Any way to make top panel always visible in landscape mode?

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Any way to make top panel always visible in landscape mode?

Post by LouisaRostislav » Sat Nov 25, 2023 12:26 pm

when using Neutron Player in portrait mode on my phone with the options "Auto-hide panel" as well as "tap to hide panels" switched off it looks the way I prefer it and the top panel is sticky and stays visible even when browsing Albums / Artists etc.

Once turning the phone to landscape mode this doesn't work the same way anymore and the panel always hides itself when changing to another menu.

Unfortunately when using Neutron Player on a tablet as a floating window and/or split screen in portrait mode aspect ratio the top panel hides itself, probably because it thinks the App is running in landscape mode - probably because the tablet itself is indeed in landscape mode and Neutron takes that into account instead of the actual aspect ratio of the app.

It's a minor issue but kinda annoying, since I'm using the same app version with the same aspect ratio but with different behaviours (one one device the top panel stays there and on the other one it always hides itself)

Is there maybe any way to make it sticky in landscape mode as well? I tried every option possible, but maybe I've overlooked something.


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