again and then delete entirely the music files (can use xplore by lonely cat games for this).
2) on your pc - scan mp3s for errors - ... Errors.htm
3) on your pc - mp3tag - check your tags are OK. If they are OK in mp3 tag they will be ok in Neutron. You may have multiple tags per file that are in conflict.
4) copy across fixed files

You might say but with xyz player they were OK BUT either xyz only reads 1 type of tag or they are now corrupt from either:
1) transfer (as above) or
2) using Android tagging software - I have tried them all and they ALL 100% will break tags sooner or later do not use them. You get a problem recopy from pc.

So the mp3s you sent Dmitry may not be the same as on your device. I had a similar problem with 1 album once and it drove me nuts trying to work it out. Turned out to be 1 song on an album.

Hope that helps.