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Release Notes - Recorder

Post by dmitrykos » Thu Nov 26, 2020 7:28 pm

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 - possible bug with starting 0s in the track (regression of 1.03.0).

* New:
 - Channel Multiplexer option: to record individual channel into a Mono file;
 - Profile (recording only): to configure DSP profiles for different needs;
 - Ability to bind profile to an input device.
* Show recording time in a higher resolution.
 - trailing 0s in the recording for some input devices (USB ADCs) when paused/stopped recording;
 - frequency of the previous device used when switching devices (to USB ADCs);
 - large Spectrum view shows incorrectly scaled filter's bode plot;
 - crash of SMB connection if incomplete reply.

* Support for direct USB ADC access to support ADC's extended format (up to: 8 channels, 768 kHz, 32-bits): use Audio Hardware - Direct USB Access option to enable it, select USB device in the device list.
* Show audio driver type in device list.
* Try to re-create source referenced folder if it was deleted by mistake.
* If no active source available when recording is started create the default folder to succeed.
* Activate the next available source entry if current entry is ignored explicitly.
! Fixed:
 - audio device name not updated in the Recording settings.
* Preserve network file when refreshing integrity to avoid blocked loading.
* Do not invalidate SMB source if shares were not detected but server is responding.
* Improved SMB source health detection on start and prevented SMB track unloading when health is being checked.
! Fixed:
 - external SD not detected on Samsung's Android 11.
* New:
 - output bits selection for lossless PCM formats (FLAC, WAV): 8, 16, 24, 32;
 - output channels (format) selection.
* Disable Recording setup icon while recording to avoid unwanted interaction with a process.
* Enable Connection and Controls settings group - control of the playback start/stop condition.
* Output (format) frequency selection moved to the Recording settings.
! Fixed:
 - visible system background under the transparent panels;
 - AGP is always set to On when in Playback mode when restarted;
 - occasional crash.
! Fixed:
 - could not pause and resume recording.


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