2.19+ - new file access method (SAF), How-To

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2.19+ - new file access method (SAF), How-To

Post by dmitrykos » Wed Mar 02, 2022 11:26 am

Unfortunately Google did not listen to developers and forced developers to target Android 11 for all new updates submitted to Google Play Store.
This Google's policy started since November 2021 and it was a reason for the delayed updates of Neutron on Google Play Store platform, - to give users more time to transition to the new file access method called Scoped File Access (SAF).

When application targets Android 11 it is automatically restricted by Android OS to access user file system without a special permission which is obtained now via SAF. So, Neutron's convenient automatic file scanning will not work because Neutron can "see" files of its "sandbox" file system only (it is quite familiar to Apple iOS users). You will need to add permission to access file system via SAF.

SAF is slow (explained here: https://www.facebook.com/neutroncode), it is bulky and very difficult to handle inside the complex application like Neutron but anyway it was implemented.

Here is a detailed tutorial how to create SAF source or how to go back to old fast file access method by downloading and installing the Generic package manually which targets Android 8 and thus not restricted anyhow:


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