Playing DSD or HiRes files on Fiio X5iii

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Playing DSD or HiRes files on Fiio X5iii

Post by Mi.Rog » Thu Jun 20, 2019 10:33 am

I'm a little bit confused with what I see on Playing Now screen while playing HiRes files.
As far as I know my Fiio does not support DSD256 files, but I can play them under Neutron, however,
From what I see when playing DSD256 files I draw a conclusion that Neutron does something with native DSD256 files - I guess that it converts them "on the fly" to DoP format (352,8/24).
[SETTING in AUDIO HARDWARE: "DSD, DSD over PCM" -> "do not convert DSD data" and "Use native DSD" and volume control "off"]
The files I have downloaded from 2L Norway which I consider to be a very reliable site. I am conscious that 2L records in DXD format, and the rest of files are derived from DXD file. I refer to the first file on the list here: which I downloaded in DSD64, 128, 256 (DSF) and 24/352,8 (WAV)

DSD256. When I play this file and tap once [...] button I see "1-bit 11,3MHz, 22,6Mbps DPCM256" - is this DoP 352,8/24?
After nest tap there is "32-bit 352,8MHz STEREO PCM". Does that exactly say how it is OUTPUTted?
DSD128 - "1-bit 5,6MHz, 11,3Mbps DSD128"
and DSD64, respectively. This - as I expected - is DSD native, am I right?

Not being sure as to file structure from 2L I also downloaded files from site sampler ... sd-sampler
I have downloaded 256fs & 128fs versions, system behaves identically.

Sound quality is excellent in either case, as far as my ears can judge.
Could someone shed some light on that subject? Does Neutron downsample on-the-fly DSD256 files (22,6Mbps) to 352,8/24 PCM (16,9Mbps)?

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Re: Playing DSD or HiRes files on Fiio X5iii

Post by blaubär » Wed Feb 19, 2020 7:19 am

Did you find a solution in the meantime ?

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