New Option to force bit-perfect

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New Option to force bit-perfect

Post by blaubär » Wed Apr 05, 2023 7:23 am

Situation : If a user want's to play bit-perfectly, e.g. to get his MQA files correctly recognized by the DAC, he has to take care that no DSP occurs.

Problem : It's difficult to make sure that Neutron doen't use any DSP. The bit-perfect-profile may help, but as it can be changed, that's no guarantee. E.g. changes in the sampling rate may occur although none are expected.

Proposal : Add an option to force bit-perfect no matter what, or add a locked bit-perfect-profile, or make the existing bit-perfect-profile static. In any case make sure that in the case the user wants strict bit-perfect playing Neutron does exactly that.

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