More tempo organization options

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More tempo organization options

Post by slow_jam » Sun Jun 09, 2024 1:27 am

I wrote a post to vlc developers mailing list for a similar, but different idea:

Instead of grouping by tempo, I actually want to adjust playback speed so that tempo is mostly static. I think a manual tempo check would be ideal, some songs don't seem to quite line up with nearby tempos.

So, I would like a custom tempo range grouping. This next request isn't yet an option, but I would like a way to set a tempo per song. The idea is to find a tempo I am in the mood for, and match all songs to that tempo.

I think the app is partly way there with bpm reading, is there any interest in allowing per-song tempo adjustment for a playlist? I would add one song to the playlist, adjust the tempo to match my mood, and all other songs could be adjusted to match that tempo. I think this is a task best performed by a human, as some songa change in tempo, which could skew the program measurement. I would only play a few seconds of each song, and try to find a tempo that matches the first song in playlist.

This would be great as there is already triple-digit decimal precision on speed, something i want to see in vlc. VLC has bookmarks, which saves the place in a song--it could instead save current speed, which is already a setting.

So, in theory, vlc is slightly closer to being able to allow this, but neutron has the higher precision and areas related to tempo already.

Is there any interest to expand these features?

I could also see ordering the tempo queue differently, such as by genre, artist etc. So far, the list of nearby tempos seems to be the closest I'm going to get in the meantime, and I'm satisfied with it so far, but just thinking of more ideas.

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