What is "DVC" and why Neutron doesn't need it

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What is "DVC" and why Neutron doesn't need it

Post by blaubär » Wed Jan 06, 2021 5:24 am

Sometimes the question arises as to a feature called "DVC" or "Direct Volume Control": what that is, whether Neutron supports it, why Neutron doesn't support it, would Neutron please support it.

It's a solution to a problem the Neutron doesn't have, so "not applicable" would be the short answer to all questions.

A long answer is difficult, because Neutron isn't affected by the problems that led other applications to implement this feature, see the discussion in Low Volume Out Of The Box .

To the best of my knowlegde : this is a way to feed the audio output to the DAC where the trade-off between volume and safety delivers more volume and less safety. As a side effect, and for some users as a convenient feature, the android sound effects are circumvented when this is activated.

In Neutron there is no problem with volume, the trade-off between volume and safety can be manually controlled via preamp level, and if the user wishes (and sticks to the defaults) Neutron happily circumvents the Android sound effects. So there's no need for this feature in Neutron.

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