Normalization EQ not locking

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Normalization EQ not locking

Post by HabeasCorpus » Thu Sep 17, 2015 9:30 pm

I am running the latest version of Neutron on a Samsung Galaxy S4. Android version 5.0.1. I have just started Normalizing my albums, I am about 1/3 of the way through. When playing a Normalized album the Preamp gain slider is locked as it is supposed to be, but the EQ sliders are still active and can change the sound. Based on what I read in the Normalization information page I thought the EQ sliders would be locked by Normalizing.

I hit the “+EQ” button for each album prior to Normalizing, the EQ icon appears next to the album entry in the library, and the albums are Normalized (I tested volumes of Normalized and non-Normalized albums). During playback of the Normalized album I can turn the EQ on and off using the EQ button under the sliders, and the sound changes so I know EQ is active on the Normalized albums. The new adjusted EQ positions remain on the Normalized album when I move that album out of and back into the queue, the slider positions do not revert to the original position, so the EQ settings are still locked on the album, it is just that they are changeable.

This isn’t a real problem, I actually don’t mind being able to make minor tweaks on the fly if I am listening through a new speaker system. The risk is that if I make too large an adjustment to the EQ I might push the output into truncating audio data, which Normalization is designed to prevent.

Anyway, since the app appears to be acting other than designed I thought I would ask if there is a bug in my install.


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