Hey...i'm New Here...And LIKE IT, but...

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Hey...i'm New Here...And LIKE IT, but...

Post by Cosmonomad » Sat Feb 04, 2017 7:58 pm

...i have a (Little) Prob!
I've searched all The "SETTINGS" in NEUTRON... searched HERE now... But couldnt find any Answer.
At least... Forgive me if My Grammer is sometimes Bad; i am German.

Now...what My Prob IS??
I just Look for an Option, a Switch... To let NEUTRON Jump To The next Song by SHAKING My iPhone!
If i activate this in iOS-SETTINGS... It dont work in NEUTRON!
And...in NEUTRON i cannot find such Option.

Is there someone who can teach me...how To Get this enabled?
And...if there maybe IS NO such Function, then please Tell me TOO.
NEUTRON is SUCH a GREAT Piece of AUDIO-Software...i am totally HAPPY with it!!
After Years of testing Masses of Player... NEUTRON made My Day...when i found "him"!
So...yes: I am happy To be a Piece of The NEUTRON-Community... And curious on what i can Explore Here...
And what i can contribute To all of U!
I am a Musician, (Keys, Guitars, Cello And Bass)...Doing such Ambient Things like (for example) Brian Eno. But
On The Other Hand , we (The CosmoNoMADs) do also Songs (own Compositions) from Bowie Till Rammstein.

If somebody Ever has Questions related To VST-Things And such Stuff; Feel Free To ASK.

For now i say goodbye... And Would be happy if you have an Answer To My Little Prob.

Greetz from cold, cold Germany

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Re: Hey...i'm New Here...And LIKE IT, but...

Post by SynekPablo » Sat Feb 25, 2017 10:05 pm

die Shake Funktion wird von Neutron nicht unterstützt

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