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Ratings with Titles in Folder

Posted: Wed May 15, 2024 8:53 pm
by Tony
Can ratings be shown alongside title? My style of playing involves folders, where I jump from genre to genre. It wouldn't matter if the reporting was stars, a number, or a color of the title.

Problem is too many titles and songs in my library. This invites confusion over which music have been vetted and which haven't been played and disliked. Often get scores of recommended music in a single week in that new search for new and very rare 5 stars to actually play.

In addition, some titles were personally AI remastered with IZotope. These could be differentiated from the other versions with ratings reported alongside titles.

The problem is really bad with classical music with cryptic titles. When playing at gatherings it' would be easy to decide which ones to play, without having to recall the titles.