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Release Notes - Player

Post by dmitrykos » Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:22 pm

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2.24.0 (04.2024):
* New:
 - Audio Hardware -> Oversampling -> Frequency Limit option: to limit oversampling to some max frequency
 - made EQ channel label on Spectrum window a toggle button to cycle between EQ channels
 - AGP -> Reset Gain: affects Preamp when EQ is off, otherwise Preamp is managed by EQ preset
 - entering Clock mode will no longer stop music playback
 - support for Software Gain (Audio Hardware -> Hardware Gain = Off) by Wake-Up Timer
* Speaker DSP: expanded Delay setting to 20 ms
* Updated AutoEQ database with FRC presets to the latest [31.03.2024]
! Fixed:
 - Speaker DSP: 2.1 mode giving noise
 - rare crash if Custom Format is unsupported by OS
2.23.7-9 (03.2024):
* New:
 - Pseudo-stereo DSP effect: Creates a pseudo-stereo (fake stereo) effect from mono sources (mono/1-channel tracks only). Manage by profile, accessible via Playback -> DSP Effect -> Pseudo-stereo
* Improved overall performance
! Fixed:
 - Category Widget not showing up when pressing the 3-dot button in the Media Library screen (bottom left corner)
 - Occasional ANRs (Application Not Responding) when the app tries to connect to the network while opening the UI

2.23.4-6 (02.2024):
* Support for DoP (DSD) in FLAC
* Increased Audio Hardware - Oversampling to 32x to support devices with max 1.536 MHz PCM
* Improved memory usage when using SFTP (SSH)
! Fixed:
 - misaligned Bode Plot on some specific screen aspects
 - silence in 64-bit Processing on Shanling M6 pro 21 DAP
 - fast scroller malfunctioning on collections with 50k+ tracks
 - controls overlapped when sorting tracks in Landscape view
 - various rare crashes
Windows Win32:
* Support for VST3 effects (DSP Effect - VST3)
* Save DMP files into /NeutronMP/errors folder when exception is caught (please e-mail such files to developer for fixing the crash reason)
! Fixed:
 - prevent switching off mouse pointer when it leaves window to allow its hiding when it is hovering title bar or a side of the window
 - limit GUI window to min 480 x 480
 - Landscape window not restored on next app start
 - getting default audio device
Windows UWP:
! Fixed:
 - crash when opening URL
 - folder/path can not be opened in the external File Explorer
* Allow cloud-based tracks for user's media library

2.23.3 (12.2023):
! Fixed:
 - Bode Plot of individual EQ filters not shown (regression of 2.23.0) when EQ - Cumulative Bode Plot is Off

2.23.2 (12.2023):
! Fixed:
 - crash in attempt to set PCM to DSD format (regression of 2.23.1)
 - rating stars handling in UI (regression of 2.23.0)

2.23.1 (12.2023):
! Fixed:
 - crash in EQ DSP UI
 - no DSD on LG Vx devices with Android 9
2.23.0 (12.2023):
 - ability to rate groups of tracks (multiselection, albums, artists, ...) from properties dialog
 - support for rating tag IRTD in WAV, POPM MusicBee tag in ID3v2
 - up to PCM 1.536 Mhz/DSD1024 on Shanling M9 Plus DAP
 - native DSD support for Shanling DAPs with Android 10+
 - optional action User Interface -> Panel: Top option: Power Off for quick exit from Neutron
* Show real-time Cumulative EQ Bode Plot in individual EQ filters to assist with EQ preset building
* Subsonic and Ultrasonic DSP:
 - UI moved to Playback - DSP Effect section
 - managed by Profile
 - Off in Bit-perfect profile
* Removed clamping of manually entered Preamp values in EQ setup dialog
* Updated AutoEq database to the latest (Dec 2023)
! Fixed:
 - crash in Speaker DSP UI when max channel is selected
 - memory corruption by Equalizer DSP if >4 output channels
 - playlist entry's absolute path resolving for normal file system paths
 - Ultrasonic Filter DSP UI plot grid not scaled to max frequency correctly
 - format [:] button is hardly clickable on Playing Now
 - apply natural sorting for filenames when getting first file from album folder
 - conversion of Vorbis RATING tag to 1-5 stars equivalent
 - show multiselection button in the group lists if multiselection is active

2.22.6-7 (10.2023):
New DSP UI widget mode: Waveform only with/without album art in background
* Use signal for Alarm if music is playing during the Alarm time
* Updated AutoEQ database to the latest (Oct-fall 2023)
! Fixed:
 - FLAC file reading could be stopped due to bitstream errors inside the file
 - playback button does not change state to Stop if streaming to UPnP/Chromecast and breaking it by pressing the icon
 - rare crash in UI
 - reverted to max 8 I/O channels

2.22.5 (10.2023):
* New:
 - ability to remove track from Recently Played, Most Played by -Playlist action
 - support max 10 output/input channels (was 8) to be compatible with 10-channel USB DACs
 - added 9.1 channel matrix for 10-channel output
* Increased size of EQ bands slider in Controls screen
* Improved Lyrics dialog: show current entry on top when playback starts and it is invisible, follow music progress faster, highlight current entry from the background
* Do not show unsupported effects on iBasso DX DAPs (DX320MAX -> no Filter)
* Updated:
 - AutoEQ database to the latest (Oct 2023)
! Fixed:
 - crash when playing track from Recently Played
 - could not connect to some modern HTTPS WebDAV servers
2.22.4 (09.2023 - iOS release only):
* New:
 - tracks sorting type solely by filename, renamed previous Filename to Path, Filename which is sorting by path and filename (default)
* Differentiate floating-point and integer formats by showing -fp postfix for floating-point format in the track format info bits field
* Updated:
 - AutoEQ database to the latest (Sep 2023)
 - network subsystem for better compatibility with servers (network source)
! Fixed:
 - Recently Played existing entry not bumped to the top when played again
 - Most Played entry not counted if playing from Most Played list
 - target Generic apk to Android 9 to avoid warning on Android 14
 - OS widgets or notifications could show stale info about previous track while some streaming track is being loaded
 - bad streaming entry reloading could not be canceled by attempt to play another healthy streaming entry

2.22.3 (08.2023):
* New:
 - bound Audio Hardware -> DSP Effect (Device) option to profile
 - category option All Songs to switch off All Songs track list for the category entries
 - Tile View option will now affect category entries and its albums separately (activate separately for Albums, Artists, Genres,...)
 - added Setup options for Years category
 - added [+ Queue] to Songs for easier handling of true random playback via Dynamic, Random Queue
 - support for OPUS inside M4A
 - added Czech translation
* Improved:
 - resolving playlist's paths to music files on Android 12+ when only SAF permissions is provided
* Targeted Google Play apk to Android 13 as per Google's requirement  (note: if your source entry became inaccessible or empty - recreate new via SAF, see FAQ on website about it)
! Fixed:
 - Filter DSP: Q giving insufficiently steep slope for Shelf filters (HS, LS)
 - CUE file could not be loaded if one of the tracks does not contain INDEX entry
 - EQ preset bound to Bluetooth device via Device binding is not selected and set to Line Out with Bluetooth connection being active when started
 - file access permission access requested again on start in some cases

2.22.2 (06.2023):
* New:
 - time label on Queue entry: to show total time of all tracks in the Queue
! Fixed:
 - streaming to Chromecast Audio devices with latest firmware (1.56.281627+)
 - looping of the first track in the Queue when more tracks were enqueued after the first one and Loop Track List is On

2.22.1 (05.2023):
* New:
 - support for FLAC inside M4A/MP4/MOV containers
 - support for 32-bit Int FLACs
 - support for 32-bit Int FLAC for Output To (note: 32-bit Int FLAC is supported since libFLAC 1.4.0 released in 2022 so majority of renderer devices will not support it)
 - support for external calls to playback API via NeutronMPRpc interface with intent (for Developers)
 - full hi-res PCM/DSD for HiBy R6 Pro II
! Fixed:
 - Sequential playback mode when playing via Android Auto
 - noise in the last 20 seconds of PCM track playback if followed by DSD track with Oversampling = On

2.22.0 (03.2023):
* New:
 - AH - Direct USB Access - Release Inactive Device: release USB device to the OS and other apps when paused
 - UI - Optional Features - Recently Added: to disable/enable Playlists -> Recently Added
 - Playlists - Most Played in Android Auto
* Improved:
 - album-art lookup for Albums list by using album-art image from the first music track if image is not provided inside the album folder
 - stability of resuming playback after audio focus loss and re-gain
 - device effect state management during playback state change
! Fixed:
 - hi-res for FiiO 11 Pro
 - 1-2 seconds long pause when: was playing, interrupted by another audio app, regained audio focus back and resumed playback
Apple iOS:
 - support for accessing external storage (USB drive and etc) connected via Apple Lightning USB port as well as Document folders of other local apps: Sources - + - File System - + - add permission to access external folder on external drive or another local app's folder
  - use 32-bit Int output format when 64-bit Processing is switched on

2.21.9 (02.2023):
* Updated FRC - AutoEq presets to the latest
! Fixed:
 - fixed crash on source refresh while playing (regression of 2.21.8)

2.21.8 (02.2023):
* New category Playlists - Most Played
* [+ Streaming] action for streaming entries of the media library
* Switch groups in a loop (now default behavior, including swipe up/down in Playing Now)
* Enable 32-bit Int format for Shanling DAPs (active when 64-bit Processing = On)
* Improved compatibility with Android 12+
* Full PCM and DSD support for HiBy R6 III
* Improved compatibility with WebDAV servers
! Fixed:
 - rare crash when connecting to Chrome cast device which rejects connection

2.21.7 (12.2022):
* Updated FRC DSP - AutoEq database to the latest
* Improved hi-res audio support for Shanling M3 Ultra DAP
! Fixed:
 - imprecise MP3 seeking which caused mismatching of the synchronized lyrics
 - silent background crashes on Android 12+ if widget is installed (OS limitation: on Android 12+ background service can no longer be started by the widget)
 - silent crash when placing widget and service is not started

2.21.5 (12.2022):
* Support for full hi-res audio on HiBy RS8 DAP (up to PCM 1536 kHz, DSD1024)
! Fixed:
 - could not send DSD from one Neutron Player to another (UPnP/DLNA Renderer) if WAV transport not selected
 - crash on DSD1024 to PCM conversion if target sample rate was not multiple of 44100
 - short interruptions when switching apps on some rare firmwares when Direct USB Access is active (not fully though, firmware issue)
 - unable to start on Android 4.3 or less (regression since 2.19.x)
Apple only (2.21.6):
! Fixed:
 - unable to find UPnP/DLNA servers on iOS16+ due to OS limitation

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Re: Release Notes

Post by dmitrykos » Fri Feb 14, 2014 7:23 pm

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2.21.4 (11.2022):
! Fixed:
 - Android driver: fixed max channels detection
 - crash when assigning EQ preset or Profile to the device: when device list is visible and after user rotates the screen
 - various other minor reported crashes

2.21.2-3 (10.2022):
* Support for hi-res audio on Android 13
* Support for FiiO M11S, R7-R9
* Better support for iBasso DX170, DX240, DX300MAX, DX320 DAPs
* Update network interfaces in Network View dialog if network changes
* Web-search by the title, album, artist (long-press song entry - press item to search)
* Make URLs in UPnP device properties openable in a web browser
! Fixed:
 - Recently Added playlist not updated during playback
 - Proximity control not working on some firmwares
 - misdetection of local network availability
 - compatibility with Asus router WebDAV server where router path was hidden from the folder list
 - Waveform UI showing level value if 0.5 instead of 0.05

2.21.1 (08.2022):
* New:
 - Tempo categories are long-pressable and provide +Queue, +Playlist for easier mixing;
 - "All Tempo" category which does not group BPM for a more fine grained mixing;
 - optional Tempo category in the top-panel;
 - uninterrupted playback of SFTP sourced track if Internet connection changes between mobile an WiFi or drops completely for a short period (< 15 seconds).
* Updated FRC/AutoEQ database to the latest.
! Fixed:
 - guessing of FULL/HIGH speed USB DACs when OS does not report USB speed (regression of 2.21.0);
 - Global Search result cleared if source entry is refreshed;
 - synchronized lyrics loading: only one of multiple lines with the same timestamp was displayed;
 - occasional crash on loading SFTP track;
 - other various crashes reported by users.

2.21.0 (08.2022):
* New:
 - Tempo/BPM Analysis: accessible from top-level settings list (or long-press Album), analyzes BPM of tracks and creates media liberary - Tempo category.
 - [PCM to DSD] -> Oversample 8x option: to force 8x oversampling for PCM core that results in a higher resolution of DSP processing (EQ, FRC, Crossfeed, ...) REQUIRES VERY FAST CPU!
 - Digest authentication for WebDAV source.
* USB driver: guess device speed from ISO packet size and max frame rate if OS fails to provide USB device speed.
* Blend bottom and front colors of the Spectrum Analyzer and RMS bars.
* Increased max value of UI -> Fast Seek to 60 seconds.
* Bound Audio Hardware -> Hardware Volume and Playback -> 64-bit Processing to profile.
* Improved SAF permissions handling (including: sub-folders and root path).
! Fixed:
 - Opus stream not recognized as Opus and thus limited to basic streaming metadata only;
 - parsing URL when it contains port number and @ in the path;
 - crash on attempt to delete CUE track, limit CUE track to Remove -> Ignore;
 - WV file could not be loaded if WVC file is invalid;
 - WVC loading from SFTP source.

2.20.4 (06.2022 - Apple only):
! Fixed landscape mode for all iPhone models with on-display camera inset.

2.20.3 (06.2022):
* Removed limitation for DSD128 for DACs with 192 kHz max frequency.
! Fixed hi-res support detection for some devices (regression of 2.20.1-2).

2.20.2 (06.2022):
* New:
 - full hi-res (PCM, DSD) support for Sony Walkman DAPs, including BT;
 - hi-res (PCM, DSD) support Cayin N8ii (PCM up to 768 kHz, DSD up to DSD512).
* Improved tolerance to database failures by keeping last working version.
* Updated FRC presets to the latest.
! Fixed:
 - ABC widget could point list to the wrong position;
 - infinite duration not detected in case of Foobar2000 UPnP streaming via WAV.
* Added group switches to the widgets (UI - Playing Now - Group-switch Mode).

2.20.0 (05.2022):
* New:
 - PM - Sequential - Rewind Tracklist: to rewind tracklist to the beginning when reached its end. 
! Fixed:
 - fixed Bluetooth device frequencies not listed if Hi-Res Codec option is unavailable but hi-res device is detected;
 - noise when switching gapless DSD tracks;
 - incompatibility with UPnP Renderers and Senders which are using [Range: bytes=0-] header in HTTP request;
 - playing Ogg/Opus files from SAF source;
 - missing support for DPAD CENTER button (as Enter);
 - could not clear Chromecast devices from Output To list;
 - USB Driver: use volume resolution reported by device.
 - new option Media Library -> Exclude Music from Backup: to exclude any music folder from the Documents folder backup.

! Fixed:
 - setting ringtone on Android 11+, including from SAF source;
 - no album art from SAF source;
 - fixed Ultrasonic Filter misconfigured if Oversampling is active.

* New:
 - targeted Android 11 as required by Google for new updates, Android 11+ users will only be able to use Scoped Storage file access now (except Generic apk which still targets Android 7.1);
 - DSD and DSD sub-settings, Oversample, Upmix and Follow Source Frequency settings are managed by Profile now;
 - ability to clear/refresh UPnP/Chromecast device list in Output To and Source - + - UPnP/DLNA.
! Fixed:
 - AGP affecting FRC preset;
 - crash on start on some devices;
 - could not scan files/folders with # in the name;
 - album-art image could not be loaded for SAF source;
 - can't normalize SAF sourced tracks.

Support for ISO XML metadata descriptor (details:
Improved support of SAF source by getting folders/files listing via SAF (work in progress).
! Fixed:
 - Profile can not be configured if its name was erased;
 - UPnP playlist could reference single track for all entries with the same title;
 - SACD image not split into tracks if track's information does not contain text at least title;
 - DSD not available if DSP Effect (Device) is active and output goes to USB DAC or UPnP/DLNA render.

* New:
 - native DSD support for FiiO M11+, M17 and newer DAPs;
 - Ukrainian interface language.
* Try to search for USB DAC when Audio Focus is re-gained to auto-reconnect to it.
* Prefer Year extracted from track's metadata when displaying track properties.
! Fixed:
 - broken playback stability on RK SoCs by removing RK SoC specific workaround as it can interfere with correctly working devices;
 - incorrect visualization of Mono track (RMS, Waveform) when playing with PCM -> DSD = On and Upmix = Off.

* New:
 - support for DSD over UPnP/DLNA (DSD must be sent as DoP inside 24/32-bit WAV container);
 - Output To: new transport format WAV (24-bit [default], 16-bit, 32-bit) for UPnP/DLNA streaming.
* Ask for permission to access source folders on start if permissions were removed/lost due to re-installation.
! Fixed:
 - wrong WMA Lossless duration;
 - wrong duration of WebM files (incomplete support yet, tags must contain DURATION tag in form hh:mm:ss);
 - Streaming entry can not be selected for playback if UPnP/DLNA Renderer was active.

* New:
 - restart UPnP/DLNA Renderer on localhost ( if LAN/WAN unavailable to allow interaction with other apps;
 - ask for SAF permission to access source folders on start if SAF permissions were removed/lost due to re-installation.
! Fixed:
 - file deletion from the standard file system when Scoped Access permission must be requested;
 - USB Driver: apply workaround to rk3368 SoC only to fix clicks on FiiO X7.

! Fixed:
 - release USB DAC to OS in case of temporary audio focus loss;
 - Hi-Res driver crashing on Android 12 if Direct PCM or Offload modes are active.

! Fixed:
 - periodic noise when playing 24-bit APE files (regression of 2.18.0-4, reverted decoder).
* New option Network - Prefer Direct: to manage network usage preference (VPN/Wi-Di Direct is preferred by default, new 2.18.x behavior).
* Updated FRC - AutoEQ database.
* Support native DSD256 on FiiO M11.
! Fixed:
 - Spectrum shows wrong scale if following track's frequency and output frequency is lower than track's.

* New:
 - using original (vanilla) APE decoder to support all APE file versions (also faster).
! Fixed:
 - crash on APE playback;
 - no audio in Android Auto due to Generic Driver - Hi-Res Codec = On (basic format will be enforced for Android Auto connection).

* New:
 - support for file creation using SAF;
 - activated tag edit for SAF sourced tracks.
! Fixed:
 - inability to create source entry (blinking with yellow) after 5+ minutes since process start;
 - SAF sourced playlists could not be edited.

* New:
 - support for SAF storage: Sources - + - File System - + [bottom], adds support for USB Storage on some firmwares;
 - Audio Hardware - Upmix option;
 - DSD256 option for PCM to DSD mode (only powerful devices will handle it!);
 - IPv6 support;
 - support 705.6 and 768 kHz frequencies on HiBy R6 DAPs;
 - bind Audio Hardware -> Follow Source Frequency to Profile.
* Improved:
 - USB driver: compatibility with Rockchip SoC when frequency is above 96 kHz;
 - support for iBasso DX330MAX DAP.
! Fixed:
 - Wrong artist name could be shown in the album list header if 1-st track has different artist but album has album-artist assigned;
 - volume could not be negative for PeakEQ + BW in the Filter GUI, fixed 0 frequency should not be reachable with a slider to avoid error;
 - when user closes text window with tap, accept previously made input;
 - VPN interface not selected in case of VPN over Cellular connection;
 - do not reset Preamp to 0 for Replay Gain normalized track when AGP is Off;
 - Mono track has low volume if Audio Hardware -> Mono option is switched on;
 - native DSD not audible if Audio Hardware - Mono is On;
 - DSD formats (DFF, DSF, ISO) not activated for the file if it has no meaningful filename;
 - Oversample 16x could result in original sample rate even if hardware supports higher frequencies;
 - support for FiiO M11+ DAP (incomplete for native DSD yet);
 - device volume not synced to the volume of USB DAC when it is connected;
 - keyboard not showing on Android 12.

! Fixed ID3v2 tags could not be read fully if POPM tag present (regression of 2.17.3).

* New: 
 - sorting Albums list by Artist and Date: Albums - Sort By: Albums - Artist;
 - support ID3v2 POPM (Popularimeter) tag (re-scan library).
* Improved handling of BT connect/disconnect events.
! Fixed:
 - could not bind EQ, FRC, Profiles to BT device by its name;
 - BT device names too long (delete all prefixed with AudioTrack manually);
 - binding of EQ preset to output device type;
 - shuffle when Loop Track is active;
 - BT A2DP device could have one frequency on DAP;
 - reading of RATING Vorbis tag (re-scan library);
 - icon skew in UI - Appearance - Button, Foreground option.

* Support fractional time below 0 for Attack and Release of Compressor DSP.
* Indicate when reached tracklist's start/end when switching with Prev/Next.
* Improved handling of the Shuffle mode when switching Prev/Next.
* Show category icon in Playing Now when Album-Art is visible.
! Fixed:
 - Dither and AGP UI could be indicating On state while in reality Off when connecting device and profile deactivates these DSP effects;
 - rare crash when disabling local FTP server;
 - occasional crash when clearing tracklist with Clear from UI;
 - crash if switching tracks quickly while DSP widget is shown and album-art is an icon;
 - endless Prev when Shuffle is on;
 - occasional crash when deleting tracks from external SD.

* New:
 - additional DSP view mode to show graphs on top of album-art image.
! Fixed:
 - track list group header could be hidden due to Setup -> Filename option when in albums, all tracks of artist, ...;
 - rare crash when trying to set ring tone;
 - crash when inside Queue and it gets cleared;
 - DSP widget could be duplicated in Landscape mode;
 - Top ctrl could stuck when in Landscape mode and Spectrum widget opened;
 - more crashes based on bug reports.

* New:
 - bind individual devices to Profile, EQ or FRC presets;
 - full hi-res support for Shanling DAPs;
 - native DSD256 for Fiio M15;
 - hi-res for Meizu PRO 5,6,7.
* Recognize VOB as audio source (Video DVDs).
* NeutronID license check mechanism for PayPro license (see FAQ for details).
* Removed GET_ACCOUNTS permission thanks to NeutronID.
! Fixed:
 - rare incompatibility with UAC1 with feedback DACs;
 - compatibility with some WebDAV servers delivering inconsistent root path;
 - large Spectrum view shows incorrectly scaled filter's bode plot;
 - playlist not read correctly (regression of 2.16);
 - respect Folder - Filename option when pushing tracks from it to Queue or Playlist;
 - Follow Source Frequency option could not be applied to the current track after the change;
 - crash of SMB connection if incomplete reply;
 - workaround to support Subsonic UPnP server.

* New:
 - full support for HiBy R6/R8 DAPs;
 - Frequency Response Correction (FRC) DSP button in the top panel and bottom panel in the Controls screen (optional);
 - tap small DSP plot in DSP config dialog to expand it to a full-screen version;
 - Clear queue action for Enqueue for the track.
* Limit BT A2DP format to max 2 channels, allow 44100 Hz for BT A2DP devices too if only 48000 is reported by the OS.
! Fixed:
 - profile change does not set FRC preset correctly;
 - Chromecast renderer could not be found inside the complex network;
 - compatibility with USB DACs;
 - output to BT A2DP;
 - could not launch from the system media panel on Android 11 (Samsung) when closed completely.

* New:
 - possibility to import user EQ preset into Frequency Response Correction DSP;
 - Non-oversampling (NOS) filter option for iBasso DX160 DAP. 
* Speedup showing AutoEQ presets list in FRC DSP settings. 
! Fixed:
 - USB driver: compatibility issues with some DACs (noise, not operating);
 - Generic Driver: no output to some Bluetooth devices;
 - empty WPL playlist;
 - crash when trying to add new preset in DSP Effect -> Frequency Response Correction in Landscape mode;
 - too small scale for FRC preset plot;
 - could not detect internal storage on some firmwares (LineageOS).

* New:
 - Frequency Response Correction DSP (Playback - DSP Effect): to correct FR of the output device, collection of 5000+ AutoEq presets for 2500+ headphones for flattening their FR.
* Improved:
 - USB driver performance and compatibility: support for Qudelix-5K DAC;
 - limit BT A2DP output format to hw max supported 24/96.
! Fixed:
 - crash when Reverse Stereo is activated for >2 channel output;
 - crash if current track is sourced from SFTP not playing and connection changed within that state;
 - do not detect dead SFTP connection by issuing keep-alive messages to lower network traffic;
 - reset Pith Shifter DSP on every track as workaround for a garbled sound during a long playback;
 - garbled Spectrum and RMS when track transitioned from DoP to 176.4 PCM;
 - do not try to send DoP/DSD when output device is BT A2DP;
 - convert DSD to PCM for output to Speaker if DSD is not supported by this output device;
 - no audio on some devices not supporting hi-res audio;
 - playlist file could not be opened from the external app with Neutron;
 - wrong icon displayed for All Folders entry for Folders counter;
 - could not play another track list if current track list stopped playing with Playlist Track List Once being switched on.

* Allow to fallback system default frequency in Audio Hardware - Frequency settings by adding explicit DEFAULT entry.
! Fixed:
 - garbled Spectrum, VU meter and Waveform in case of native DSD output with 64-bit Processing switched on;
 - could not connect to some streaming servers (regression of 2.15.4).

* Treat FTP entry as URL when opening track description dialog for a quicker access.
* Do not try to load network file's tags when opening playlist file to avoid large delay.
* Preserve network file when refreshing integrity to avoid blocked loading.
* Do not invalidate SMB source if shares were not detected but server is responding.
* Improved SMB source health detection on start and prevented SMB track unloading when health is being checked.
! Fixed:
 - hi-res audio missing on some devices (NVIDIA Shield TV, USB DACs via Android and similar);
 - external SD not detected on Samsung's Android 11;
 - do not read ALBUMARTISTSORT tag to avoid incomplete Album Artist name (without A, The), ALBUMARTIST must be present instead (rescan source to correct database);
 - compatibility with some streaming servers refusing to connect.

! Fixed:
 - crash when opening file externally.

! Fixed:
 - fixed AGP is always set to On when restarted;
 - Rms widget could become unhidable;
 - provide Album Artist to the scrobbler instead of Artist of the track for correct scrobbling.

* New:
 - support for Profiles (profile affects which DSP effects are active, see settings - Profiles).
* Improved compatibility with some WebDAV/HTTP and FTP servers.
* Support ALBUMARTISTSORT tag in Vorbis tags.
! Fixed:
 - crash while scanning WebDAV source (HTTPD server);
 - Waveform & Rms widgets not restored if Clock mode was active;
 - not listed as music player for music files;
 - album-art icon could be wrong sometimes when in DSP mode or album-art hidden in Playing Now;
 - system background visible under the transparent panels when UI - System Background = OFF.

* New:
 - DSP visualiser mode: Waveform and RMS widget (via DSP icon in Playing Now, inherited from Neutron Audio Recorder);
 - tag editing for MP3,FLAC,OGG,APE,SPEEX,WAV,WV,M4A,MP4 (supported storage: internal, SD [partial support], SMB, SFTP);
 - Spectrum, Waveform and Rms visualization for DSD track sent as DSD to hw;
 - show album-art icon in place of category icon in Playing Now when album-art is hidden;
! Fixed:
 - Android 11 music files access;
 - occasional crash when deleting tracks;
 - multi-selected entry is deselected if scrolling the list with selected entries;
 - reading of AIFFs with built in ID3v2 tags;
 - USB driver: compatibility with some USB DACs, wrong latency reported;
 - false-positive detection of database corruption;
 - Vorbis tag ALBUMARTIST could not be used if PERFORMER is present.

! Fixed:
 - crash on launch on Meizu Flyme OS 8.x;
 - crash on Android 5-6 (regression of 2.14.5);
 - crash when Direct USB Access is used (rare case, regression of 2.14.5);
 - Next/Prev not working for streaming entries from the playlist.

* New:
 - option UI - DSP Effect: Button: to rearrange effect buttons in Controls screen;
 - option Compressor - Filter: to filter out frequencies from the Compressor's analysis.
* Enabled Hi-Res Audio for Bluetooth output on all M model Fiio DAPs.
* Improved performance/stability of SFTP source scanning and streaming.
* Show multiselect button in the bottom panel if it is active.
* Support variable bitrate indication for Speex format.
! Fixed:
 - media library thumbnail does not match Playing Now album art in some cases;
 - USB driver: fixed interruptions on Meizu DAC and similar;
 - could not get file from misconfigured FTP server (when it still allows to list root storage folder);
 - crashes in background on some devices by limiting media browser to Android Auto only;
 - album art could be black if UPnP/DLNA media server does not provide file extension for album art entry.

* New option UI - Spectrum Analyzer:
 - Flat: to switch on/off flattening spectrum for a pink noise;
 - Scale: to scale the spectrum's response.
 - ability to detect Hi-Res Audio output on some firmwares (SPDIF/HDMI TV boxes);
 - Spectrum Analyzer calibration to match real power of frequencies;
 - reading of broken DFFs.
! Fixed:
 - crash on start on Fiio DAPs (M9, M11) (regression of 2.14.3);
 - Compressor DSP UI not live while playback is active;
 - channels swapped on Cayin N6ii DAP during DSD output.
! Fixed:
 - interruptions during playback on some iOS devices.

! Fixed:
 - crash of Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 devices on large Spectrum window (regression of 2.14.2);
 - track title not appearing if control panel is auto-hidden.

* New:
 - UI - Spectrum Analyzer - Delay option: to delay spectrum for N milliseconds;
 - support for COVERART tag in Vorbis tags;
 - display track title - album - artist when playback control panel is hidden.
* Optimize EQ plot drawing performance.
* Improved speed of Chromecast Audio device detection.
! Fixed:
 - Chromecast: could not change frequency while playing;
 - discovery of Chromecast Audio groups;
 - Opus Replay Gain reading (using Q7.8 version as per RFC7845);
 - CUE could be miss-read if along with music file there is the same named non-music file;
 - artifact when paused playing with Crossfade switched On and trailing sound is heard on some devices (likely when BT is On).

* New:
 - support for Public Key authentication type for SSH/SFTP source;
 - option User Interface -> Spectrum Analyzer -> Follow Source Frequency: to scale spectrum analyzer window to the frequency of the track (added corresponding icon to a large Spectrum view too).
! Fixed:
 - not listed as music app when trying to open music file with external file manager;
 - black title background in Playing Now if User Interface -> System Background is On.

* New:
 - SFTP (FTP over SSH) as new network source type: can replace SMB on Windows 10 with possibility of external access over port 22;
 - ability to assign universal path prefix (USDx://) to external storage (SD/USB): Sources - [+] - File System - long-press SD/USB storage - Bind to USDx.
* Moved all playback related settings into own Playback group in the Settings list.
! Fixed:
 - USB driver: support for some synchronous DACs and DACs with microphones;
 - source entries not sorted by Title if corresponding option is On;
 - not able to set lower than -150 dB for Preamp;
 - firmware crash on Android 2.3.4 devices;
 - erroneous behavior of title in Playing Now on some devices;
 - album-art images could have wrong size when window resized.

* Support for Tile view for the lists of groups (albums, artists, folders, ...): long-press top-level group header (Artists, Albums, Folders, ...) - Setup - Tile View to activate.
* Improved:
 - hi-res audio driver compatibility with Samsung Galaxy S20 devices;
 - reconnection routine if network is changed during listening.
! Fixed:
 - compatibility with Samsung Galaxy A devices (silence if Hi-Res Codec is switched on);
 - track info not visible in Playing Now if color set to Black;
 - consistency scrolling with grip or ABC lookup could not reach the bottom of the list;
 - fixed crash if streaming playlist can not be loaded (regression of 2.13.3).

* Support for HLS network streams.
* Improved:
 - Network track will not interrupt when connection type changes (WiFi <> Mobile);
 - USB driver for DACs with multiple control interfaces, where one of the interfaces is for a voice.
* Modified Multiselect behavior: if track is selected first then only tracks can be selected, if group (album, folder, artist) is selected first then only groups can be selected or tracks from the Songs.
* Enabled Hi-Res Codec for Samsung Galaxy S20, Huawei Honor devices.
* Reset default user FPS to 60+ to avoid lagging interface.
! Fixed:
 - SMB track is being loaded with delay on start;
 - Compressor DSP working incorrectly if Window is set to 1000 ms and then back to 5-10 ms;
 - Audio Hardware per-device settings are reset if reset is pressed but canceled modifications;
 - Playing Now track info could keep scrolling due to N-buffering of graphics driver;
 - EQ filter could become unstable due to frequency close to the max.

* New Connection and Controls -> Play on Start option: to auto-start playback when application launched (sub-option: delay of the playback start).
* Support hi-res output on Fiio M-family DAPs for Bluetooth connection.
! Fixed:
 - native DSD support on LG devices (regression of 2.13.1);
 - track title in Playing Now not shown on devices with ARM Mali-G77 MP11 GPU (Galaxy S20, ...);
 - some IceCast streams not working (regression of 2.13.0);
 - crash on inconsistent SMB/RPC packet.

* New:
 - 3 additional 16k presets for 40, 50, 60 bands for Parametric EQ;
 - support MP3/MP2s of 2Gb+ on 32-bit systems.
* Keep trying to load SMB track on startup while DNS is being enumerated.
! Fixed:
 - Opus's Replay Gain;
 - USB driver for some synchronous UAC2 USB DACs;
 - UPnP Renderer could start playing local track instead of next remote;
 - UPnP Renderer could not keep playing if Loop Track List was active;
 - local track starts playing when UPnP Renderer is interrupted by the system;
 - crash fixes in case of malformed SMB packet's data;
 - fixed bad quality of Playing Now text;
 - slow playlist loading (regression of 2.13.0);
 - show source name for top-level folder only if it is different.

* Increased EQ bands to max 60.
* New: 
 - multi-channel native DSD;
 - options in UI - Playing Now:
   * Scroll Track: On by default, to auto-scroll long tracks which do not fit the screen;
   * Group-switch Mode: to toggle on/off the group switch buttons;
   * On-screen Controls: to toggle on/off the buttons on top of album-art area;
 - option Audio Hardware - Direct USB Access - Tweak: USB Audio 1.0: to force UAC1 mode for UAC2+ DACs if those are faulty;
 - memorize and restore volume of UPnP and USB DAC devices;
 - source SMB over VPN;
 - lyrics in APE2 tags;
 - Replay Gain info in Opus;
 - native DSD256 for Cayin N6MK2 DAP.
* Improved:
 - USB driver;
 - start up time in case of many network sources;
 - network stream reloading.
* Behavior change:
 - option Connection and Controls - Play on Power Attached will affect playback not only on process start;
 - if Guess Metadata is Off fill Album with folder name of the scanned file;
 - assigned predefined Preamp to existing EQ presets (must be recreated);
 - use only primary locale for guessing user's locale for UI to avoid wrong language selection;
 - actions in the top-panel set to the color of buttons;
 - split EQ Preset - Lock function to independent locking of EQ bands, and Preamp;
 - add source name to the top-level folder in the Folders view to distinguish multiple sources with the same top-level folder name;
 - deprecated support for Android 2.2 (Froyo);
 - hi-res output for Galaxy S10+/Note 10+;
 - UI could deadlock due to many unavailable network sources;
 - AGP - Reset Gain value not saved if set manually;
 - empty directory not added and removed from file watching service;
 - UI - Spectrum setting values not updated in case of manual entry;
 - Replay Gain not loaded in CUE if surrounded with ";
 - Replay Gain not read for tracked opened from the File Manager;
 - tracks from the playlist could not be matched to tracks of the media library;
 - UI plot could be occasionally mispositioned if screen size changed rapidly;
 - Library Category widget.
 - support for Sync/Full-speed and Sync/High-speed+ DACs;
 - USB DAC name reading;
 - workaround for XMOS MCU: noise when native DSD stream opened after PCM was active.
 - fixed long-lasting bug when not responding to Play command if suspended in background.

* New Media Library option - Guess Metadata: to turn off tags guessing from the filename if they are missing in the file.
* Removed limit for EQ's max gain and Q for manual input.
! Fixed:
 - external SD could not be detected on Android 10 (confirmed for Galaxy S10);
 - disabled Hi-Res Codec for Samsung Galaxy A50 due to no sound when active (use Custom Format for experiments);
 - Folder - Setup: Track Nr not working if Filename option active for a folder entry.

! Fixed:
 - Filename option not working for individual folder;
 - time not shown for endless OGG stream;
 - packaging issue of 2.12.7.

* Improved:
 - PCM To DSD algorithm and resulting sound quality;
 - interoperability of USB driver (Direct USB Access) with other apps or OS;
 - support for USB Audio 3.0 DACs;
 - performance on x86 and x64 platforms;
* Support for Disc Nr and Count for UPnP/DLNA source (rescan UPnP/DLNA source).
! Fixed:
 - 1st CUE track starting from Pregap;
 - wrong duration reported for the multi-file CUE;
 - Square layout misalignment in split-screen mode;
 - crash on orientation change;
 - iTunes library not read on iOS 9.x devices.

! Fixed:
 - not switching from DSD to correct PCM To DSD mode;
 - UPnP Renderer's crash if client sends album art with the stream;
 - Playing Now not correctly displaying only Done time and it is also shifted on wide screens;
 - crash on folder delete via multiselect.

* New:
 - PCM To DSD options: DSD128 (for fast CPU only!), Multithreaded Processing (to lower interruptions if slow CPU), Dithering affects quality.
* Improved:
 - PCM To DSD algorithm: better sound quality, lower CPU usage;
 - iBasso DX160 support;
 - UPnP/DLNA Renderer compliance to UPnP specification;
 - endless streaming of WAV;
* Hide seek bar and time-left for endless streaming playback.
! Fixed:
 - PCM To DSD not active for some USB DACs;
 - silence with some HDMI/SPDIF devices: use Custom Format (DIRECT, 16-bit Int, <= 192 kHz) to get hi-res (if it works);
 - Android Auto: fixed could not select Recently Added/Played.

* Improved:
 - All To DSD audio quality due to more sophisticated algorithm;
 - Hi-Res driver compatibility with Xiaomi devices;
* Support for native DSD with SaviTech USB controllers (e.g. support DSD256+).
* Show software gain slider in Blue.
! Fixed:
 - could not bind EQ to folder located on external SD, local storage on Windows and iOS;
 - All To DSD output for some USB DACs (where DoP is not supported);
 - noise on LG Vx devices when All To DSD active.

* Improved hi-res output compatibility with Samsung S* and Note* series.
* Support ID3 tags in DTS WAV (rescan sources if you have such files).
! Fixed:
 - All to DSD not activated if Native DSD option is off;
 - Chromecast 30 second latency/delay;
 - Recently Added could be populated again if re-scanning source with CUE;
 - rare crash during SMB/CIFS end-point enumeration;
 - recurring rare crash on UI exit.

* Hi-Res output for HDMI/SPDIF.
* Mono is applied before DSP and Balance.
! Fixed:
 - Custom Format ignored (regression in 2.12.0);
 - crash during scanning (regression in 2.12.0);
 - USB DAC can not resume playback if interrupted by a phone/voice call.

* Support for output of all contents to DSD (to activate: Audio Hardware - DSD, DSD over PCM - All to DSD, output device must support DSD64):
 - +6 dB headroom for EQ;
 - higher processing precision due to Oversampling.
* New Dynamic/Auto-start Queue behavior: if playback active and track from another tracks list is enqueued, it will start playing and once finished the playback will switch back to the previous list.
* Autoconvert between BW and Q when changing filter setup.
* Improved:
 - performance of DST decoding;
 - guessing metadata from the filename when album/artist info is present in metadata already;
 - Audio Hardware -> Audio Focus sub-settings not persistent;
 - streched/compressed album-art in widget/notification.
! Fixed:
 - rating stars have incorrect color in Light theme;
 - reverse sorting by file time.

* New:
 - Setup - Sort By - Time (File): to sort tracks by file time;
 - support Hi-Res Audio on FiiO M6 - M9 DAPs (only PCM, native DSD absent due to fw - to-do).
! Fixed:
 - FTP source;
 - interrupted playback of SACD ISO from SMB/CIFS source;
 - opening CUE with file manager;
 - Android Auto could not start process;
 - track could stack in playing state if DSD, DoP option changed;
 - UPnP/streaming album art not visible after orientation change;
 - minor crashes.
! Fixed:
 - crash on streaming due to specific metadata (JSON payload).

* New:
 - iBasso DX220: Filters and Gain support in DSP Effect (Device);
 - FiiO M6-M11: hi-res & DSD support;
 - App icon shortcuts;
 - Fast switch to media category inside the media library tree;
 - Touch-based filter response tuning.
* Improved:
 - SACD ISO seeking precision;
 - hi-res driver compatibility;
* Idle notification can be silenced now.
* Direct USB Access: release USB device to the OS when focus is lost.
! Fixed:
 - MQA track not restored to original frequency if Oversample is active;
 - hi-res may be lost on LG V30-V40 if changing frequency;
 - Network -> Buffer Preload not persistent across process restarts.
! Fixed:
 - 12H clock mode not displayed in notification;
 - missing playback mode toggle in widgets;
 - directory watch not catching empty folders and changes inside of them.
! Fixed:
 - tag folder should not be added to Recycle Bin.
! Fixed:
 - some iTunes library sourced tracks missing in Neutron's library (due to OS internal bug).

* New:
 - Shoutcast radio directory (Streaming);
 - Streaming options: to disable/enable radio directory
 - Play Track List Once - Rewind: to manage rewinding to the 1st track behavior;
* Support for:
 - hi-res audio on Kirin SoC (Huawei);
 - balanced output connection event for Fiio DAPs.
* Improved:
 - Media Service behavior.
! Fixed:
 - Share and Ringtone;
 - playing wrong track if manually selected in the track list when Crossfade is On, Shuffle is On and current track is around completion;
 - EQ icon not shown when Album Art option is switched off for the category;
 - correct bitrate for streaming FLAC;
 - do not show [+ Playlist] button for a new streaming entry;
 - minor memory leak.
! Fixed:
 - force min 2 channel output by default to avoid 1-channel output to AirPlay.

* Hi-res audio output support for more devices (Qualcomm SM6150, SM7150).
* New:
 - Audio Hardware -> DSP Effect: support management of digital effects and gain on iBasso DX DAPs;
 - Audio Hardware -> USB DAC: to enter DAC mode on iBasso DX DAPs;
 - option Connection and Controls -> Media Button -> Long-press: to turn off long press action (may be useful for a buggy firmwares);
 - Share action for multiselection.
* Improved media browser service.
! Fixed:
 - song rating for a next track not updated if UI not visible;
 - tracks from CUE disappearing from Queue when source is refreshed;
 - fixed Ringtone;
 - fixed Share.

* Direct USB Access: support for UAC2 USB DACs with multiple internal clocks.
! Fixed:
 - FTP source not able to browse path if @ is in the path;
 - song rating for a next track not updated if UI not visible;
 - avoid refreshing sources if service started passively (not by user via UI);
 - close process asap once media browser client disconnected which earlier started main process;
 - fixed Trial Expired on Android 4.4 and lower;
 - fixed crashes on Android 4.4 and lower.

! Fixed unexpected playback start on some Android devices.

* New:
 - Android Auto;
 - ISO (SACD/DVD) format;
 - Setup -> Album Artwork option for: Artists, Composers, Albums, Genres, Playlists, Folders;
 - source album art from art-only folders (like Artwork);
 - global search by folders and filenames inside Folders -> 1-st level;
 - invoke Global Search by long pressing the Lookup (magnifier icon);
 - Network -> Preload Buffer: to improve stability of streaming radios over unstable network;
 - ability to manually edit normalized Replay Gain from the settings dialog.
* Performance optimisations;
* Capitalize track name, album, artist of CUE if corresponding option is set in Media Library settings;
* Improved:
 - selection of PCM frequency for DPCM tracks when Oversample is active;
 - natural sorting to put _[... prefixed filenames on top of the list;
 - autostart Queue playback if its Autostart option is On and it was empty even if playback is already active.
! Fixed:
 - MQA tracks result in silence if Audiophile quality selected;
 - HW Latency for UPnP device not set to the correct value by a double-tap on slider;
 - USB Driver: support for synchronous UAC2 DACs;
 - total CUE time not correct in track properties;
 - DoP-only frequency (705.6 kHz) used for PCM playback on iBasso DX200 - DX150 resulting in silence;
 - blank screen if Clock is disabled and Sleep timer expires;
 - exclude Cellular (rmnetX) interface from possible interaction with SMB/UPnP;
 - external SD decoupling path prefix not applied on some firmwares, resulting in usage of raw path to SD which can change after device is rebooted;
 - PCM track could play as PCM in DSD stream resulting in harsh noise;
 - click sound for some DSD DSF;
 - wrong duration of DSD WV track;
 - minor crashes and ANRs.

! Fixed:
 - Audio Hardware -> Follow Source Frequency (regression in 2.08.0);
 - occasional crash while deleting files.

* New:
 - Audio Hardware -> Oversampling option: to oversample tracks by 2,4,8,16 ratio.
* Improved:
 - spectrum Log scale: flat for pink noise to show low and high bands with equal power;
 - respect UI -> Playing Now -> Playback Timer setting in widgets;
 - Pitch/Tempo DSP precision;
 - stability and performance.
! Fixed:
 - USB driver for UAC2 adaptive DAC's;
 - SMB/UPNP source could become active if local network is off and Refresh on Sources is activated;
 - playback could continue if trying to stop almost finished track while next is ready to become current.

 - DSD256 on Cayin N5iiS DAP;
 - Follow Source Frequency for: Output To devices, UPnP/DLNA renderer;
 - toggle track format button to show Output format;
 - option Direct USB Driver:
   * Volume Control - Linear Scale: to fix DACs with linear volume control;
   * - Control Interface: to fix some buggy DACs (Fiio E17K);
 - [+ Playlist] for Streaming entries.
 - avoid duplicate mount points of external SD (recreate source to SD if it became inactive!);
 - USB DAC volume control;
 - apply Album replay gain to the album folder too;
 - show track number in notification on < Android 8.
 - WavPack-DSD seeking;
 - last listened streaming station not restored on start;
 - minor ANRs;
 - do not schedule source update if all sources are opted out from auto-refreshing.
 - iTunes tracks can not be loaded from playlist file.
 - Audio Hardware -> Exclusive Mode -> Mode: EVENT option: to fix bad audio output with some USB DACs, to reach extremely low 4 ms output latency.

 - external SD detection.
 - external SD detection that caused inactive source entry (regression of 2.07.5);
 - fixed minor ANRs and crashes.

 - support HiBy DAPs (R6, R6 PRO): PCM <= 32/384, DSD64-256;
 - support DSD256 on Cayin N5ii DAP;
 - show track number in front of title in notification and widgets;
 - options UI - Playing Now - Shuffle Mode & Playback Mode: to enable/disable buttons in Playing Now panel;
 - option Shuffle Mode;
 - write relative paths to playlist files. 
 - USB DAC: volume control, operation;
 - playlist management;
 - mouse: right bitton for properties, back for back action;
 - keyboard: Page Up/Down to scroll track list;
 - APE: duration, seeking;
 - voice search handling;
 - Speaker DSP: preserve old behavior of STA DSP for frequencies below 150 Hz (soft mode);
 - reading non-Unicode metadata (especially Asian languages);
 - guessing of Various Artists from tags.
 - FTP fails to transfer 0 sized files;
 - track start position misaligned of multi-track MPC with >1 hour duration;
 - Album Art pulsation does not work if AGP is off;
 - Speex format;
 - sorting UI list entries;
 - playback not started when car's HUD powered with external SD and Play if Power Attached is switched on;
 - playlist entries not deleted if attempted to delete with multi-selection;
 - not starting on PC with non-Latin account path (name);
 - crash on tracks with non-Unicode metadata;
 - Mute state on process start;
 - USB driver: could not read some USB-C audio dongles (HTC);
 - Filter setup dialog not using all screen area in landscape mode;
 - DSD: fixed not reading DST, gapless.

 - Speaker DSP: options to display Delay as Time or Distance, to enable HF range time shift (for 2.1 emulation, higher quality reimplementation of STA's functionality).
 - Direct USB Driver (regression since 2.07.3);
 - occasional crash on process exit if SMB source active.

 - support for DSD1024.
 - license checking behavior for offline usage case.
 - BT media buttons not working (regression since 2.07.0);
 - some DTS files could not play (noise);
 - bad track info if sent from Google Music via BubbleUPnP to local UPnP/DLNA renderer;
 - unintended SMB enumeration on start if custom account added via Help - Accounts.

 - Musepack files not playing;
 - rare crash in Speaker DSP UI.

 - new option Audio Hardware -> Direct USB Access -> Volume Limit, Ratio (<=): to limit max volume.
 - playlist could not be loaded if opened with external file manager;
 - crashes (regression of 2.07.0).

 - replaced STA with crossover-like Speaker DSP (per channel: delay, attenuation, filter);
 - group multiselect;
 - Wake-Up Timer: volume control, ability to choose wake playlist;
 - Audio Focus options: Stop Always, Volume;
 - support multi-track Musepack (CUE); 
 - ability to add license e-mail account (if Google Play services missing): Help -> Account -> [+];
 - gain parameter for Band-Pass/Stop filter.
 - DSD to PCM decoding speed;
 - Hi-Res output driver compatibility (mostly ASUS Zenfone);
 - AGP processor's detection latency to 10-20 msec granulation;
 - gapless trimming of AAC according Apple's docs;
 - database integrity tolerance to process kill;
 - extract year from album name if missing.
 - Replay Gain could be missing from AAC;
 - keyboard input (Asian languages);
 - UI not active in multi-window mode when window's focus lost;
 - Un, Les, Le determinators cut out if non-French interface or system locale selected and corresponding option in Media Library is activated;
 - gapless delay trimming could make AAC file not playing due to always 0 returned buffer;
 - do not keep showing album art from previous track when screen is switched on;
 - Artist name could be replaced with Various Artists for the playlist track if Group By Album Artist option is active;
 - track number of the Album is shown in notification instead of track list index.

* Hide rating stars for network endless streaming.
 - hi-res driver for Samsung/Asus devices (playback speed could be slow);
 - Position not affecting duration of the track;
 - track list appears on top of UI (regression of 2.06.0);
 - network sourced tracks not working in Neutron's playlists;
 - Playlists -> Refresh.

 - Playlists -> Recently Played;
 - per channel Phase Inversion;
 - COMMENT tag of Vorbis (OGG, FLAC).
 - Hi-Res driver: reconfirm real sample rate to avoid double resampling inside OS;
 - UPnP/DLNA core performance;
 - Normalization handling: show items from ignored sources, fixed item not normalized if process closed during analysis, queue cleared on start if network source is unavailable.
 - USB driver for UAC1 DACs and missing HW gain control;
 - crash during scanning (due to malformed ID3v2 COMM tag);
 - unexpected forced source update;
 - crash of Fiio DAPs when A2DP output is active and DSD file played;
 - Clock colors are damaged by light or other themes;
 - spontaneous playback start due to Audio Focus events;
 - Mono output not working on some firmwares;
 - not playing to selected network renderer if output to another is already active;
 - endless Normalization of MP3s with faulty bitstream;
 - Recently Added is polluted with known tracks if source is rescanned by Scan;
 - log spectrum not matching EQ's bode plot and frequency labels;
 - Hi-Res output for Samsung S7/S8, Asus with Qualcomm SoC.

 - long press Speaker icon to make gain controller persistent.
 - improved network source check on process start;
 - show volume meter if AGP is switched off;
 - relaxed max texture size for network source to max 32 MB (was 16 MB);
 - Android 8+ notification behavior more.
 - switch off Audio Hardware -> Hi-Res Codec (Direct PCM/Offload) for all HTC and Huawei devices due to incompatibility with hi-res output (silence) on some firmwares (re-activate this option again manually if your device worked ok);
 - crash when toggling 64-bit Processing on Samsung devices with Android 5-6.
Windows 10:
 - keyboard keys Up/Down - list scrolling, Left/Right - screens switching.
Fixed :
 - reading playlist file opened externally which contains tracks with absolute path.

 - Speaker icon in Playing Now screen (left-top corner) to invoke volume controller.
 - notification handling to avoid timeout of background status on Android 8+;
 - speed of changing tracks of network source.
 - frequency could not be selected due to active Low Latency (Audio Hardware -> Frequency);
 - MPC not audible when 64-bit Processing is active;
 - Back button press not reflected in UI after inactivity time;
 - long (blocking UI) delay if large album-art image is from network source;
 - do not generate new shuffle track list if list looped and Prev command reached start of the list;
 - double vibration with Back button if it is enabled in device settings;
 - Streaming -> Icecast directory endless loading progress if Internet connection is missing.

 - crash on some firmwares with WFE ARM instruction disabled by core;
 - crash when changing orientation and toggling channels of STA UI;
 - >2 channels not saved for STA DSP.

 - Audio Hardware -> Channels: special volume matrix (X/Y-Way) for 5.1/7.1 output;
 - Album-Artist/Composer tag support for UPnP/DLNA sources;
 - Remove action for all track groups (Artist, Composer, Album, ...);
 - Indonesian, Malay languages;
 - UI behavior;
 - Performance;
 - Android 8+ notification behavior;
 - Light/Grey themes (Reset them to see changes);
 - Google Play's license check by not failing completely if Google Play service is not responsive (make sure you have Google Play Store version 10.17.19 and higher to avoid Trial Expiry problem).
 - file-system watch and source auto-updates;
 - some DSF files overread resulting in DSD/DOP stream break to PCM and click sound in the end of track;
 - conversion of 32-bit Integer to 32-bit internal processing format (to pass pure 24-bit Integer output test);
 - reading of some UTF-8 encoded tags;
 - Compressor UI;
 - screen could switch on again when was switched off;
 - global search results are reset if display orientation changes;
 - album's year shown instead of track's in track properties;
 - UPnP/DLNA renderer does not started when LAN/WAN restored;
 - limit max size of loaded images to 16 mb from network, 64 mb from storage to avoid memory failure or long waiting;
 - memory leaks and crashes.

- Reverted to non-persistent notification behavior on < Android 8.
- Reset Service option to be OFF by default on Android 5+ (Android 8 users - to have persistent notification switch on Service option).
- Show track nr and count in notification on Android 8+.
- New option:
 - Folders -> Setup -> Filename: to replace metadata with a filename in the track list;
 - Audio Hardware -> DSD, DSD over PCM -> Volume Control: to allow volume control for DACs which support volume changes of DSD stream.
- Ability to edit network endpoint properties from the endpoint window.
- Lock Preamp if EQ preset is locked and EQ is ON.
- Android: PayPro version is re-targeted back to Android 5.1 for better compatibility (uninstall and then install this version if you have 2.03 installed!).
! Fixed:
 - crash on large BMP load;
 - crash on specific SMB folder access;
 - widget buttons not working on Android 8+ when process closed;
 - avoid turning on the screen when UI created;
 - track Position editing;
 - crash in USB driver with specific DACs;
 - missing comments from M4A files.

* Notification will now always be shown when Neutron's service is active as per Google's requirement on Android 8+. This behavior is also spread to all supported Android versions.
! Fixed:
 - starting from background on Android 8+;
 - crash in USB driver when trying to output native DSD or DoP;
 - reading ID3v2 comment block.

! Fixed:
 - crash on playback start on Android 8+;
 - 'Trial Expired' issue on some devices.

* Support:
 - output to Lenovo Vibe's Hi-Fi DAC;
 - SPDIF output with Direct USB Driver (new option Digital).
* Improved:
 - AAC seeking precision;
 - performance and stability.
* Memorize Preamp when EQ is off.
* Target Android 8.1 SDK (will request necessary permissions explicitly).
* Removed dependency on READ_PHONE_STATE permission.
! Fixed:
 - DFF reading;
 - OGG gives noise after 64-bit Mode toggle;
 - wake timer not starting if Duration -1;
 - reading ID3v2 comments;
 - dialogs not closing coherently by Back;
 - directory not removed on source edit;
 - missing network for UPnP/DLNA and Chromecast connections if Wi-Fi Hotspot/Tethering is active
 - long delay when loading with missing network and active network sources;
 - Position dialog for current track;
 - Hardware Latency does not have value notation label;
 - reordering of EQ bands;
 - not memorizing the position in media library after orientation change.

* Improved stability.
* Set Connection and Controls -> Sound Feedback option min limit to 0.01.
* Improved iBasso DX150 DAP support.
! Fixed:
 - Direct USB Driver compatibility (regression since 2.02.0);
 - media library UI path not restored if orientation chaged or UI re-entered;
 - random album art shown for album-less tracks (-/-);
 - crash (low memory) on attempt to load large BMP as album art.
! Fixed:
 - audio session management (could not update to actual hardware configuration). 

* New theme property action Restore: to restore theme to predefined state (grey, light).
! Fixed:
 - DST not decoded when DSD is plaing as DOP/native DSD;
 - performance of 2-ch DSD to PCM decoding when 64-Bit Processing is active;
 - USB driver deadlock on pause;
 - theme not loaded fully when selecting Default.

* New:
 - support DST compressed DSD;
 - option UI:
  - Appearance -> Themes: to select dark, grey, light color theme;
  - Playing Now -> Colorized Background;
  - Haptic Feedback -> Duration: to adjust vibration duration;
  - more Appearance options;
  - more Appearance -> Widget options;
 - Connection and Controls -> Sound Signal -> Gain option: to adjust volume of the signal;
 - colorized background of Playing Now screen (optional);
 - top-panel option Remove: to ignore or delete current track;
* Improved:
 - toggle category widget on/off by pressing the category icon in Playing Now screen;
 - DSD to PCM decoding will favor supported device frequencies and Follow Source Frequency option;
 - support rollover when switching group in Songs and Loop Track List is active;
 - do not vibrate or signal on Mute action;
 - do not vibrate on UI exit with Back button;
 - update Spectrum's scale on device frequency change;
 - request double higher device frequency for decoded DSD to PCM (88200 for DSD64, 176400 for DSD128, ...);
 - track seeking (not blocking UI);
 - UI alignment for streched screens;
 - device hosted fonts loading;
 - iBasso DX150 DAP support;
! Fixed:
 - hi-res output on Android 8+ (LG V30, similar);
 - Preamp is reset to the value of previous EQ preset if AGP -> Reset Gain is active;
 - DSD and PCM mode could conflict if track is PCM then DSD or vice-versa;
 - path shown in a source list not pretty;
 - shuffle history incorrectly loaded;
 - could not detect Speaker output state when UPnP/Chromecast or USB device is disconnected;
 - occasional crash if process is exiting while FS watcher is trying to refresh sources;
 - UI rotation lock not fully applied until process restart.

* New:
 - playback mode - Play Track Once (Next): play track once, stop playback and switch to the next;
 - Wake Timer parameter - Duration: to set the duration of the signal or track playback when wake timer activated;
 - Android 9 (P) hi-res output support;
 - support native DSD on Fiio DAPs (X5, X7, ...);
 - Generic Driver option - Hi-Res Bluetooth A2DP (off by default).
* Improved:
 - Hi-Res driver compatibility;
 - WebDAV compatibility (could not list contents of some Apache hosted web servers);
 - widget compatibility with all OS versions;
 - handling Bluetooth A2DP device connection events.
* Show EQ preset's preamp gain in preset edit dialog.
* Set parameter Fade On Stop max value to 10 seconds.
* Show NETWORK - ? message when UPnP and Chromecast local network is not available.
! Fixed:
 - output to Bluetooth A2DP on iBasso DX200, Cayin DAPs;
 - favour first metadata tag in case of duplicates;
 - limit media buttons sound signal to only hw media buttons;
 - fixed logic corruption when non current multi-channel EQ preset is edited and confirmed while current is different one (or non-multichannel);
 - deadlock when UPnP Output To is active and network connection is switched off (now will block up to max 30 seconds);
 - prevent playback start when UPnP/Chromecast device is detected with auto-connection active while phone state is active;
 - DSD mode could be used for PCM playback resulting in noise;
 - shuffle history is incorrect if track list entry is manually selected for playback;
 - tracks from external SD added to a playlist loosing normalization, rating info.
PlayBook OS (BlackBerry):
! Fixed:
 - try cancel LED warning on PlayBook before firing new one to avoid stuck blinking.
BB10 (BlackBerry):
! Fixed:
 - incorrect playback state (Pause instead of Play) when playback started after Idle.
! Fixed:
 - redundant (Disk 1) label on some albums from iTunes library (please force iTunes/all source rescanning by long-pressing the source entry -> Scan).

! Fixed:
 - package versioning that sometimes resulted in close on start after an update.

! Fixed:
 - unexpected playback start when phone call completed;
 - Hi-Res driver: misdetection as DAP (OnePlus 5, ...);
 - software master volume labels.

* New:
 - save Preamp gain per EQ preset;
 - UI -> Panel: Top -> DSP Effect (Device) option;
 - Connection and Controls -> Sound Feedback option: to play short sound on media button press;
 - show marker on UI list entry with properties;
* Workaround to support media buttons on Android 8+.
* Improved:
 - USB driver compatibility with Android 8+;
 - Hi-res driver compatibility with more devices;
 - UPnP/DLNA streaming;
 - source file system watch;
 - screen swiping;
 - metadata reading of ACC;
 - WebDAV support.
! Fixed:
 - support of Chromecast with Preview firmware;
 - high CPU consumption when Idle;
 - occasional crashes;
 - inability to delete files/folder from external SD on Android 5+;
 - offloaded formats not visible on Android 6; 
 - not switching track when one of Crossfade parameters is 0;
 - bad audio quality of OGG/Vorbis tracks in case of long playback (>4 hours);
 - incorrect sorting of list entries when entry was touched, moved but not caused order change;
 - global volume not always updated to the correct level when audio device changes;
 - gain slider label not updated when audio device changes;
 - incorrect input areas of button, pin-button and slider's grip on wide screen aspect.

* Cayin DAPs (i5, N5ii, ...) hi-res support: up to 384 kHz 32-bit PCM, DSD64, DSD128.
* New:
 - swipe Up/Down album-art image to switch groups;
 - setting group UI -> Spectrum Analyzer;
 - option:
   * Spectrum Analyzer -> Delayed Peaks: show 1 second delayed peaks for each frequency band;
   * Media Library -> Precise Duration: to force precise duration for MP3 files at expense of slower source scanning speed;
   * DSD, DSD over PCM -> Native DSD: to force native DSD output instead of DoP.
 - DSD encoded in WavPack;
 - hi-res output on Meizu Mx, Sony Zx;
 - play from a voice search 'Ok Google';
 - detect MQA track and expand it to the original frame rate if hw supports it;
 - group switching of Songs tracks when sorting by Artist/Album; 
* Improved support of asynchronous USB DAC's (less CPU, relaxed USB data rate).
* Support dynamic paths to external SDs to avoid source invalidation when device reboots;
* Try to detect file-system changes under the folder controlled by a source entry and cause auto Refresh.
* Extended UI -> Album Art Pulsation option: if negative pulsation will be outside, if positive then inside.
* Double-tap on EQ or Preamp slider's grip will reset value to 0 dB.
* Restore current track and position if source re-activated.
* Refresh database integrity if source updated when in background.
* Show instant bitrate for lossy WavPack files in Playing Now.
* Adjusted Mini 4x1 widget fields to avoid text truncation.
* Hide uneeded Audio Hardware options if hi-res DAP is detected.
! Fixed:
 - Playback mode Sequential and Playlist Once keep staying active if switched off;
 - FTP indicator wrongly shown on source entries;
 - could not edit already present text with on some firmwares;
 - crash on non-UTF8 metadata of streaming audio;
 - crash of hi-res driver on some firmwares;
 - duplicate auto sources to the internal storage on some firmwares;
 - weak track GUID generation for CUE tracks that resulted in duplicates and undefined behavior (!!! rescan sources if CUE present !!!);
 - excluded Tegra devices with Android 4.4 from hi-res driver;
 - top/bottom panels coud hide on swipe if hiding is disabled in UI settings.

 - Fixed crash on some Android firmwares (mostly 4.4).

 - Fixed inability to start after an update (package compatibility).

 - Fixed ARM64 compatibility: scanned tags become garbled (re-scan sources).

* Support for direct output of:
 - DSD256, DSD512 to USB DACs;
 - DSD64 - DSD512 to iBasso DX200 DAP.
 - DSD64, DSD128 via DoP to LG V30 and similar devices which support DoP.
* Improved:
 - Hi-Res Audio driver compatibility on Android 8+ (media buttons, hi-res playback);
 - performance on ARM64 devices.
! Fixed:
 - support for UAC2 Adaptive USB DACs;
 - metadata not read in some MusePack files (re-scan sources);
 - album art not read in some APE files (re-scan sources);
 - occasional haptic feedback activating when in background;
 - direct URLs inside Streaming category missing group switching controls in Playing Now;
 - falling back to AudioTrack (JNI) on Meizu MX4;
 - soft-keyboard input in Korean, Japanese;
 - transparency of the Controls widget not set when device is restarted.

* Improved Hi-Res Audio driver compatibility:
 - disable for Samsung devices with 32-bit Android 5-6 due to binary incompatibility;
 - Hi-Res options will appear in Generic Driver settings only if device supports it.
* Trying to fix media button events not received on some firmwares (workaround, OS event ordering issue).
! Fixed:
 - User Interface -> List Damping Speed not saved if negative;
 - playback stops if manually changing a track sourced from FTP, HTTP, WebDAV sources and Loop Track is active.

* Improved Hi-Res Audio driver compatibility.
* New options in Generic Driver:
 - Hi-Res Codec (Direct PCM): output audio via device hw codec 'Direct PCM' path;
 - Hi-Res Codec (Offload): output audio via device hw codec 'Offload' path.
* Soft-keyboard numeric type when only number input is required.
! Fixed:
 - soft-keyboard input;
 - UPnP Renderer behavior;
 - switching to a next streaming entry if current stops due to a connection drop.

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Re: Release Notes

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* Improved Hi-Res Audio driver compatibility.
* New options in Generic Driver:
 - Hi-Res Codec: to allow offloading via device codec;
 - Custom Format: try force custom hi-res format (if device supports it).
! Fixed:
 - UPnP Renderer not providing correct track time to the client app when in background.
 - Ouptut To:
 - audio stability especially on low-bandwidth network connection;
 - streaming could stop when in background.
 - Chromecast session gain adjusted instead of device global gain.
 - USB driver could crash with some USB DACs producing abnormal speed.
 - crash in Pitch Shifter FFT DSP on single-core device.
 - predictive text showing on some firmwares (may still not work on some devices).

* Improved:
 - compatibility of Hi-Res Audio driver implementation with more devices;
 - switching to a device frequency when Follow Source Frequency active;
 - Sequential playback mode: albums of groups, folders.
* Group switching buttons when playing folder;
! Fixed:
 - playback stops when in background;
 - soft-keyboard does not provide real-time input (keyboard's bug);
 - USB driver compatibility with some UAC2 DACs broken in 1.97.0;
 - do not turn-off DSP Effect (Device) when Low Latency is activated;
 - could not get playlist files from some web-sites (permission denied).

* Hi-Res Audio for devices which support it (Android 4.4+):
 - requirements in Audio Hardware: Generic Driver = ON, DSP Effect (Device) = OFF, Low Latency = OFF, 32-bit Output (IEEE 754) = OFF;
 - if supported: >1 frequency in Frequency, Bits [out >= 24];
 - OpenSL ES is now considered as obsolete driver on Android 4.4+ (if device has no Hi-Res Audio then use Generic Driver + Low Latency to get old OpenSL ES behavior).
* New Playback Mode: Sequential - to play tracks continuously through the groups.
* Support for:
 - 24-bit Lossless WMA;
 - OGA format.
* Square UI in Multi Window mode.
* Audio Hardware -> Low Latency: to force low latency playback (OpenSL ES will use high-latency mode by default if this option not active).
* Ignore abnormally high (>64 dB) Replay Gain in metadata.
! Fixed:
 - blinking UI when keyboard is shown if Navigation panel is hidden (Galaxy S8 and similar).
 - Bode Plot:
  - precision on low frequencies and with high frame rate;
  - shifted on X axis.
 - network source ignored when device is changing the access point.
 - audio focus management on Android 8+.
 - playback deadlocks when in gapless mode and device frequency is changed.
 - USB driver:
  - unstable audio on some UAC1 devices;
  - crash in Audio Hardware dialog when USB DAC is connected;
  - permission not requested for some USB DACs.
 - status bar remains visible if in fullscreen and soft-keyboard is dismissed.
 - Asian language keyboard not shown.
 - do not silence sound when receiving notification and streaming to UPnP/DLNA or Chromecast.
 - deletion of folders/files from extenal storage on Android 5+.
 - Fade/Crossfade In/Out time notation label.
 - EQ setup list not showing last entry on specific screens.
 - Replay Gain dialog: if Only Album and Only Track not selected, Only Track is activated again after process restart.

* New:
 - Android: Generic Driver: Hi-Res support for iBasso DX200 DAP (24-bit, up to 192 kHz), Fiio X5 DAP (24-bit, up to 192 kHz);
 - RTMP streaming protocol support;
 - group properties (album, artist...) by long press on a category button in the categories widget in a Playing Now screen;
 - option Equalizer -> settings -> Plot, Frequency (<=): to set minimum frequency of the log2 bode plot;
 - option Equalizer -> settings -> Slider, Step: to adjust step of EQ slider on a Controls screen. 
* Improved:
 - UPnP renderer:
   - tags and album art from metadata provided by UPnP client;
   - compatibility with UPnP clients;
   - reliability (eliminated deadlock on volume change).
 - centering of large album art (if it fits full screen).
! Fixed:
 - reading DFF (DSD) files;
 - mismatched frequency labels on X axis of log2 bode plot.
* New:
 - support for a key shortcuts on devices with HW keyboard: B = prev, N = next, M = settings, D = DSP settings, S = search, Backspace = back.

* New:
 - grouped Playing Now screen related settings into a new group User Interface -> Playing Now;
 - settings group User Interface -> Track List: to modify general behavior of the track lists to show/hide - track nr, album name, time label;
 - support for FLAC 16-bit and MP3 formats of Output To streaming to Chromecast (for devices with low network bandwidth and interrupting audio in FLAC 24-bit format).
! Fixed:
 - Output To not connecting (regression in 1.96.3).

! Fixed:
 - direct communication with USB DAC on Android 7+ (regression in 1.96.1);
 - icons of disabled categories (albums, artists, ...) visible in top panel and category widget in Playing Now screen;
 - rare SMB/CIFS crash during source scanning.

! Fixed:
 - crash on start (regression in 1.96.1);
 - memory leak when opening Internet streams.

* New:
 - Audio Hardware -> High Latency option: if distortion happens with OpenSL ES (OFF by default, was ON in 1.96.0);
 - support for CP1253 (Greek).
! Fixed:
 - Speaker path is not selected for some USB DACs which declare SPDIF path as first interface in the descriptor;
 - album's track list progress is not restored if Albums category is disabled in UI settings;
 - unstable streaming via Output To in FLAC format when network bandwidth is low;
 - missing album name of some WAVs (will treat WAV tag IPRD as album);
 - Replace Device Volume + Volume Limit operation for UPnP/DLNA and Chromecast devices;
 - Remove dialog deletes files/folders if all items are unchecked and dialog is confirmed;
 - ANR on app start on some firmwares.

* New:
 - Chromecast support for Output To (24-bit FLAC, max. 192 kHz);
 - gapless support for UPnP/DLNA renderer (Controller app must support gapless too);
 - Prev/Next actions for UPnP/DLNA renderer;
 - change groups by Page Up/Down keys of keyboard.
* Improved:
 - refreshing speed of FTP and WebDAV sources;
 - cancellation of the source Refresh operation for network (slow) sources;
! Fixed:
 - crash of Output To streaming to some UPnP/DLNA renderers (Pure Jongo);
 - year extraction from a full date in Disk tag;
 - album art in a separate image file not shown for WebDAV sources in Playing Now;
 - reading WPL playlists;
 - tags not shown for endless streaming entries if they are changed by a Next/Prev button;
 - failure with FAILED when streaming entry is changed and Shuffle mode is active;
 - UPnP/DLNA renderer not changing to a next track;
 - Icecast's StreamTitle tag is shown in title for some Internet radios.
! Fixed:
 - OpenSL ES driver: noisy output on some firmwares when in background.

* Improved:
 - getting metadata from WAVs: treat Subject as Album;
 - bandwidth consumption when streaming.
* Support getting year from a full date provided by metadata.
! Fixed:
 - AAC stream is loaded with large delay;
 - MP3 stream sometimes has wrong format detected;
 - album art not always correctly centered;
 - some UI elements position on Galaxy S8.
* Improved:
 - compatibility with UAC2 DACs without internal volume control.
! Fixed:
 - unstable audio playback due to unexpectedly low hardware latency;
 - black screen on first start.
Windows 10:
* Show toast notification with playing now information (with minimal playback controls in expanded view).
* Removing toast notification switches playback to a next track.
* Support for live-tile: small, medium, wide.

* New options User Interface -> Appearance -> Icon: #G, #I: to set icon's color separately.
! Fixed:
 - FTP or WebDAV source could not have address with non-standard port (ADDRESS:PORT).
* Make notification of the same style as widget.
* Notification's appearance can be changed by User Interface -> Appearance and User Interface -> Appearance -> Widget settings.
* Updated notification and widget's buttons to a higher resolution.
! Fixed:
 - compatibility with some USB DACs (example: S.M.S.L. IDOL+);
 - notification's text is badly visible on some firmwares on Android 7.1+;
 - progress bar invisible on light album art of 4x4 and 4x3 widgets.
! Fixed:
 - occasional black screen on UI start.
! Fixed:
 - volume fade out-in when adjusting volume with HW gain buttons.

* New:
 - UPnP/DLNA Renderer (Network -> Media Renderer);
 - ability to disable USB DAC volume control (AH -> Direct USB Driver -> Volume Control) for compatibility with iBasso DX200 + USB Audio (by Lurker0) utility.
* Improved:
 - compatibility with USB Audio 1.0 DACs;
 - device volume management;
 - audio quality in 64-bit Mode + 32-bit USB DAC.
! Fixed:
 - multiselect;
 - fast scroll display ignoring A, An, The prefix;
 - seeking of DSD >2 ch track;
 - low AGP sensitivity;
 - some crashes.
 - Support for a fast seek forward/backward by long pressing prev/next buttons of the OS Playing Now widget.

* New:
 - 'Direct USB Driver' options: Replace Device Volume, Volume Limit. 
! Fixed (1.94.3 regression):
 - FLAC streaming;
 - crash on UI orientation change when streaming.

* Improved:
 - compatibility with USB Audio 1.0 DACs;
 - stability.
! Fixed:
 - software gain reset if Hardware Gain is off and device volume changed;
 - stream not opening if protocol RTSP://, MMS://;
 - SMB/CIFS thread low inherited priority (could result in dropouts);
 - accidental setting change (slider, button, text field) if UI list is scrolled;
 - Time Left label of track UI list entry not counting time;
 - crash if playlist file is opened from internal File Manager;
 - playlist not opened from internal File Manager.

* Improved support of ID3 tags in WAV files.
! Fixed:
 - Vorbis tags scanning (regression since 1.94.1);
 - bitrate of some Icecast directory entries.

* Support for ID3 tags in WAV files (album art).
* Show URL in the properties of the Streaming entry.
* Keep Media gain in sync with Remote gain (Android 5+: USB DAC, UPnP/DLNA output).
! Fixed:
 - Icecast not shown if Streaming is empty;
 - some tracks could be excluded from scanning of UPnP/DLNA source;
 - fixed could use non standard unsupported audio format of some USB DACs (16-bit in 24-bit containers);
 - Network Selection dialog not closed after scan confirmed.

* Support for ready-to use streaming radio stations: Streaming Audio -> Icecast (Xiph.Org Foundation).
* Ability to add Icecast station to Streaming: long press -> + Streaming Audio.
* Improved tag updates of streaming OGG/Vorbis and OPUS.
! Fixed:
 - hw gain and media buttons operation on some firmwares (Fiio X5, X7);
 - fail to invoke device effect CPL via Audio Hardware on some firmwares;
 - OPUS stream have no metadata;
 - M3U playlist not loading referenced streaming playlists;
 - Streaming is back in library if disabled after app restart.

* Show all supported channels in STA DSP.
! Fixed:
 - wrong bands usage and crash in EQ UI;
 - crash when scanning UPnP/DLNA source on some servers.

* Ability to sort EQ bands manually in EQ DSP UI.
* Sources -> Scan option: to rescan all selected source entries.
! Fixed:
 - unstable audio on some async USB DACs;
 - OGG/Vorbis variable bitrate not updated in Playing Now screen;
 - album art not always displayed in Folders section if Prefer Metadata Album Art is switched on;
 - memory corruption by Equalizer DSP (32-bit ARM, x86);
 - long scan times of UPnP/DLNA source by avoiding the access to the service folders of some servers;
 - Media Library -> Capitalize Album/Artist options showing wrong status.

* Ability to pin plot in DSP UI (default) and make it independent from the parameters list.
! Fixed AudioTrack driver for Sony Xperia devices.

* Support direct USB DAC access on Android 7+.
! Fixed:
 - Normalizer not working;
 - operation with some USB DACs;
 - AudioTrack's access to hi-fi/USB DACs (if firmware supports);
 - crash on on-device effect CPL access on some firmwares;
 - Korean/Japanese font not loaded on some firmwares;
 - prevent delete/ignore of CUE tracks which can lead to a whole CUE removal;
 - crackling audio when OpenSL ES is used on some firmwares;
 - mono MP3s not playing.

! Fixed:
 - not starting on some firmwares (1.93.0 bug);
 - compatibility with some UAC1 USB DACs.

* New:
 - DSP effect - Compressor;
 - DSP Effect -> Effect Chain Order option: to change the order of effects;
 - DSP related UI;
 - UI -> Optional Features functionality to enable/disable some functionality;
 - UI -> Panel: Top -> EQ Presets option; 
 - Dutch language.
* Support for:
 - 30-band EQ;
 - on-board DSP effects (AudioTrack driver, Audio Hardware -> DSF Effect);
 - dynamic update of the current MP3 bitrate.
* Improved:
 - WebDAV access compatibility;
 - performance on all platforms;
 - USB DAC compatibility;
 - UPnP/DLNA renderer lookup when network state changes;
 - AGP processor and sensitivity to overloading;
 - Japaneese and Chineese CJK font usage;
 - Connection and Controls -> Play if Output Attached: to per-device setting.
* Extended EQ preset binding to USB, UPnP/DLNA device types.
* UI tweaks:
 - use available space for more top-panel, effect, EQ-band controls (fit more than 4);
 - remember last user choice: Ignore or Delete.
! Fixed:
 - UPnP/DLNA source not activating on start;
 - some tracks with name containing slash are not added to UPnP/DLNA source;
 - Spectrum labels not matching the frequency response;
 - misaligned Bode Plot on some screens;
 - cumulative Bode Plot not shown if one of the EQ filters is NULL;
 - UI list too responsive;
 - conversion of 24-hour to 12-hour time;
 - UPnP/DLNA track duplicates on some servers;
 - rare deadlooping of UI orientation change;
 - value layer position shift on some screen aspects;
 - occasional crash when multiple selected tracks are deleted.

* Improved HTTP file seeking.
! Fixed master-mixer gain forced to +1 dB that results in overloaded sound if Hardware Gain is enabled.
* Support for sharing music file from Documents folder with other installed apps by Share button (long press on a track's UI entry -> Share).

* Support for WebDAV protocol as music source (Sources -> Network -> WebDAV): allows access to a local storage of another device via WebDAV server or to a cloud storage (for example Yandex.Disk).
! Fixed:
 - memory corruption in EQ effect (ARMv7 NEON optimized version or ARMv8);
 - manual editing of Attenuation value of STA effect;
 - Bands and Channels sliders are 0 if accessing EQ preset editor settings;
 - playback is paused if it was playing before audio device changed.

* Resetting Audio Hardware settings will also delete saved customization (channels, frequency, latency, ...) for all devices.
* Prevent inability to start if audio driver can not start (to allow resetting Audio Hardware settings).
! Fixed package compatibility (regression in 1.92.4).
! Fixed USB DAC's volume forced automatically to maximum. 

! Fixed not starting if unsupported channel count is selected via Audio Hardware -> Channels.

* Support for:
 - EQ preset assignment to genre;
 - Android: choosing >2 output channels (only AudioTrack, recommendation, depends on firmware).
* Improved:
 - Surround DSP's sound quality;
 - normalizer performance.
* Ability to lock modifications of the preset: EQ Presets -> long press preset -> Locked.
* Make Fade and Crossfade times independent from each other when tuning via Fade dialog.
! Fixed:
 - instability and failure to start on some firmwares;
 - permission grant not memorized for USB DAC access.

! Fixed:
 - memory corruption resulting in instability;
 - stability when changing EQ presets during playback;
 - playlists's tracks with relative paths are not resolved to a normalize absolute paths resulting in different track Id and missing rating, normalization and etc;
 - volume change not updated in UI if it is changed by hw volume buttons of USB DAC.

* New:
 - UI -> Lock Screen -> Album Artwork: to hide album art on system lock screen.
! Fixed:
 - album art not shown fully if Prefer Metadata Album Art option is active (regression in 1.92.0);
 - Tempo/Pitch DSP in 64-bit mode (regression in 1.92.0);
 - custom playlist tracks originating from CUEs are loosing earlier set ratings and normalization;
 - EQ presets not loaded on first start.

* New:
 - Multi-channel EQ to tune channels separately: settings -> Equalizer -> Channels;
 - Autoconnect UPnP/DLNA devices: long-press -> Autoconnect.
* Improved:
 - AGP: constant sensitivity to overloading;
 - EQ NEON performance by ~20%;
 - UI performance;
 - album-art loading from some ID3v2 tags.
* Provide more information in UI about manual SMB/CIFS entry.
* Interrupt normalization of a network sourced tracks if WAN/LAN is lost.
* Workaround for a wrong order of UPnP/DLNA sourced tracks if server does not provide original track number (upnp:originalTrackNumber).
* Prevent:
 - freezing EQ preset if track is RMS normalized;
 - negative filter's Q;
 - overwriting USB DAC's volume with Global volume if previous device was not USB DAC to avoid volume boost.
! Fixed memory leaks when accessing secure FTP or HTTP.

! Fixed database refresh excludes CUE tracks (1.91.0 bug).

* New:
 - DSP effect: Speaker Time Alignment - to apply delay of specific frequencies to the output channels;
 - UI option: Clock: Wake Lock to keep screen switched on when Clock mode is active;
 - EQ option: Plot Cumulative Response - to show the cumulative frequency response of all equalizer's filters in a Bode Plot;
 - Fade/Crossfade option Crossfade Manual: to manage crossfading behavior if track changed manually.
* Improved:
 - APE tag album art images ordering;
 - performance of UI & database operations;
 - Color selector UI: ability to input color value manually.
! Fixed:
 - binary incompatibility;
 - 24-hour clock UI option does not affect Wake Timer dialog and Top Panel;
 - incorrect reported duration of MP3 files with wrong duration in ID3v2 tags;
 - incorrect labels shown on EQ bands in Controls screen if changed to preset with lower bands;
 - memory leaks if 64-bit Mode option toggled;
 - SSL/TLS setting lost for FTP entry on process restart;
 - Cellular network interface could be chosen for UPnP/DLNA.

* Support for extended NTLMv2 authentication to access OSX 10.10+ by SMB/CIFS source.
* Preserve multiple playlists selection on re-entry to the +Playlist dialog.
* Improved:
 - Generic Driver (AudioTrack) lookup for hi-fi secondary DAC (if exposed by firmware);
 - external SD path detection.
! Fixed:
 - IP of the Internal server interface could hide the server IP (will ignore such IP);
 - rare deadlock when source is being deleted;
 - crash on orientation change in Clock mode.

! Fixed:
 - occasional crash on app start;
 - UPnP/DLNA source.

* Improved compatibility of USB driver with more UAC2 DACs.
* Workaround for some USB DACs to avoid volume jump to max when hw frequency changes.
* Enforce global volume for a just connected USB DAC.
* Output To -> 'Connect to First Found' option: to auto-connect first found device automatically if list is currently empty.
* Show label on Spectrum Analyzer when EQ band gain is being changed with a slider.
* Updated translations.
* Improved performance and RAM usage.
! Fixed:
 - crash on deadlooping inside the specific UPnP/DLNA folders during scanning (example: Plex Media Server -> /Music/Preferences);
 - FLAC decoder incorrectly reorganizing channels of multichannel files (>2 ch);
 - crash on damaged MP3 files during source scanning;
 - crash if track is deleted or ignored;
 - memory leak when browsing album lists and UI becomes inactive;
 - toggling '64-bit Mode' on/off will break playback if USB DAC is connected.
 - Fixed 'Wake Lock' has no effect.

* Improved memory management.
! More to fix normalization value not applied to a current track.

* New quality settings for Pitch Shifter DSP: Oversampling, FFT Size.
! Fixed:
 - Pitch Shifter DSP quality degradation in 1.90.0;
 - Normalization value (Peak or RMS) not applied to a current track's Preamp gain;
 - occasional crash on memory misalignment.

* New:
 - Replay Gain (EBU R128) normalization option: Normalize -> Settings;
 - Generic Driver support for accessing a Hi-Fi secondary DAC (if present in hardware and exposed by firmware) on Android 6+ (if frequency is standard then firmaware support is absent).
* Improved:
 - compatibility with more USB DACs (removed periodic pops and clicks);
 - precision of progress counting after seeking for MPEG decoder.
* Use domain name for SMB/CIFS source if it is available when enumerating network via Network View section.
! Fixed:
 - USB driver regression: speed changes were limited too much due to rounding (affected DragonFly devices);
 - playback mode could be not saved if mode toggling is enabled;
 - SMB/CIFS entry could not be deleted in specific situation;
 - duplicate invitation to create source if none is existing in specific situation;
 - button auto-repeat on its long press;
 - volume jump if initially adjusted with device buttons when USB DAC connected.
! Fixed:
 - crash on metadata update to OS (workaround).

* New:
 - UI option Playback Mode Toggle: to change playback mode type by repeatedly pressing its button in the Playing Now screen;
 - playback mode Play Track List Once: play track list and switch to a first track upon stop.
* Use max supported dividable by 2 frequency if Follow Source Frequency is active and source frequency is higher.
* Do not auto-disconnect from UPnP/DLNA renderer if paused.
* Try pausing faster if UPnP/DLNA renderer was disconnected (received Bye-Bye packet).
* Less CPU consumption if Rumble Filter is active.
* Subsonic (Rumble) Filter can have Frequency and Q parameters tuned.
* Renamed DXD Filter to Ultrasonic Filter.
! Fixed:
 - USB driver regression resulting in audible artifacts on some USB DACs (all DragonFly);
 - occasional fast-forward/backward when pressing Next/Prev buttons in Playing Now screen;
 - unsigned integer PCM format decoding;
 - wrong duration shown for multi-file CUE albums.
 - more compatibility with iOS 6.0.

* Improved USB driver: more compatibility with asynchronous USB DACs sending abnormal transfer speeds that results in audible artifacts.
! Fixed:
 - large latency when streaming to UPnP/DLNA renderer using FLAC format;
 - album art could not be shown for album list entry if album is referenced by 2 sources and one is ignored;
 - Queue re-shuffled on property dialog closure if Random is switched on;
 - fixed gapless for MP3 format (regression in 1.89.4).
! Stability fixes.

* Improved USB driver: more USB Audio 2.0 DACs detected.
* Added default EQ parametric presets for 11-20 bands, 2 flat graphic presets for 20 bands.
* Support for UPnP/DLNA devices with multiple embedded devices (will find Sonos devices).
* Queue option Random: shuffle newly added tracks, randomize queue on activation.
* Sort By option for Folders, Albums, Artists, Composers: modify default sorting.
* Use ID3v2 tag TLE/TLEN for the track duration if gapless header is missing in MP3 file.
* Invoke scan progress dialog by pressing on a source list entry if it is fully scanned or being created.
* Hide Frequency section if 'Follow Source Frequency' active.
! Fixed:
  - audio artifacts on some USB Audio 1.0 DACs;
  - crash if NTLMv2 option is specified for SMB/CIFS source;
  - garbage text in the Audio Hardware -> DRV field if non-Latin;
  - not gapless if 'Follow Source Frequency' is active.
! Fixed:
 - artist name could be incomplete for M4A files;
 - camera app not focusing in the video mode when Neutron active;
 - excessive master-mixer restarts on audio route change.

1.89.3 iOS:
! Fixed:
  - crash on playback start for built-in device speaker;
  - disc number not parsed in M4A file format (*);
  - internal playlists could become empty after app version update;
  - rare crash during iTunes library scanning.

1.89.2 iOS:
* Possible workaround for a bug - mixed iTunes playlists (wrong title for a contents).
! Fixed:
  - crash on SMB/CIFS source if NTLMv2 option is selected;
  - crash on playback start;
  - avoid showing wrong album art for iTunes playlists.
* New:
 - 20 bands for EQ (EQ settings -> Band Count);
 - Reverse Stereo for DoP;
 - S (Slope) parameter for Low/High-Shelf filters.
 * Ability to sort sort album list by year (Albums -> Setup).
* Backup (.bak) of neutronmp.db database file if it is corrupted and start with a new clean database.
* Improved:
 - DSD decoding performance (fast CPUs will handle DSD256);
 - CPU usage when in Idle state;
 - USB driver compatibility;
 - DSP filter UI performance.
* Fixed:
 - tracks counter not updated on track's file deletion attempt;
 - up/down-mixing of the DoP tracks;
 - not falling back to the set frequency if DoP or Follow Source Frequency modes are disabled;
 - fallback DoP to PCM decoding if output device does not support DoP sample rate;
 - DoP stream damaged by software master-mixer gain if output has more channels than DoP source;
 - update DSP filter window fully if advanced filter setup had changes;
 - do not try to use Spectrum Analizer and RMS for a current DoP track (less CPU usage);
 - crash if audio device failed to start.
* Increase timeout for double, triple one-button headset presses.
* Fixed:
 - crash in USB driver if DAC provides unexpected higher transfer speed;
 - Direct USB Driver is shown on incompatible devices.
* AVAudioSession support and removed obsolete audio session C-API usage.
* New:
 - individual device setup: latency, frequency, channels;
 - HW channels request for output device.
* Fixed:
 - crash on attempt to use >2 channels output device;
 - occasional crash on metadata update;
 - audio stability (underruns) on 705.6 - 768 kHz frequency;
 - not auto-starting playback if connection to the Bluetooth A2DP, AirPlay devices is established.

* DSD over PCM (DoP) support (DSF, DFF formats, Audio Hardware -> DSD Over PCM).
* DXD support (Audio Hardware -> DXD Filter).
* High-quality DSD64+ decoding.
* Noise-shaped Dither (Dither -> Noise Shaped).
* NEON64 optimized output in 64-bit mode.
* Improved:
  - library performance;
  - USB DAC compatibility.
* UI -> Progress Timer option: to modify the timers meaning in the Playing Now screen.
* Global Search: do not interrupt playback of the current track originating from the search results which were reset.
* Modified behavior of the Tempo top-level icon: toggle Tempo/Pitch on/off without entering its setup dialog.
! Fixed:
  - spectrum analyzer not responsive if FLAC is used as transport format for UPnP/DLNA output (Output To);
  - playback not responsive if "FLAC 16-bit" used as transport format for UPnP/DLNA output (Output To);
  - duplicate tracks and 0 duration if CUE file points to non-existing file (ignore such CUE);
  - EQ's Bode Plot is showing in large Spectrum window if EQ is off.

* Global Search: 
  - ability to issue group actions for Songs category;
  - Songs category will become a track list if playback is started with a small play button from it.
* Improved:
  - USB driver stability if USB transfer has data errors/loss;
  - precision of gain values input by keyboard;
  - Playback Mode dialog by iconizing entries;
  - huge JPG loading performance.
! Fixed:
  - gain management for some UAC1 DACs (DragonFly, ...);
  - newly created playlist not visible in the list;
  - crash when sorting playlist entries (by moving entry to the top);
  - incorrect track count after refreshing the library;
  - Global Search not including Album, Artist, Composer categories for Songs if those are disabled for the media library via UI settings;
  - fixed colored background not shown in full on some screen aspects;
  - hide top-ctrl panel if full-screen spectrum is invoked;
  - show Vorbis label instead of OGG for OGG/Vorbis;
  - Cents could not be set with keyboard in Tempo/Pitch dialog.
* Support for streaming audio in OPUS format.

* Improved:
  - audio engine: 24-bit transparency for 32-bit mode and 53-bit for 64-bit;
  - USB driver;
  - media library performance.
* Added:
  - +] Queue action to insert item as next before current in Queue;
  - search categories for Songs section of Global Search;
  - category header for Playlist entries for convenience.
* Do not hide top panel in Controls screen if there is there is enough space.
! Fixed:
  - FPU mode compatibility (1.88.1);
  - hw USB DAC volume management;
  - 8-bit WavPack decoding;
  - crash when in Global Search;
  - unstable FLAC playback from SMB/CIFS source with high-latency network connection;
  - wrong control buttons showed for non-synchronized lyrics;
  - EQ frequency response graphs not visible in full-screen spectrum windows on some screens;
  - EQ frequency response graphs not updated if Linear/Log modes toggled in a full-screen Spectrum window;
  - occasional duplicate language/source selection dialogs on first start.

* More ARM NEON64 optimization for ARMv8 CPUs for 64-bit Mode.
* Improved USB driver compatibility and added support for 705600, 768000 Hz sampling rate.
* Added:
  - play/stop button into Lyrics dialog;
  - Playlists category and multiselection to Global Search;
  - list property Track Nr: to hide track nr in the track lists;
  - UI -> Appearance option: Label, #PNOW, Panel, Background, Color to modify metadata's background color in Playing Now screen, bottom panel.
* Support for more Module formats: stk, m15, fst, oct, stm, ptm, mtm, 669, psm, am, j2b, dsm, amf, okt, okta.
* Extended Color selection dialog to Opacity setting.
* Modified:
  - Tempo/Pitch dialog behavior: setting values to 0 and confirming changes will deactivate Tempo/Pitch mode;
  - Tempo/Pitch top-level icon: long-press = invoke dialog, if parameters changed = Tempo/Pitch mode will be set to active, single press on active = deactivate, or vice-versa.
! Fixed:
  - Hardware Latency slider malfunction;
  - streaming track reloading;
  - incorrect total duration time for album/folders with multifile-CUE;
  - garbled playback if was resampling, playing gaplessly and changed to a track with lower then current channel count;
  - eq_presets.xml and theme.xml not copied to alternative NeutronMP folder from standard location;
  - CUE tracks could not be found/played in Global Search;
  - Global Search dialog not updated on library integrity change;
  - normalized gain conflicting with software master gain and causing loud transitions in case of active crossfading.
! Fixed:
  - AIFF decoder noise (compiler logic error due to loop unrolling);
  - UI -> Dynamic Background changes not applied if UI not restarted.
! Fixed:
  - tracks from Documents folder not playing from custom playlists.

* Global Search functionality (top-level list -> bottom icon, or optional icon for top-panel).
* New Network -> Fallback to File Metadata setting: to enforce file metadata scanning if UPnP/DLNA server provides just filename.
* Improved latency handling of UPnP/DLNA Output To stream.
* Max UPnP/DLNA Hardware Latency is 5000 msec, default 500 msec.
* Show folder-based album art for playlists.
* Improved detection of some USB Audio 2.0 devices.
* Support for files/folders deletion from removable SD on Android 5+.
* Try to auto-reload endless streaming entry and re-start playback if it was interrupted by connection drop.
* New option 'panel:metadata_pn_bg' for theme.xml to control color/opacity of the passive metadata area in Playing Now screen.
* Display album image in full height or width in landscape mode.
! Fixed:
  - setting Crossfeed's Feed Level >17 dB results in silence;
  - APE decoding speed too slow;
  - incorrectly sized background of full-screen Spectrum on some screen aspects;
  - crash on folder removal;
  - HTTP links could not be played;
  - Songs counter for 'All Songs' of artist/composer;
  - EQ bode plot not updated on preset change with equal bands count.
* Activated '32-bit Mode' in Audio Hardware dialog if detected audio devices with 24/32-bit output capability.
! Fixed:
 - output to A2DP.
! Fixed:
 - soft keyboard input;
 - text field controls not active (paste, revert not working);
 - UI orientation could be wrong in certain situations;
 - rare crash due to race condition;
 - garbled playback if was resampling, playing gaplessly and changed to a track with lower then current channel count.

! Fixed support for asynchronous USB DACs of USB Audio 1.0 specification.

* Support for USB Audio 2.0.
* Improved USB driver.
* Adopted textures to WQHD resolution.
* Detect and scan more metadata from the actual music file if UPnP/DLNA server provides only title.
* Extended FTP no-transfer timeout to 10 min.
* Ignore dithering of 32-bit output format.
* Folder properties dialog will also provide a full path to the folder in the file system.
* Ability to modify label background color via Appearance.
* Interpolate colors for better look of spectrum analyzer.
* Long-pressing Output To top-level icon will invoke properties dialog.
* Display Tempo value in top panel under its icon.
! Improved:
  - detection of already created sources pointing to the external USB storage
  - latency management of UPnP/DLNA driver
! Fixed:
  - incorrect M3U playlist contents if it contains #EXT-X- entries (streaming mostly);
  - disconnection from UPnP/DLNA output if playback is interrupted by the phone communication;
  - could not output to UPnP/DLNA in OGG Vorbis with >44.1 kHz (now up to 192 kHz);
  - improper encoding of UPnP/DLNA output in MP3 if >48 kHz is selected;
  - UPnP/DLNA driver HW/SW latency could not be modified;
  - inability to change frequency and latency for USB DAC in Audio HW dialog;
  - possible crash if USB DAC is connected to the device and UPNP connection is dropped;
  - UI could not start if USB access permission is requested on app start;
  - EQ is becomes off on app start when USB DAC is connected;
  - 24-bit output in 32-bit containers;
  - truncation in 32-bit integer output;
  - APE tracks could be truncated for some 1-2 seconds (use the original APE decoder by default);
  - playing HTTP links from Internet browser;
  - slider grip color used button's foreground color instead of background;
  - Album - Artist line not regularly swapping during playback;
  - spectrum bars not visible if background opacity is set;
  - full-screen spectrum analyzer could be mistakenly invoked on screens with a specific resolution;
  - missing track title if CUE is missing that information and multi-file;
  - 2 tracks could play simultaneously after a last track in the list if list is looped and repeated;
  - rare crash on player closure while staying in Output To dialog. 
* BB: play/stop by hardware keyboard's space-bar key.

* Ability to modify Spectrum Analyzer appearance via UI -> Appearance.
* Fixed 'memory low' error on startup (since 1.86.5).

* Improved UPnP/DLNA output connection/disconnection handling.
! Fixed (>= 1.86.3):
  - normalization did not take EQ setup into account.
! Fixed:
  - dialogs not restored on orientation change if not in full-screen mode;
  - top-level File System dialog could become empty on orientation change;
  - Google keyboard input in landscape mode;
  - UI list's last entry could sometimes be not visible/scrollable;
  - [All Songs of This Level] not shown inside Folders for the root folder of the source entry;
  - album-art not displayed in Folders section for albums/tracks all transcoded into WAV by UPnP/DLNA server;
  - 24-bit LPCM UPnP/DLNA output could sometimes be garbled;
  - UPnP/DLNA source could sometimes be auto-ignored while UPnP server is available.

* Improved auto-creation of sources.
* Auto-create new source entry for the inserted SD/USB drive.
* Auto-ignore/activate source bound to SD/USB drive on connection event.
* Sleep timer UI behavior change:
 - time slider log scale;
 - single-press icon = off/dialog;
 - long-press icon = dialog;
 - pin-button in Settings;
 - reset button will set last manually set time.
* Long-press on Wake Timer icon to invoke its dialog.
! Fixed (>= 1.86.0):
  - noise in the end of WAV if its metadata is in the end of the file;
  - could not play >2 channels tracks in 64-bit mode;
  - seeking of 24-bit WAV/AU;
  - USB driver could not be loaded on some firmwares.
! Fixed:
  - network file reading.

* Improved:
  - compatibility of Direct USB Driver with more USB DACs;
  - browsing speed by folder's tree inside the Foldes section;
  - performance of x86 devices (32/64-bit modes).
! Fixed:
  - sources sorting by title in reverse order inside the Sources section;
  - Folder section browsing: avoid displaying intermediary level if album art only folder is present in album folder; 
  - playing wrong track if invoked playback externally from a file manager.

* Improved USB DAC capabilities enumeration.
! Fixed crash due to non-standard USB descriptors of some DACs (mostly Fiio).

* Improved tolerance to non-standard USB DAC descriptors.
! Fixed:
  - trying to communicate with USB DACs if 'Direct USB Driver' is switched off;
  - APE files not read.

* Ability to output to USB DACs directly (Audio HW -> Direct USB driver option, device must be USB HOST).
* Changing channels/frequency/latency in Audio HW dialog has effect on per device basis.
* New option UI -> Play Lock: to keep screen on during playback.
* Sources management via Media Library settings.
* Local FTP server management access via Network settings.
* Ability to choose new EQ preset from a list of predefined.
* EQ reset action will lead only to band gains set to 0 dB (other parameters are not changed).
* Workaround to read ID3v2 erroneous tags which report self as 2.3 but contain 2.2 frames.
* Improved:
  - performance;
  - album art image selection in situation when one of the images is damaged;
  - EQ presets handling.
! Fixed:
  - music folders/files could not be scanned if had specific names;
  - Setup -> Reverse Sort not affecting Recently Added, Playlist, Ratings;
  - operation if Crossfade has very short periods;
  - filter area could be black if non current preset is edited;
  - crash when network source is created;
  - FTP sources scanning (some files/folders skipped).

* Show gain slider for every band in EQ settings.
* Try playing track from the corresponding folder track list in the media library if playback is initiated from a file manager.
! Fixed:
  - unsupported frame rate could be set to audio core.
  - track not looping if Loop Track List is active and playback is initiated from a file manager.
  - whole queue could be deleted/ignored if track was removed from it.
* Toggle artist/album line order in Mini Widget while playing.

* New:
  - 21 common presets for Graphic Equalizer mode.
  - UI -> Panel: Top option: to customize top panel behavior.
  - option Unique in top-level Playlists properties (similar to Queue).
* Restore dialogs if screen orientation changes.
* Ability to:
  - set track position by long pressing passed/left time labels in Playing Now screen.
  - sort manually the top panel actions, eq presets, media library list categories.
  - reload sub-networks and ips in Network Selection dialog.
  - cancel scheduled source refresh operation.
* Show endless progress while sub-network is being enumerated in Network Selection dialog.
* Improved bode plot performance.
* Exclude link-local IPs from FTP interface.
* Show file info in the playlist properties.
! Fixed:
  - current list not updated if it is playlist to which new track is added.
  - crash on file delete/ignore.
  - icon placeholder can be black square in Albums list if image failed to load.
  - albums could not be added to database if title starts with 'Art' or 'Cover'.
  - some UPnP renderers/servers could not be found.
  - no tracks found on some UPnP servers.
  - SMB file read op could get wrong data belonging to another file (out of sync requests).
  - rare deadlock on database scan/refresh.
  - rare crash when reading network files (HTTP, FTP).
  - playlists could be listed from ignored source.
  - track can be looping endlessly if track list has only 1 (this) track.
  - SMB/CIFS sourced tracks changing with pattern (next - next - prev) could cause UI lock for some 30 seconds.
  - some A2DP devices could experience short pause on track change.
* New UI -> Appearance -> Widget group: to modify widget appearance.
! Fixed:
  - system navigation panel can be shown and not hiding on UI re-enter.
  - notification does not go away if player is paused and close button is pressed.
  - notifications could not invoke UI.
* Re-update music folders exclusion from backup if source refreshing is triggered.
! Avoid premature network services stop when screen is switched off while playback is active.
! Fixed BT metadata flickering.

* Improved metadata guessing from a filename.
! Fixed FTP interface IP not shown.
! Fixed album art icon not shown in sub-folders of Folders.
! Fixed SMB path shown fully in sub-folders of Folders.

* Multi-band EQ (4-10 bands configurable).
* New default EQ presets for 5-10 bands.
* New EQ -> UI options: Band Count, Q Range, Bode Plot.
* New filter setup: Type, Parameter Type, Color.
* New UI option: 'Track Nr' - to show/hide track number in front of the track title.
* Hide navigation controls in full screen mode if those are visible on 4.4+.
* Force checking of network source when network connection is established.
* Auto-ignore network sources if network connection is lost.
* Show EQ freq. response bode plot in a large spectrum window.
* Improved source deletion performance.
! Fixed A-B repeat if track region is >80%.
! Fixed incorrect frame rate values in Audio Hardware section (88000, 176000) -> (88200, 176400).
! Fixed looping of extremely small sound files (96-4096 bytes).
! Fixed album art image not obtained from metadata of some M4A/MOV files.
! Fixed 2 copies of tracks can be playing when looping single track with Crossfade switched on.
* Launch process when device is rebooted and widget is present on desktop.
! Fixed notification could be misplaced on the lock screen.
! Fixed Japanese glyphs could not be loaded on some SGS firmware.

* ARM64 support (Android).
* New UI for Parametric EQ.
* Restore shuffle history of the track list on process load.
* Swap album and artist names every 5 seconds in Playing Now screen if line is larger than screen.
* Show alum details on long press of album list entry.
* AT3, AT9 extensions for ATRAC.
* Improved rating, playlist management.
* Improved normalization tolerance to the music files with content errors.
* Improved album art selection if there are multiple images.
* Media Library settings: all Capitalize options are not active by default.
! Fixed ALAC 24-bit displayed as 16-bit.
! Fixed rare crash on unaligned memory access on ARM.
! Fixed duplicate entries could appear in one of the rating groups when modifying rating of the tracks from the unrated group.
! Do not try to auto-scroll the list to a next track if current entry isn't visible.

* Support for DSD (.dsf) format.
* Improved FTP server functionality.
* Improved UPnP source state checking.
! Fixed CUE track can play beyond its end in Single mode after rewinding it.
! Fixed possible crash on ARM due to misaligned data access.
! Fixed AVRCP setting not updated in Java interface.

* Ability to run FTP server for a source entry: long press -> FTP.
* Log spectrum scale (the switch on large window).
* New option: Settings -> Equalizer -> User Interface -> Gain Range - to adjust min/max range of EQ gain sliders.
* Support for iTunNORM tag (Apple's SoundCheck) in ID3v2.
* Ability to use host name for SMB source (manually).
* Ability to sort and save playlists from SMB source.
* SSL/TLS option for FTP entry to force FTPS mode.
* Enabled progress on widgets.
* Improved album art selection if >1 image files in the folder.
* Improved source scanning speed.
* Improved UI elements.
* Support for Codepage to Unicode conversion: CP1254, CP1257.
* Reworked OpenGL format chooser: RGB 24-bit is default with fallback to 16-bits if not supported.
! Fixed Queue playback sequence could be changes if new entry was enqueued.
! Fixed Compilation conflicting with albums which provide Album Artist.
! Fixed duplicate track UI list entry on screen off/on.
! Fixed rare deadlock.
! Fixed ID3v2 reading which could result in incomplete tags or missing embedded album art.
! Fixed possible crash when NEON or X86 versions are installed on top of basic version.
! Reverted changes for BT A2DP from 1.81.2.

* Support codepages for UI language: PKSC5601 (Korean), JISX0208 (Japanese), BIG5 (Chinese Tr.), GB2312 (Chinese Si.), CP874 (Thai), CP1256 (Arabic), CP1258 (Vietnamese), CP1255 (Hebrew).
* Sort by: Composer, Rating.
* Improved APE tag reading reliability.
* Improved tolerance to errors of MP3 decoding to avoid playback break due to bitstream errors.
* Improved Composers (sources rescanning is required).
* Optimized 32-bit output with NEON SIMD.
! Fixed reading of ID3v2 tags of some MP3 files.
! Fixed WavPack's WPC files are registered in media library.
! Fixed APE tag album art order not correct for >1 images.

! Fixed regression in UI for some rare firmwares with OpenGL bug (known device: HTC Desire HD)
! Fixed crash on adding a new streaming entry from the web browser.
! Fixed slow opening of the large playlists.

* New category: Composers (optional, requres DB rescanning).
* Mouse wheel support for UI lists scrolling.
* New setting Rating: to switch on/off ratings.
* New option Ratings -> Track List: to display rating in the track list.
* New group Media Library in UI settings: to switch on/of categories in the media library view.
* New option Output To -> Settings -> Replace Device Volume.
* Support for album compilation in ID3v2 metadata.
* Detect if top-level music is present on start and ignore it (make red) if it is not.
* Auto-refresh Ignore status of the sources when USB drive/SD are attached/removed.
* Place streaming tracks into the parent entry in the Streaming section (instead of Queue section).
* Extended input field with Clear, Undo buttons.
* Improved precision of the Pitch DSP.
* Improved detection of UPnP/DLNA network interface changes.
! Place Artist before Album in Playing Now screen.
! Prevent network power off if UPnP/DLNA output is active.
! If source scanning fails allow to continue scanning after the restart.
! Improved compatibility with some FTP servers.
! Improved source refreshing speed if FTP server is not responding.
! Fixed multi-file CUE could result in last track truncation.
! Fixed CUE read error resulting in REM DISCID be read as REM DISCNUMBER.
! Fixed possible UI lock due to background refresh of the source with slow network connection.
! Fixed garbled symbols could be shown in Playing Now for some network streams.
! Fixed some MP3s had wrong duration and could not be played gaplessly.

* Detect and restart UPnP core if network interface changed.
! Fixed missing [Delete] action for tracks which can be deleted from storage physically.
! Fixed some playlists with relative paths failed to load.
! Fixed last entry of UI list is partially visible on some screens (now list can be shifted up/down).

* Multi-selection of UI track entries: long-press track -> [+ ...] -> select more tracks -> long-press -> [+/- PLAYLIST, +/- QUEUE, REMOVE].
* Manage playlist properties (long-press on entry) from the playlist selection dialog.
* Auto-select previously selected/new/renamed playlist in the playlist selection dialog.
* New entry in Ratings: 0 stars = unrated.
* Refresh Audio Hardware dialog if device changed.
* Сlear screen on orientation change to avoid leftover from previous UI layout.
* Improved UPnP/DLNA core.
* Display source bit depth instead of conversion result (example: 24-bit AIFF PCM).
* Display album year and duration in a description field.
* Display folder duration in a description field.
! Fixed playlists from SMB/CIFS source could not be loaded.
! Fixed opening links using HTTPS protocol (fixes direct playback from Dropbox).
! Fixed folder name could not be extracted from SMB/CIFS path in Folders top-level list.
! Modified UPnP/DLNA default stream size mode from Chunked to Close for more compatibility.
! Fixed gapless issue for tracks sourced from iTunes library.
! Fixed year not scanned for iTunes tracks.
! Fixed occasional dead-loop (and then crash) during long background playback of iTunes tracks.
! Fixed Replay Gain broken on iOS 8.0+.
! Fixed some ID3v2 metadata could not be parsed on iOS 8.0+.
! Improved stability when scanning iTunes database.
! Avoid creating duplicate automatic source for the internal playlists.
! Workaround for OS issue when CUE could not be matched with music file if filenames are not Latin.

* Enabled group next/prev controls to change playlists if playing tracks from a playlist.
! Fixed possible crash on frequent track change.
! Compatibility fix for some firmwares.

* New option in Audio Hardware: Reverse Stereo - flip L and R group of channels.
* Rumble Filter option is moved to Audio Hardware section.
* EQ icon is clickable on Album/Folder list entry (when used [+EQ]).
! Fixed result of Normalization could not be loaded and assigned to the track (broken in 1.79.2).
* Workaround for audio driver not providing correct frag size in mmap mode (some HDMI could be affected).

* Improved OpenSL ES stability when in background.
* Optimized performance when output device has more channels than source music.
* Optimized overall audio rendering performance.
* Force MPC decoder to 64-bit decoding when 64-bit mode is enabled.
! Workaround to avoid garbled font glyphs on some devices (affected HTC Desire HD (ace)).
! SQLite portability workaround for 64-bit Android (affected Nexus 9).
! Fixed crash when streaming with MMS protocol.
* Fixed unstable audio playback on PlayBook (thread scheduling issue).

* A-B Repeat mode (Playback Mode settings).
* Updated all translations.
* Reset to Generic Driver due to buggy OpenSL ES on some devices.
* Ability to set background color (Appearance settings).
* Long press on UPnP/DLNA device entry to get its description/properties.
! Fixed some UI settings reset on restart.
! Fixed letters could become garbled.
! Fixed lists are not shown in full on some screen sizes.
! Fixed last track of Dynamic queue is not removed when played fully.
! Fixed Greek words uppercased incorrectly.
! Fixed CUE track could play some seconds when Gapless and switching to another track in Shuffle mode.
! Avoid playing small chunk of changed music file when was paused (with OpenSL ES driver active).

* Support for FTP/FTPS source.
* New high-quality resampling core.
* Support for 32-bit output on Android 5.0+ (AudioTrack, OpenSL ES).
* Support for iTunes gapless information in ID3v2 metadata: iTunPGAP, iTunSMPB.
* Support for UPnP/DLNA playlists.
* Improved UPnP/DLNA device volume handling.
* Ability to choose FLAC 16-bit format for output to UPnP/DLNA renderer.
* Improved OpenSL ES driver.
* New UI settings group Appearance to adjust font size and colors (writes theme.xml to public folder).
* Support Unicode Dingbats block (U+2700–U+27BF).
* Improved UI layout and performance.
* Do not interrupt playback when source is refreshed/scanned.
* Improved tolerance to M3U playlist's non-standard contents.
* Improved performance of Spectrum Analyzer.
* Improved SMB/CIFS address parsing for case ADDRESS:PORT.
* Asynchronous network enumeration of sub-net in Network View.
* Improved music folder location for auto-scanning.
! Fixed Output To could not connect to some UPnP/DLNA devices.
! Fixed gapless operation for MP3, M4A (AAC, ALAC), FLAC.
! Fixed Unicode string could be garbled in Folder list.
! Fixed possibility of 2 tracks playing simultaneously when another track list starts playing.
! Fixed compatibility with Android 2.1, Android L Preview.
! Fixed rare crash on screen rotation.
! Fixed deadlock between SMB and source refreshing thread.
! Fixed SMB/CIFS address could not be used in forms: DOMAIN_OR_IP:PORT, [DOMAIN_OR_IP]:PORT.
! Fixed Queue setup options could not be saved on exit.

* Support HTTPS protocol for streaming audio (fixes playback from DropBox too).
* Switch off Generic Driver by on 4.3 only (OpenSL ES), on 4.4 consider switching it on to avoid crackling issue (OS bug).
* Enable Generic Driver option (e.g. ability to switch to OpenSL ES) in Android 2.3+ (earlier 4.0+).
* Make Wake Lock CPU switched on by default (to avoid crackling or playback stop in background).
! Fixed Songs counter is always less by one.
! Fixed tracks counter -1 in Years section.
! Fixed HALFWIDTH FORMS font glyphs not displayed (0xFF01, 0xFFEE).
! Fixed MISCELLANEOUS SYMBOLS glyphs not displayed (0x2600, 0x26FF).
! Fixed Master gain can become negative if 0 and volume decreased by hw volume button.
! Fixed synchronized Lyrics could not be matched with track due to leading/trailing spaces in title, album, artist.
! Fixed interaction in Controls screen could lead to its animation to the right (black screen).
! Fixed crash if switching 32/64-bit mode when streaming source is being loaded.
! Fixed UPnP/DNLA source could not be created if one of path elements contained / or \.

* Improved database operations performance.
* Show All Songs for every folder group except top-level.
* Workaround for 4.3 & 4.4 internal bug which could result in crash on UI exit.
* Use non Generic Driver as default (OpenSL ES) on 4.3+ to improve the spectrum analyzer latency.
* Set hardware latency to 150 ms as default on 4.3+.
! Fixed HE-AAC v2 not playing correctly (half of speed).
! Fixed track sorting order for multi disk CUE.
! Fixed seeking from OS lock screen widget in 4.4+.

* New option in User Interface: Tap to Hide Panels - to on/off panels hiding (useful for dynamic env.).
* New option in User Interface: Swipe Screen - to on/off screen swiping (useful for dynamic env.).
* Improved downsampling quality.
* More speedup for database operations.
* Support DISCNUMBER in CUE.
* Disallow [DELETE] button for UPnP/DNLA tracks.
! Fixed Scan/Refresh buttons not touchable in landscape mode (Media Library screen).
! Fixed Balance could not be set in Audio Hardware with keyboard input.
! Fixed infrequent crash on track and output change.

* Speedup UPnP/DNLA source scanning.
* Speedup walking through the Folders structure.
* Sort album art image files by filename for better match if 'front' not found.
! Fixed UPnP/DNLA output interrupted with crash after 5 mins.
! Fixed crash during UPnP/DNLA source scanning with server provides erroneous data.
! Fixed album art from UPnP/DNLA track not shown in notification & widget.

* Improved compatibility with UPnP/DNLA renderer.
* Improved speed of UPnP/DNLA source scanning (2 times faster).
* Improved output device switch event processing.
! Fixed frequent crash when in UI and track is switched to another.

* Turkish language.
* Improved UPnP/DNLA core stability towards non-standard device descriptions.
! Fixed crash on normalization.
! Fixed crash when network is unavailable but UPnP/DNLA devices are requested through Output To or Sources-> [+] -> UPnP/DNLA.

* UPnP/DNLA Renderer and Server support: output audio to device (Settings -> Output To), create source based on UPnP/DNLA server (Sources -> [+]).
* New control buttons to change album/folder if playing from: albums, artists, genres, years, all folders.
* New option Settings -> Network -> Buffer Size: to set buffer size for the network source (Streaming, SMB/CIFS, UPnP/DNLA).
* New option in Settings -> Connection and Controls: Media Button Priority.
* Improved lookup algorithm for more precise lookup of groups/tracks.
* Updated Vorbis decoder to the latest 1.3.4.
* Improved sorting modes.
* Improved lookup algorithm for more precise lookup of groups/tracks.
* Separate icon for loop track mode.
* Show category header in the track list.
! Fixed crash during SMB/CIFS directory listing with many files >100.
! Fixed Preamp gain could be corrected by AGP if AGP is off but album artwork pulsation is enabled in User Interface settings.
! Fixed Artist was replaced by Lyricist (if present) in MP4 container format (m4a, mp4, mov, aac, aif).
! Fixed UI level is not restored on re-start if Neutron process exited completely.
! Fixed crash when [-QUEUE] or [-PLAYLIST] were used from the Playing Now screen for the current track.
! Fixed Preamp gain could be corrected by AGP if AGP is off but album artwork pulsation is enabled in User Interface settings.
! Fixed gear icon visible in background in Lyrics dialog.
! Fixed rare crash when scrolling Albums/Folders lists.
! Fixed possible crash if track is upsampled and next is loaded as gapless.
! Fixed next track of a single file album with CUE formatting could be chopped in the beginning when in gapless playback mode.
! Fixed gear icon visible in background in Lyrics dialog.

* Support for file/directory deletion from SMB/CIFS source.
* Updated OPUS decoder to the latest (1.1).
* Obfuscate password field in SMB/CIFS entry setup dialog with *.
* Relaxed CPU requirement for x86 version to any x86 CPU + SSE2.
* Сancel button for large notification.
* Set Fade button label to Crossfade if it is active.
* Improved graphics mode selection for some firmwares.
* Improved audo focus handling.
! Fixed last track in a group repeating if Looped mode is switched off.
! Fixed 'Play Track Once'.
! Fixed rare deadlock during track change.
! Fixed built-in lock-screen music widget disappearing on pause.

! Fixed UI flickering on some devices/firmwares.
! Fixed random and frequent crashes on some devices/firmwares due to wrong graphics mode.
! Fixed track not switching to the next correctly if it is from CUE and next track is single or random during gapless mode.

* Support for synchronized lyrics stored in ID3v2 SLT/SYLT frames.
* Improved UI elements alignment on any screen.
* Make Preamp label red for normalized tracks.
! Fixed normalize queue not emptied when processed and reloaded on restart resulting in endless normalization.
! Fixed Idle line stuck on Spectrum window if playback started when UI was suspended (invisible).
! Fixed SMB/CIFS source could not be auto-disabled if offline.
* Respect ro.opengles.surface.rgb565 system property.
* Improved UI animation smoothness.
! Fixed crash when UI is invoked from Active Frame and no album art is available for a current track.

* Support Atrac / Atrac3 / Atrac3+ audio formats.
* Support .AEA files.
* Improved performance of 64-bit rendering core.
* Improved foreground notification handling to avoid audio interruptions on UI exit or screen off.
* Improved UI animation smoothness.
! Fixed 'black screen' on Android 2.1 - 2.2.2.
! Fixed deadlock on some firmwares.
* Improved Active Frame updates handling.

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Re: Release Notes - Player

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* Native support for x86 + SSE2 (Intel: Atom).
* Settings -> Languages expanded to: 中文 (繁体), 中文 (简体), 한국어, 日本語, Việt, ไทย, Deutsch, Italiano, Français, Español, ελληνικά, Português, Magyar, Polski, العربية.
* New category: Years.
* New Android widget 4x4.
* Gain & Preamp sliders support manual entry: touch the (label + value) on top of slider.
* On playback start reconnect streaming entry if expired.
* Improved SMB/CIFS tolerance to wrong server packets resulting in better scanning.
* Improved SMB/CIFS directory enumeration handling.
* Improved Network Source setup UI logic.
* Improved lists to fit more data.
* Improved properties/info dialog for streaming url: more information, updated dynamically if Playing Now information changes.
* Improved tolerance to HTML garbage when loading M3U playlist.
* Improved various UI elements and mechanics.
! Fixed default Reply Gain value is restored to 0 dB on restart.
! Fixed Tamil language glyphs missing in some UI parts.
! Fixed not sorting by Track Nr. modes: Album; Year,Album; Artist,Year,Album, Default.
! Fixed streaming title could not be displayed if name contained '.
! Fixed album art of SMB/CIFS source not displayed on Android.
! Fixed some crashes.
BB10 10.2:
! Workaround for device power status OS bug.

* Revert to default sorting mode but using fast algorithm.
! Fixed incorrect loading of non-standard CUE.
! Fixed source could fail to create due to bad metadata of music file.
! Fixed UI could not react to touches on some firmwares.

* Support Replay Gain for TTA.
! Fixed crash during scanning.

* Improved default sorting.
* Improved sorting by filename by comparing absolute path and using natural sorting algorithm.
* Do not break playback if other tracks are ignored/deleted.
* Detect mp4/mov file container if file has extension mp3 to avoid mp3 decoder taking too long to throw error.
! Fixed font loading bug which could result in missing glyphs for Korean or Chinese languages.
! Fixed Audio Hardware -> Speaker Config UI selection.
! Fixed not starting on Android 2.1 (assets error).

* Queue -> Unique: avoid duplicate tracks.
* Audio Hardware -> CPU Wake Lock: prevent CPU from sleeping if screen is turned off on some firmwares.
* Refactored settings.
* Relaxed Crossfeed effect limits: frequency can be half of hw frequency, feed level 0.01 - 60
* Improved tolerance for errors in AAC stream.
* Natural sorting of folder names [fld1, fld2, fld20] instead of [fld1, fld20, fld2].
* Support multifile CUE and display correct duration for such CUEs.
* Improved handling of [+/- EQ] if dialog was opened during source refresh.
* Modify progress timers according Tempo setting.
* Shutdown audio stream once paused.
! Fixed instability on Android 4.3.
! Fixed could not check SMB/CIFS source availability on app start.
! Fixed SMB/CIFS source could not be unignored in Sources.
! Fixed crash in UI if Source properties window opened, sources refreshed, user pressed [SCAN].
! Fixed freezing if SMB/CIFS source created and URL is not accessible (do not try referencing album art from ignored sources).
! Fixed Queue is cleared if track is ignored/deleted.
! Fixed CUE could not locate music file it CUE encoding wasn't UTF-8.
! Fixed internet stream could freeze process if URL not accessible.
! Fixed fast backward.
! Fixed duplicate tracks in Queue could not be loaded on application start.
! Fixed high CPU consumption on BB 10.1+ OS versions (workaround for OS spamming with system event).
! Fixed purple (overload notification) LED blinking constantly on PlayBook.

* Improved SMB/CIFS performance (considerably): scanning, changing track.
* Support RemoteControlClient for custom lockscreen/widget apps.
* Touching timer labels will toggle larger/normal font size.
* New Pitch Shifter DSP effect with better quality and without echo effect.
* Better volume slider placement.
* Start playing from widget play button even if process needs to start.
* Prevent accidental playback if process restarted by OS and line-out has connection
* List logic improvement.
* Skip ignored albums in Albums -> NORMALIZE.
! Fixed sorting to be case insensitive.
! Fixed pitch had the same value loaded as tempo on process start.
! Fixed rating stars misaligned.
! Fixed crash on 32/64 mode switch if Rumble Filter was active.

* Format info on bottom panel (can be hidden with [...] on tag area).
* Labels with values under sleep, wake, rg.
* Support Replay Gain declarations in CUE.
* Improved precision of months arrow for Clock widget.
! Fixed stars in-UI widget misplaced on hi-res screens.
! Fixed crash on 24-bit TAK.
! Fixed missing sorting mode buttons in group SETUP dialog.
! Fixed Crossfeed presets are not well reacting to the press.
! Fixed crash on long-press on tag of internet stream in Playing Now screen.
! Fixed wrong track duration when opening CUE as external file.
! Fixed dialogs could not appear if UI updates suspended (power saving).
! Fixed source Ignore state could be preserved if source deleted and new is created after it.
! Fixed top/bottom panels closed on dialog exit with [BACK] button.
! Fixed Mini widget play/stop button malfunction.
! Fixed Control widget play/stop button obscured.

* New unified UI layout design.
* Updated widgets.
* Support for Recently Added category in Playlists.
* Support ASPX as playlist.
* Disable RMS processing (also for UI) if Settings -> Automatic Gain Protection is switched off to save CPU.
* Tempo will have pitch compensation effect.
* Tempo/pitch separate effects.
* Improved CPU consumption.
! Fixed input events handling on SGS4.
! Fixed long lists (>20k) not opened.
! Many other fixes and improvements.

* Improved memory consumption during huge music collection scanning.
* Use full screen for UI elements when toolbar is visible (will reset active dialogs on re-orientation).
* Settings -> Database -> ALB TAA option: to make albums more unique by using album-artist tag information (when uniqueness by absolute path is not suitable).
* Settings -> UI -> PB LIST option: to disable tap action for starting/pausing track in the list.
* More informative native progress dialog when scanning/creating new source.
* Do not show UI -> REV.TIMER setting in Power Saver mode.
* Fixed UI elements could be mispositioned when toolbar is visible (tablets/FULLSCREEN off).

* Ability to edit position of track in playlist (M3U only): long-press track in playlist -> POSITION.
* Settings -> Replay Gain: GAIN W/O 'RG' option to apply default RG gain.
* Uknown artist/album are shown in Database lists as -/-.
* Allow IPv6 address for SMB/CIFS.
* Allow IP:PORT notation for SMB/CIFS address.
* Try resolving absolute Windows path (with drive letter) to relative path in playlists.
* Added Sleep Timer to Settings.
* Faster cold-start.
* Autoscroll lists (demo) when they become visible (disable: Settings -> UI -> DEMO LIST).
* Expand range of UI -> LIST DAMPING setting.
* Increase max scrolling speed for lists.
* Display External SD in a pretty way.
! Fixed tags displayed in Clock screen when sleep timer is on and i-radio is playing.
! Fixed lookup field not appearing correctly in landscape mode.
! Fixed audio core could be silenced completely with abnormally high Replay Gain.
! Fixed long-press could be invoked occasionally.
! Fixed mispositioned UI elements after UI -> FULLSCREEN setting modified.
! Fixed genre is not correctly detected if genre string contained leading number,like '90s'.
! Fixed metadata could not be updated for streaming entry in specific situation.
! Fixed possible UI elements misplacement on tabs with toolbar always visible.
! Fixed FLAC decoder could crash process due to broken audio stream (to many log messages).
! Fixed unicode range not detected 'CJK Symbols And Punctuation' resulting in missing symbols.
! Avoid listening to stock music service [shuffle] & [loop] commands if A2DP is disabled in Settings -> Headset / ...

* Support for square screens (x == y).
* Plain text authentication for SMB/CIFS (switch off LM+NTLM, NTLM,...).
* Do RPC call always to enumerate shares with long names (>13).
* More information to SMB entries when enumerated through sub-network.
! Fixed long-press not working reliably.
! Fixed individual login/password not assigned to endpoint if browsing through sub-network.
! Avoid sending password in plain text for Guest SMB/CIFS session.
! Fixed rare UI bug causing crash on UI start.

1.71.1 (BlackBerry):
* Ability to share music file through other BB10 apps: long press on track in the track list - press (SHARE) button to select destination. 
* Improved CPU consumption when Idle. 
* Modified audio overloading notification LED from Red to Magenta to avoid confusion with other system notifications. 
! Fixed some internet streams could be interrupted with (LOADING...). 
! Fixed sporadic audio interruptions when in background and other apps used. 
! Fixed audio cuts randomly on specific Internet streams with occasionally damaged data.
! Fixed MusePack format disabled.
! Fixed left UI anchor not working sometimes.

v.1.71.1 (Android):
! Fixed HTTP audio streaming not working in 1.71.0.

* Settings -> Database -> IGNORE PREF: option to ignore The, A, An prefixes of album, artist, title names when sorting.
* Settings -> Network -> SOURCE UPDATE FREQUENCY: option to enable SMB/CIFS source automatic state update (enables/disables source).
* Improved CPU consumption when Idle (only Android).
* Fixed MusePack format disabled (only Android).
! Fixed playback sometimes stopped on A2DP connect when Controls -> AUTO-PLAY is on.
! Fixed playback stopped on A2DP disconnect when Controls -> AUTO-STOP is off.
! Fixed bug when UI elements could be displaced when not in fullscreen mode.
* Improved audio re-routing speed when A2DP is attached/detached.
* Improved resampling quality to allow more bandwidth for high frequencies and to match original quality as close as possible: QUALITY, AUDIOPHILE.

* Ability to temporarily disable Source entries (press on source entry icon to disable/enable).
* Support for Windows 7/8 network shares enumeration.
* Improve performance of media database interaction in UI.
* Use official (vanilla) WavPack decoder (WVC is supported).
! Fixed SMB/CIFS file could loose connection during Idle.
! Fixed SMB/CIFS track without progress set on initial player start.
! Enlarge timeout for network stream to avoid occasional reconnection during playback.
! Fixed metadata could be cleared for Internet streams with dynamically interchanging metadata.
! Fixed auth information not always updated in network management dialog (could confuse during SMB/CIFS setup).
! Fixed genre names containing numbers could not seen in the database.
! Fixed playlist blank if located in /shared/music/playlists and has relative references to folders inside /shared/music.
* Enable haptic feedback (Settings -> Haptic Feedback).
* Enable AC power related functionality: 
 - Settings -> User Interface -> PowerLock: keep screen on if power is provided,
 - Settings -> ... \ Controls -> POWER-PLAY: start playback when USB attached,
 - Settings -> ... \ Controls -> POWER-STOP: stop playback when USB detached.
! Temporarily disable invocation of Neutron on music files in attempt to fix external SD problem.
! Fixed album art not showing on volume widget when hardware volume buttons are pressed on device.

* NTLMv2 authentication option for SMB/CIFS.
* Replace LM authentication with NTLM & LM for SMB/CIFS.
* Settings -> UI: OS NOTIFY option to switch off notifications of metadata/state sent to OS (OFF if other music players are crashing).
* Safe DB operation when scanning music files to avoid 'Zero path!'.
* Fixed could not save empty User and Password for network endpoint.
* Fixed UTF8 metadata could be garbled if generated from folder name.
* Fxed Controls -> POWER-PLAY/-STOP depend on UI -> POWER LOCK.
* Fixed current track album art not updated due to [Refresh].

! Fixed playlists over network could not be loaded.
! Fixed music could not be scanned (Zero Path) in specific situation (if non UTF tags).

* Support CIFS/SMB to source files from NAS, PCs on LAN/Internet.
* Support dynamic tags inside music streams over Internet.
* Support playlist generating ASX links.
* Support TAK format.
* [+ PLAYLIST] button to Queue settings screen.
* Setttings: Controls -> POWER-PLAY/-STOP setting to start/stop playback when external power supply is connected/disconnected (UI -> POWERLOCK must be ON).
* UI caching for fast UI start-up.
* Improved threading code to relax CPU.
! Fixed Replay Gain applied with delay for Power Saver mode, or when screen is OFF.
! Fixed some AIFF files failed to open.
! Fixed track could re-start playback if alone in the playlist.
! Fixed trailing seconds could be cut of playlist tracks.
! Fixed tracks swithing prev/next logic for SHUFFLE on LOOP[T].
! Fixed rare failure of music files scanning if path contained double-quotes.
! Fixed music files scanning failure if music file metadata contained double-quotes.
! Fixed some Internet links not playing due to not encoded link to music file.
! Fixed pressing on screen changing buttons could cause screen going to wrong direction and hide.
! Fixed artist could disappear from Artists if it was one of Various Artists when Database -> ALB ARTIST switched on.
! Fixed some album art external images could not be registered in DB.
! Fixed sorting of track in multi-disc albums if disc # is ignored.
! Fixed absolute paths displayed in Folders section in specific situation.
! Fixed 'Songs of this level' shown instead of track list when folder does not have sub-folders.

! Improved ENQUEUE, DEQUEUE, -+ PLAYLIST logic. 
! Fixed playlist not playing from NAS accessed by ES File Browser.
! Fixed UI elements misplaced on some devices.

! Some UI adjustments.
! Fixed UI closed by toolbar if in non-FULSCREEN mode.
! Fixed default track lists not sorted properly according location.
! Fixed proximity sensor functionality visible on devices without it.
! Fixed missing RINGTONE button on track properties screen.
! Fixed possible random failures of database operations.

* Improved UI engine: render to screen resolution for high graphics quality.
* Advanced Sleep Timer setup (long press on SLEEP button in Controls screen).
* ID3 AIFF tags support (art, metadata).
* UI - SWIPE PLAY: auto-swipe to Playing now screen when track playback started from the Playlist screen.
* Database - IGNORE DISC: prevent album splitting by the disc number.
* Support AOB extension for the Audio-CD/DVD tracks.
* Improved track swiping.
* Auto-position list to the newly created playlist.
* Re-position list when playlist is renamed.
* Ability to assign EQ preset to HDMI.
* AUTO DSP: change to Surround if Speaker becomes active.
! Fixed embedded album art not showing on network files: MP3, TTA.
! Fixed CUE tracks could not be loaded from external playlist file.
! Fixed crash when dialog window closing with opened search field.
! Fixed not Gapless if tracks playing from playlist.

Track swiping in Playing Now screen: Settings -> UI -> enable SWIPE.TRCK.
Support Matroska format: MKV - audio only, MKA.
Support streaming from HTTPS urls if encryption is not used by server (enables operation with Dropbox client APP and urls).
Improved OPUS, TTA, MusePack formats: album art, replay gain.
Improved album art lookup if music file in not in Neutron's DB.
Improved playlists handling: long-press Playlists to RESCAN all playlists' changes.
Fixed list progress not saved correctly.
Fixed Lyrics last text line could be trashed if in UTF-16 format.
Fixed rounding of replay gain display value.
Fixed 'Zero path!' problem in specific case after RESCAN.
Fixed rotations in orientation lock mode.

* Support playlist file loaded from HTTP server and referencing internal music files:
* Support references to other playlists inside M3U playlist (including network ref.).
* Support MusePack format over network.
! Fixed crash on album art loading in case of out-of-memory error.

* Playlist management: create new, save, tracks: sort, add, remove.
* List: remember track position if re-entered with SET/PLAY button, save positions to DB.
* Settings -> Audio Hardware: option to set speaker configuration.
* Settings -> UI: split DISPLAY TRANSPARENCY to P/L.
* Toggle keyboard up/down by pressing on search text field repeatedly.
* If number entered in lookup field then track is searched by its index.
* Speedup access to Folders section.
* Improved sorting of Folders -> All folders entries.
* Improved performance of playlists, source entries loading.
* Improved widgets handling (performance).
* Improved CPU consumption for all archs.
! Fixed 8-bit FLAC support.
! Fixed CUE sheet ignored on small sized FLACs (< 20 min).
! Fixed album art not shown sometimes if music playing from playlist file.
! Fixed Lyrics in UTF-16 and Latin codepage not read correctly.
! Fixed orientation blocked in Portrait mode on some devices.
! Fixed Crossfeed/Surround UI dialogs missing presets.
! Fixed memory leak in rare situation when scrolling folder list with album art.
! Fixed rare crash on installation/autoscanning.
! Fixed show keyboard if hidden while text field still visible.
! Fixed incorrect queue usage when streaming playlist is loaded.
! Fixed rare crash on UTF-8 encoded playing now info in streaming audio.

* Ability to sort Queue manually by long-press on entry and drag & drop actions (can be disabled in Queue settings, SORT MODE).
* Use OpenSL ES as default audio driver (use Audio Hardware -> GENERIC DRV for old driver).
* Settings -> Audio Hardware -> GENERIC DRV: to fall back to old AudioTrack output.
* Reworked usage of SET button to SET & PLAY.
* Support CMYK/YCCK jpegs (missing art).
* Enable FLAC format for network streaming by URL.
* Correctly reposition to next/prev entry while deleting/ignoring current track.
* Manually selected track for playback will be removed from shuffle list.
* Support DTS format.
* Improved ASX playlist support.
* Resolve HTTP 301/302 errors for streams/playlists.
* Resolve indirect URLs to playlists (allows to play SHOUTCAST.COM directory URLs directly, no need to save PLS).
* Use UI - DISPLAY TRANSPARENCY setting to modify landscape display.
* More NEON optimizations.
! Fixed AAC format not fully gapless (iTunSMPB tag is obligation!).
! Fixed normal Preamp gain not saved correctly when normalized tracks switching.
! Fixed Preamp gain going low sometimes (especially between normalized and non normalized tracks) during crossfading.
! Fixed loop mode sometimes getting reset on Neutron process start.
! Fixed NRT mode crash if buffer failed to decode [was crashing Neutron's normalizer].
! Fixed shuffle history not correct when list is set with SET & PLAY.
! Fixed landscape rotation could not be fixed after display off/on in Clock mode.
! Fixed crash if on track switch from Playlist screen with Dynamic queue ON.
! Fixed crash on UI enter if track stopped, has progress >90%, Dynamic queue ON.
! Fixed scrobbling of track multiple times on UI re-enter if it was stopped on >90% progress.
! Fixed Unicode UTF-16 encoded text could be displayed in reverse order.
! Fixed indexing of enqueued entries.
! Fixed Genre not accessible after sorting is set for Songs (required UI re-enter to work again).

* Support network stream metadata: playing now tags, autoupdate of Streaming entry.
* Ability to paste copied text from outside of Neutron UI for Streaming entry edits.
* Gapless zero trimming mode for all non-gapless formats (Gapless -> TRIM ZERO).
* Improved album art handling (loading, lists, DB refreshing).
* Expand to 32-bits for module formats by default and to 64-bits in 64-bit mode for better quality.
! Fixed passive updating routine which might be causing incorrect CPU usage.
! Fixed UI not refreshing properly causing lags and increased CPU usage.
! Fixed track change inside Neutron UI when not playing not updating info for widgets.
! Fixed non-async buffer usage for NRT mode (normalization).

* Fade-out 1/2 second (default, tunable) when Stop pressed.
* Setting UI -> STOP FADE-OUT: to adjust fadeout time for Stop.
* Expand NIGHT button input event sensitivity zone.
* Use proximity sensor to control playback: close sensor with hand = play/stop, 1 wave = next, 2 waves = prev (will work on devices with proximity sensor only!, find in Settings -> Headset/Jack -> PROX-CTRL option).
* Support for OPUS format.
* Improved performance of album art lookup.
* Speedup Playlist -> Album section when scrolling it.
* Improved parsing of year in ID3v2 tags by honoring only first 4 digits.
* Enabled 64-bit index precision of resampling core under 64-bit mode for greater quality (enable 64-bit mode: Settings -> 64-Bit Rendering).
* Force AAC decoder into 32-bit decoding mode.
* ReplayGain for M4A files.
* Phase Inversion (Settings -> Audio Hardware -> option PHASE INV.).
* Ability to clear rating group (long-press on Rating group entry -> CLEAR).
* Option to ignore Modular files metadata (Settings -> Database -> NOMETA MOD).
* Option to prefer album art from tags rather than from image files (Settings -> Database -> ART TAG).
* Do not try opening hiperlinks inside file-based playlists during scanning/refreshing.
! Fixed CUE last entry not playing in condition when track has to end beyond the real size.
! Fixed reading of ID3v2 tags if they contain empty Lyrics frame.
! Fixed AAC/ALAC formats broken (not playing) in 1.62.6.
! Fixed last entry of CUE could not be played in specific situation.
! Fixed Database -> ALB FOLDER option causing duplicate album entries for CUEs.
* Better integration into BlackBerry OS UI: Suspend/restore UI instead of destruction and destroy it only if 15 minutes invisible.
* Improved performance by using low-level access to audio driver.
* Support for audio device changes: switching to HDMI and back (please report on Forum if does not work).
! Fixed sluttering when backgrounded (tested but please report on Forum if sluttering still exists).
! Fixed line-out/jack in/out event handling for 10 Dev Alpha.
! Fixed logic to prevent random sluttering (especially during file I/O).
! Fixed front cover lookup for case sensitive file systems.
! Fixed Settings -> Audio Hardware -> MONO option causing Neutron not starting up.

* New Settings -> Database -> ROOT FOLDER option: to start folder listing from '/' (fix for those not having mount in '/mnt').
* Add delay for Power Saver mode change.
* Improved touch down handling on systems with many input events.
! Improved Arabic/Hebrew support.
! Fixed AGP not active if UI wasn't started.
! Fixed playback not stopped on incoming phone call.
! Fixed crash on Ignore list if entry name is empty.
! Fixed logics of Dir ignoring: top-level directory ignoring will cause corresponding Source entry deletion.
- Remove UI ONLY option for AGP.

* 64-bit core is built-in and can be activated by: Settings -> 64-bit Rendering.
* Ability to bind EQ preset to output device types: Speaker, W.Jack, A2DP.
* Setting -> AGP option: STRENGTH, to modify strength of gain correction.
* Settings -> UI option: LIST DAMPING, to modify list velocity damping.
* Expand HW latency to max 2 seconds.
* Optimized performance of non-NEON version by around 15% (tested on GT-I9100).
* Improved CPU consumption and faster reaction on events when in Idle mode.
* Fade-out music when Sleep timer switches off playback.
* Ability to choose active weekday for Wake Timer.
! Fixed rare instability of UI on input some multi-core devices.
! Fixed music scanning on remote drives/shares.
! Faster phone specific event handling for smoother audio transition.
! Fixed /cache/temp folder on some OS versions could have undeletable files.

* Support for M4A lyrics.
* Support Arabic, Hebrew.
* Option to lock in Landscape mode if autorotation disabled.
* Improved gapless MP3 (Settings -> Gapless ...).
* Allow files be recognized when located on remote/shared drive.
* Improved rating bar usability.
* Display transparency setting (Settings -> UI ...).
* Auto-REBUILD DB when changing Database settings.
! Fixed instability.
! Fixed 24-bit AIFF.
! Fixed crash on external file playback.
! Fixed file list sorting not in ASC.
! Fixed duplicate entries in file playlist.
! Fixed UI invoked on 'screen on' if 'Settings -> Lock Screen disabled'.
! Fixed rare crash on Neutron Display 4x3 widget.
! Fixed seek bar can be touched during animation from Playing Now to Control screen.
! Fixed playback starting when phone call completed and headset detached from jack.
! Fixed first track exported CUE to playlist playing full CUE file.
! Fixed M4A album art not visible in albums list.

* Rating system (manual 5-star panel, 'Ratings' section in Playlist screen).
* Improved sorting order of: 'Album, Year & Album' type.
* Added '/mnt/emmc' for path guessing of playlist files.
* Support Replay Gain in ID3v2 tags (RVA/RVA2).
* Support Lyrics in ID3v2 tags (ULT/USLT).
* Improved overall performance.
* Advanced Replay Gain support: see additonal settings.
* Better button label visibility & animation.
* On/Off GAPLESS decoder mode: Settings -> Playback Mode.
* Settings -> Database: options to switch off capitalization of names.
* Fixed not opening UI level for track if: Folders -> All folders ->...
* Fixed speed of swiping from user action.
* Fixed wrong album year parsed from ID3v2.3+ tags in spec. situation.
* Fixed CUE tracks not loaded in Queue.
* Fixed CUE entries duration calculation.
* Fixed random song not chosen when: Service = OFF & UI -> HISTORY = OFF.
* Fixed stuck in a loop when single track finished playback.
* Fixed logic of some setting dialogs.

* Improved swipe layer event handling.
* Ability to share music file (long-press music entry -> SHARE).
* Album date parsing.
* Sorting options: by 'Artist, Year & Album'; 'Year & Album'.
* Extended music entry menu (long-press) when in Queue.
* RealAudio Lossless codec.
! Fixed album/artist splitter showing incorrect info sometimes when list moving up.
! Fixed swipe acceleration to the left not causing screen to change sometimes.
! Fixed pressing on track not always showing its UI level.

* Better landscape layout for widgets.
* Exclude progress bar areas from screen swipe reaction.
* Better screen swiping animation.
! Fixed (reverted) decoder for AAC, ALAC,...
! Fixed wrong tags of music entries referenced by playlist files.
! Fixed list scroller hiding under finger when holding it.

! Fixed Neutron widgets compatibility with launchers (Apex,...) on ICS.
! Fixed other possible compatibility issues introduced in 1.58.

* Swype left/right (including animation) for screens.
* Separators between songs if list sorted by Album/Artist.
* Pressing CLOCK will let playback to continue if SLEEP is active.
* Improved lookup logic for music references of playlist files.
* Long-press PREV/NEXT in playlist screen switches level to very top or bottom.
* Improved widgets layout to be better with landscape orientation.
* Remove skipped entry for Dynamic Queue on NEXT.
! Fixed orientation to default for devices without gyroscope (on-board car system for example).
! Fixed Dynamic Queue not auto-playing if cleared and replaced with new content while player was playing old queue.
! Fixed Dynamic Queue not replacing playback of song from old queue.
! Fixed doubling of albums if album name was different in music file and CUE.

* Song lookup button/function for Normalizer window.
* Show track counter for Dynamic Queue.
* Better lookup results for song entries.
! Remove REPLACE queue, add CLEAR in ENQUEUE for group.
! Fixed last track locking playback status when removed by Dynamic Queue.
! Fixed album art sometimes could not be shown on exit from spectrum analyzer widget.

* Lyrics -> TIMESTAMPS option to enable/disable timestamps for synch. lyrics.
* Queue -> AUTOPLAY option.
* Queue -> REPLACE option.
! Fixed crash if Lyrics is disabled in Settings.
! Fixed crash if Queue -> DYNAMIC enabled and doing PREV to history.
! Fixed incompatibility with some devices and custom OS versions (reverted to <= 1.55.2 setup).
! Fixed Interface Language dialog not showing current locale.

* Use audio focus (Settings -> Audio Hardware -> AUDIO FOCUS).
* 4x3 widget.
* Support non-synchronized lyrics (LRC, TXT).
* OFFSET button for Lyrics window.
* UI-> Settings -> Lyrics options.
! Fixed external streaming URLs not playing.
! Fixed streaming state messages for Power Saver mode.
! Fixed notifications broken for some AVRCP devices.
! Fixed headset button blocked by Neutron when phone is active.
! Fixed some rare crashes.

* Pressing tags on display will open UI level of the track.
* Support synchronized lyrics: .LRC files.
* Power Saver UI mode.
* Settings -> UI: reverse timer mode.
* Support APE, WV cuesheet tag.
* Source will be named with short name of source directory.
* Show as many as possible directories in Source entry.
* Filter Folders option for EQ preset window.
* Dynamic queue: long press Queue -> DYNAMIC.
* Memorize UI list positions in each level on UI exit.
* Filter Folders option for EQ preset window.
* NEON: RMS core.
! Fixed media buttons not blocked on
! Fixed scrobbling if UI -> SCROBBLE is enabled.
! Fixed Rewind button not releasing fast backward during long press.
! Fixed SETTINGS button not visible on first enter to Playlist screen.
! Fixed compatibility with Simple scrobbler.

* Improved long press of headset buttons: Rewind causes fast backward.
* Improved localizations handling, details on Neutron forum -> Localization.
! Fixed crash on MPC format.
! Fixed rare crash on next song when album is dequeued while its song was playing from queue.

* Long pressing the headset/play hardware button on causes fast forward.
* Tags embedded multi-image album art scrolling.
* Up/Down buttons are self pressing in a loop when long pressed.
* Improved Pitch dialog.
* Option in Settings -> UI to force full-sized album art.
! Fixed long press not working for hardware buttons (fast forward/backward).
! Fixed mp4 tags not using 'Album Artist' and 'Disk' data.
! Fixed incorrect counting of albums for artists.
! Fixed memory leak when Normalize queue is empty and Settings -> Normalizer pressed.
! Fixed album art sometimes not shown in widgets after screen off and then on.
! Fixed rare crash when exporting the Queue.
! Improved stability in some cases.

* Database option to sort various artists by 'Album Artist' tag: Settings -> Database -> GROUP VA.
* Ability to apply pitch to playback: Settings -> Pitch (on/off, setup).
! Аixed UI layaout broken when switching off Clock mode with AUTOROTATE disabled.
! Fixed manual EQ presets deleting by Neutron.

* Fully functional Landscape mode and UI refresh.
* Multi-album/-folder normalization.
* Normalizer progress in Settings.
* UI performance improvements.
* UI option to disable album art in landscape.
* Async load of album art.
! Do not load album art when screen off.
! Fixed AVRCP BT broken in 1.52.
! Fixed scrobbling.
! Fixed albums not sorted in Genre section.
! Disable NPOT feature.
! Disable screens swap option for landscape.
! Update display (clock mode) wake timer is set.
! Fixed portrait UI broken if AUTOROTATE is ON.
! Fixed SWAP MAIN reset to ON when rotating device.
! Db option .nomedia tag is off by default (for new DB).
! Fixed locale reset to en_US on each update (this update will still reset it).
! Fixed album art scrolling buttons not displayed after UI re-enter.

* Interactive notification for ICS and higher.
* Delete file/playlist from the storage.
* % setting for REWIND on PREV (Settings -> UI).
* Support for multi-disc albums.
* Сrossfade when rewinding.
* Support for exported CUE entries in M38U.
* Option Settings -> DB to ignore .nomedia file-tag.
! Fixed fast-fwd/bwd HW keys not working.
! Improved ID3v1 handling.
! Auto-refresh when done unignoring.
! Fixed album art parsing.
! Fixed shuffle on small playlists.
! Revert notifications.
! Performance optimizations.
! NEON: optimized RACEFilter.

* Improved lookup result matching.
* AGP: reset gain to current Preamp value which was set manually.
* AGP: additional settings (Settings -> AGP).
* Show Display with letter when scrolling lists sorted by Title.
* Support Shuffle & Loop buttons for AVRCP BT.
* Improved shuffle history behavior.
* Skip .nomedia tagged directories from scanning.
! Fixed file-based playlist loading.
! Fixed Binding name lost during REBUILD.
! Fixed album art only directories removed from DB.
! Fixed Playlist name lost during Refresh/REBUILD.
! Fixed multi-word lookup.
! Fixed sorting settings reset for Folders on REBUILD.
! Fixed section's SETUP not working sometimes.
! Fixed SETUP not working for Playlists entries.
! Fixed double playback bug.
! Fixed playlist UI level not restored.
! NEON: optimized crossfeeding filter.

* iTunes-like shuffling with history.
* Improved metadata guessing from filename/path.
* Possible metadata for A2DP (AVRCP) Samsungs (tested and worked on GT-I9100, ICS 4.0.3).
* Support unsynchronized frames for ID3v2 (may add missing art).
! Fixed rotation for pads.
! Disable AUTO-DSP by default.
! Avoid private Unicode characters.
! Fixed progress not updated ever 1 sec on widgets.
! Fixed JPG album art not loaded if JPG has errors.
! Fixed JPG corrupt image could cause crash.
! Fixed APE tags parsing when no ID3v1 tag present.

* Will auto-switch to DSP effect depending on connection type (Settings -> Headset/Jack -> AUTO-DSP): headphones >> Crossfeed, ext.speakers >> Surround.
* New option to ignore tags inside WAV (Settins -> Database -> NOTAG WAV).
* Improved UI orientation handling.
* Improved guessing of title, album, artist from filename.
! Fixed CUE could not be loaded as individual file.
! Fixed Vorbis comments not storedin DB by title, album, artist.
! Fixed crash on AU files.

* Started work on Landscape mode.
! Fixed audio playback stability & quality (removed OpenSL ES support being Android OS side problem on some but many devices).
! Fixed MOD, XM, S3M support.
! Fixed crash on UNBIND EQ.
! Fixed crash during some ID3v2 tags parsing.
! Fixed 'Eval' version expiring earlier.

* Support album art for OGG and ID3v2.2.
* MONO audio output mode.
* Start Neutron service by headset button (on/off: Settings -> Headset -> AUTOPLAY).
* 12H clock mode (Settings -> UI)
* Normalizer will save queue and restore it automatically on app start.
* Huge performance gain for NEON opt version (web).
! Stability/functionality fixes for ICS (test: GT-9100).
! Fixed file-based playlists can't be loaded (iTunes export).
! Improved interaction of EQ preset invocation and EQ sliders.
! Faster UI load.
! Fixed norm. gain reset for on UI enter.
! Fixed ReplayGain not read in ID3v2.3 UTF16x version.
! Other smaller fixes & improvements.

* Ability to sort groups (Genre, Album, ...: long press -> SETUP).
* List entries won't accelerate under finger when are being moved.
* PNG/BMP album art support in MP4 tags.
* Support for album art in APE tags.
* Support URLs insise M3U and others if playlist is on SD/storage.
* Better current position restore.
! Fixed crash on service exit if Service setting OFF causing service restart instead of exit.
! Fixed UI not loaded on incoming call and blocking further player updates.
! Fixed Replay Gain used along with normalized gain.
! Fixed Replay Gain not shown on Display.
! Fixed APE tags support.
! Fixed graceful exit on Power Off.
! Fixed EQ Preset & Normalize not used for file-based playlist entries.

* Create binding automatically for directory with exported Queues.
! Fixed 1-st track of CUE not playing if .cue contain not exact music file name.
! Fixed DB Cleanup - not all directories deleted.
! Fixed EQ bindings reset on Binding REBUILD.
! Fixed crash on UI re-enter when roller moving.
! Fixed rare crash on some filenames with broken name encoding LATIN <> UTF-8.

* M3U, PLS, XSPF playlists support (old Playlist meaning renamed to Binding!).
* Ignore PLAYLIST/FOLDER/SONG (long-press: on entry - IGNORE, on top-level group - UNIGNORE).
* MP4 ALS, NSV formats support.
* XSPF playlist support.
* Album art support for MP4.
* Do not delete Queue on DB Refresh.
* Export Queue to M3U8 file-based playlist to /NeutronMP/playlists folder.
! Fixed 2 songs playing simult. in some occasions.
! Fixed playlists encoded with UTF-16 BE.
! Fixed tags encoded with UTF-16 BE.

* Last.FM scrobbling (install Last.FM app, enable in Settings -> UI -> Scrobble).
* Save current playlist position and track progress on exit.
* Alternative DB location: /sdcard/NeutronMP.
* Split Headset -> AUTOJACK to: AUTO STOP/PLAY.
* Support for CUE Sheet built into tags (FLACs).
* Save Queue on stop/exit.
* Single music entry can be ENQUEUEd now.
* Improved EQ presets handling.
! Fixed multi-file CUE Sheet.
! Fixed /Removable path not seen on TF101.
! Fixed Unicode path wrongly shown.

* EQ Low/High band filters got Q tunable.
* Will save position in Playlist screen.
! Fixed UI graphics broken due to OpenGL drivers bug in 1.44 for some devices (Dell Streak, HTS Desire HD,...).

* ICS support.
* Custom PLS/M3U support from ext. file manager.
* Keep screen ON when power is ON (Settings -> UI -> POWERLOCK).
* Individual track looping for CUE.
* Сrossfading of looped track.
* Long-press on Preamp, Playback Mode.
! Fixed texture artifacts on Tabs.
! Fixed orientation on Tabs.
! Fixed wrong gain on UI enter during normalized track.
! More stability for low-mem devices.
! Performance/memory improvements (codecs/gfx/UI).

* Normalize feature (only for Albums with EQ Preset): re-master track after EQ.
* Use device buttons: SEARCH, REWIND, FAST FORWARD.
* LOOKUP for songs.
* Fast scroller with first title letter display for groups.
* Preset's EQ params can be edited directly (EDIT button).
* Support for DTS format (.dts).
! Fixed LOOKUP for non-Latin.
! Fixed rotation bug for some devices.
! Fixed /mnt not shown on some OS versions.
! Fixed EQ Preset handling for first track.
! Fixed track not looped if FADE is ON.

* EQ Presets: press on top of EQ bars, or Settings -> EQ Presets.
* EQ Preset can be assigned to Album (invoke Album prop. screen -> BIND/UNBIND EQ button for currently used EQ preset).
* Textual lookup for: Albums, Artists, Genres, Folders (use LOOKUP button).
* Can rename Playlist, URL.
* Can create URL manually (use NEW button).
* Multi-lang. UI: added Russian lang. (Settings -> Interface Lang.).
* Fine-tunning of EQ with text. input (press on Freq, DB, Width value).
* Optimized performance.

* Linked hardware volume controls to Neutron UI: by default master GAIN slider is now changing hardware gain, to get software GAIN slider (as before) goto Settings -> Audio Hardware -> uncheck HW GAIN.
* A2DP Bluetooth functionality can be disabled by Settings -> Headset -> A2DP setting, for those who are having problems attaching non-audio BT devices.
! Fixed frequent crash in 1.41.3 update.

* Can ignore group of files using Folder mode (long-press folder...).
* Will prefer higher res album art.
! Fixed ignored files are back in DB after REBUILD.
! Fixed UI entries of album not visible if album played fully and stopped.
! Fixed album art displayed on URL.
! Fixed UI entries rarely overlaped in Folder mode.
! Fixed wake time not displayed in power-off mode after UI re-entering.
! Crash fixes:
 - entering UI from power-off mode
 - screen swipe
 - other rare situations
! Fixed APE.

* UI re-design and functionality changes:
 - art and main swapped [Settings -> UI -> SWAP MAIN]
 - static playback controls in art screen [Settings -> UI -> HIDE CTRL]
 - buttons graphics
 - color intensity
 - bigger font size in Settings
 - album art fade in/out on change
* Double-press on headset button will cause NEXT event.
* Single file playback mode (when track is finished player stops).
* Aded EQ gain to [Settings -> EQ].
* Support for TTA, MLP, TrueHD formats.
! Other fixes.

* Folder mode:
 - additional entry in Playlist screen below Streaming group,
 - 2 modes: all folders with audio files, directory structure.
* Additional Android 4x1 widget: Mini.
* Fast seeking by long-press on NEXT/PREV buttons (period in Settings -> UI).
* Playing URL will display name as Title.
* Wake icon on Display.
! Fixed EQ band width not set if >1.
! Fixed rare crash during scanning due to attempt to open non-audio file.
! Switching off LOOP [T] will cause GAPLESS message reappear.

* Support for streaming audio:
 - Internet radios (find with Internet browser and open with Neutron);
 - Most streaming formats and protocols;
 - Streaming playlists: M3U, PLS, ASX, RAM;
 - Direct URLs to audio files;
 - Streaming group in Playlist.
* Additional grouping by album for Artists / Genres.
* Fast scroller for song lists (>25 entries).
! Fixed EQ sometimes is OFF on UI re-enterance.
! Fixed rare crash on bad PNG.
! Fixed CUE for >1 filenames.
! Fixed playback sometimes gets stopped.

* New Queue feature: allows to queue music groups (Artists/Albums/Genres), new entry Queue is in the Playlist root screen.
* More album art in Playlist/Albums list (obtained from tags).
* Will create default playlist automatically if none created on UI entry.
* Performance improvements when using effects.
* Thai language support for tags.
! Fixed rare bug (Android related) when playback gets stopped suddenly.
! Fixed crash on playlist creation.

* Asynchronous saving of Settings to avoid UI freezing.
* Improved press area of small buttons in UI.
* Implemented global Balance (Settings -> Audio Hardware).
* Better performance of lists.
! Fixed album art not displayed correctly in widget.
! Fixed Settings -> Art Pulsation not saved.
! Fixed skipping on single-core CPU on Gingerbread (Galaxy S, ...).
! Fixed inability to turn off the screen when UI active.
! Fixed notifications handling.
! Fixed rare deadlock on UI re-enter.

* Improved music files scanning speed, now 500 files take around 1-2 seconds on GSII!!!
* Playlist, if checked, will be autoupdating on Neutron's start.
* Use OS wallpaper instead of Neutron's background stars (Settings -> UI).
* Album Art displayed in Playlist for albums.
* UI can be used as lock screen (Settings -> Lock Screen).
! Fixed music parsing/sorting bug.
! Fixed playback looping on last track when LOOP not active.
! Fixed ext. file not playing.
! Fixed play controls not sliding out.

* Added Headset Setup option in Settings.
* Added Media Buttons support (BT/Wired Headset).
* Anchors (bars on left/right side of screen) if pressed are causing screen switching to left/right.
* Art screen controls: pressing up/down arrows will cause album art images changed.
* Some improvements to UI behavior.
! Fixed UI incompatibility with Sony Ericsson XPERIA devices introduced by 1.34 update.
! Fixed speaker audible for 1 second if wired headset is removed during playback.
* Added ability to set ringtone from music entry (long-press on entry, press SET AS button)
* Will delete playlist with proper progress message.
* Improved performance of internal database (will speed up playlist refresh/create).
* Service is ON by default (revert to old behavior using Settings).
! Fixed rare bug when Neutron does not drop CPU consumption after 3 minutes of Idle.
! Important stability fixes (reason of this delta release).

* Implemented ABC Lookup tool for Playlist UI to move by Artist/Album/Genres entries by pressing on letters they begin with (located: right-bottom, partially invisible).
* Implemented widget- Neutron Display (Android OS widget): album art, track info, progress.
* Refreshed style of widget- Neutron Mini to co-operate with Neutron Display and renamed it to Neutron Controls.
* Improved idle/active states management for easier use of Neutron when outside of its UI.
! Fixed different small bugs.
! Hot fix for Froyo.


* Implemented accelerated UI item lists. 
* Implemented manual refreshing of playlist (press new button REFRESH on Playlist #N entry to refresh the playlist). 
* Implemented Equalizer fine tunning in Settings (accessible through Settings dialog, MENU button). This feature is for PRO audiophiles only, better stick to default setup if you are unsure about these settings). 
* Fixed UI ANR on re-enter using Notification due to double intent of notification bug in Android OS. 
* Fixed rare crash on Playlist screen. 
* Fixed deleting the playlist (DB not cleaned, UI logics). 
* Fixed occasional crash when UI is exited with BACK button and device is rotated in the same time.

* Implemented support for True gapless playback of CUE and separate music files (NOTE: your music files must be encoded as gapless as well!).
* Implemented Control widget with Play/Next/Prev buttons on Landscape screen (to activate tap on right side of screen, 1/3 of screen size).
* Added EDIT button to Playlist #N control panel which allows to select/deselect directories.
* Improved item lists scrolling (no ocasional activations anymore).
* Improved randomness of Shuffle.
* Some visual UI improvements.
* Fixed licensing (per account) not working without Internet.
* Speed up playlist when music database is big (>2000 music entries)
* Pressing and holding EQ button on Main screen will invoke Equalizer setup dialog.
* Pressing and holding Fade/EQ/Crossfeed buttons will not cause button switch, e.g. will only open dialog.

* Implemented crossfading. To activate it: enter to FADE setup (through SETTINGS by pressing HOME button, or by long-press on FADE button), activate CROSSFADE button. If music supports crossfading display will show CROSSFADE.
* Fixed FADE for CUE music (next song was silent).
* Unified UI of setup dialogs.

* Implemented CROSSFADE support for SHUFFLE mode.
* Implemented CROSSFADE support for CUE tracks.
* Implemented 'Loop Per Track' mode (CUE track not supported yet).
* Implemented Loop setup dialog (accessible by long-press on LOOP button, or through Settings menu).
* Fixed memory leaks caused by Java wrapper and Android OS specific issues. On some devices it could cause badly responsive buttons of UI after several re-entering into UI.

* Implemented crossfading Next/Prev asynchronous track switching (CROSSFADE mode must be active).
* Play/Stop/Next/Prev buttons are asynchronous now.
* Added notice 'REFRESH DB' to Display when user pressed REFRESH button on Playlist #N entry to refresh music database manually.
! Fixed individual file (when it was started from Android's File Manager) when stopped could not be played back.
! Fixed track not rewound if PREV button pressed on individual file or very first track of the play list.

* Will display error dialog and request to exit if storage is unmounted (when device storage is shared with PC for example).
! Fixed crossfading Next/Prev malfunction if playlist was on first/last tracks.
! Fixed playback interrupted if Prev buton is pressed on last track of non-looping playlist.
! Fixed error dialog not showing button Exit.
! Fixed error dialog cancelled with BACK button.
! Fixed rare Java crash on Null when Neutron is starting.
! Fixed rare crash on crossfading track switch.

* Unicode tags: support for Asian languages (tested: Chinese, Korean, Japanese), font face depends on Android OS and not limited by Neutron version.
* Unicode tags: support for Arabic language.
* Re-enabled alternative installation places (due to user complaints).
* Enlarged tag's font of Display on Main screen.
* Added bit-rate on Display (small/large).
* Some minor UI improvements.
! Fixed crash if sound is muted and needs re-sampling (non 44.1 kHz audio).

* Implemented support for additional audio formats:
 - WMA, AC3, AAC, M4A, M4B, M4R, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, MOV, APE, ALAC;
 - iTunes inclusive except DRM-protected;
 - CUE sheet support is automatic for all new formats.
! Fixed support for extended Latin languages used in CUE sheet (French, German, ...).
! Fixed crossfading not working when UI is invisible
! Fixed switching to next track after re-enter into UI
# Discontinued support for slow ARMv5 CPUs and devices.

* Implemented crossfading behavior for song switch using playlist play buttons.
* Implemented support for MP3 format containing video data (produced by TubeMate for example).
* Implemented support for WavPack format (.wv) including CUE.
* Implemented audio playback of video formats - MPEG and AVI.
* Improved rare audio formats loading.
* Improved performance of audio stream creation (speedup  playlist creation/refresh).
! Fixed rare crash on parsing tags of CP1251 codepage by new codec library.

* Implemented Ambiophonic R.A.C.E. DSP feature (access it: Settings -> Stereo DSP -> enable R.A.C.E, then tune it)
* Added support for formats: Wavpack, Musepack, 12/20-bit FLAC
* Added sliding in/out Play controls on Album Art screen
* Implemented instant seek (tap on seek bar to jump to new position)
* Improved UI rendering performance
* Improved Crossfeeding setup dialog by allowing to hear changes being made in real-time
! Trying to avoid deadlock of GEQ (not displayed) on multi-core CPUs

* Implemented presets for Ambiophonics sound surround (8 presets accessible through Ambiophonics DSP setup dialog).
* Stereo DSP dialog changes are applied once DSP processor gets activated.
* Improved graphic EQ performance.
! Corrected erroneous output of bitrate on some music files.
! Reverted FPS limiting, now it is back to standard 33 FPS.

* Implemented DISCO mode. To activate it: Settings -> User Interface -> set DISCO mode above 0.0. To use it: activate NIGHT mode, or wait auto-lock.
* Implemented Replay Gain (RG) (if music's RG detected then value in Decibels will be displayed on the left side of EQ bars on display).
* Added Replay Gain enable/disable setting.
* Added Resampling settings: fast, quality, audiophile.
* Added UI setup dialog: FPS is now tunable.
! Fixed Graphic EQ and RMS bars not displayed on Galaxy S II.

* Implemented 'Instant Play' feature (enabled by default, can be disabled in Settings->User Interface->IPLAY) which auto-loads SONGS plaulist section on Neutron start. Pressing Play/Next/Prev buttons will not lead to Playlist screen if feature is active, but will activate corresponding action instead.
* Improved consistency of DISCO mode if it is active and changes are made through Settings.
! Fixed WAKE Timer not working if SIGNAL is ON.

* Improved performance of MP3 decoder.
* Improved support for MusePack format: SV8.
* Improved UI performance (to improve FPS on Adreno 20x GPUs).
* Improved Input (touch) events handling (to fix laggy input on devices with MSM chipset).
* Improved List UI element behavior.
! Corrected ID3v2 v.3 and v.4 tag support, added support for obsolete v.2.
! Fixed rare crash if player failed opening/reading non-MP3/FLAC/OGG/WAV music file.
! Fixed crash on MPC8 format when music file ends its playback.

* Rewrote MusePack format support. Using official high-quality 32-bit decoder now.
* Implemented support for APE tags in MP2/MP3 files.
* Added 3 Crossfeed presets with possibility to replace them to own settings.
! Fixed East-European/Scandinavian special symbols replaced with Cyrillic in tags.
! Fixed Resampling Setup dialog (FAST mode can't be set).
! Fixed rare crash during Neutron's UI exit with back key or switching off the screen.

* Tag-less files will display filename/path in place of Artist/Album.
* Improved UI rendering performance.
! Fixed MusePack decoder.

* Added AIFF format support.
* Implemented 'Automatic Gain Control' feature: detects overloaded sound and automatically decreases Preamp gain. It is enabled by default and can be disabled in Settings.
* Some UI makeup.
! Fixed not auto-restarting playback when interrupted by incoming call.
! Fixed rare crash on UI exit.
! Fixed dynamic scrolling of Settings dialog.

* Implemented fancy 3D Cosmos widget as player background. Enjoy outer space look and feel, a long way to Neutron star :)
* Added BMP image format support for Album Art.
* Improved Album Art jitter.
* Fixed genre 'Chill-out' to be displayed as common 'Chillout'.
* Fixed genre words capitalizing.

* Implemented 'Auto Headset' feature (disabled by default, in Settings): automatic playback start/stop on wired headset insertion/removal.
* Implemented Song dialog: Playlists -> Playlist #N -> long-press on Song entry.
* Implemented ability to delete song from database using new song dialog.
* Extended Playlist #N dialog: added UNSKIP button to clear skip list of deleted songs.
* New Setting in UI section: Disable auto-lock in Portrait mode.
* Improved EQ tunning possibilities by representing Bandwith in Octaves (1/80-10).
* Not rescaling display for 480x854 (Sony XPERIA X10,...) devices for better UI quality.
! Fixed playback starting when incoming call is finished and Neutron was not playing previously.
! Fixed crash on WAKE timer if Signal is active.
! Fixed reverse display view shifted if resolution is other than 480x800 (affects Pads also).

* New audio DSP feature: Rumble Filter (ON/OFF in Settings)
* Playlist UI: will follow playback progress
* Support for embedded album art ID3v2/Vorbis
* More UI settings (Settings -> User Interface)
* Support for /Removable/MicroSD and /Removable/SD root directories
* Setting to switch on/off Wake Lock
* Asynchronous DB parsing (yet manual)
! Fixed rare crash on frequent UI switch on/off
! Fixed rare bug when both landscape/portrait modes are displayed
! Playlist performance improvements
* Touching display will cause playlist be shown.
* Will recognize album art stored in: cover/scans directory inside directory with music.
* Improved Bluetooth handling: connecting BT will cause player to relink to BT communication.
* UI Playlist improvements.
! Fixed playlist entries correctly shown while playing.
* Pressing the Display when in Playlist screen changes it to Main and vice-versa.
* Playlist UI improvements.
* Fixed memory leak on UI re-entrance.
* Fixed playlist UI.

* Slider with playback controls will auto slide-in on album art/portrait screens entry.
* Improved speed of large MP3 files (>100 Mb) seeking.
* Root directory is now '/mnt' that allows to select non-standard mount paths.
! Fixed crash on UI exit if player is loading.
! Fixed rare crash on UI exit right after progress bar was touched.
* Added a-law, u-law, qcelp, gsm, ima support for MOV/AIFF formats.
* Added audio hardware setup dialog which allows to adjust hardware latency.
! Fixed infrequent crash on UI exit.
! Fixed AIFF format: 8,24,32,64-bit playback.
! Fixed incorrect playlist shown for Playslists section.

* Added ability to show/hide Android toolbar (in Settings, UI section).
* Implemented full screen spectrum analyser (to invoke: rotate device to landscape mode, press on spectrum bars).
* Implemented visual EQ sensitivity (in Settings, UI section).
* Added support for Real Media (.rm, only audio).
* Improved list entries movement/response.
* Other small improvements.
! Fixed playback controls appearing on POWER OFF.
! Better performance of DB/Playlist core.
! Various crash fixes.
* New UI setting: on/off auto-rotation.
* Better rendering performance.
! Fixed: not going into Idle mode if stopped and UI is re-entered.
! Fixed: entry deletion from Playlist #N entry
! Fixed: playlist UI screwed after entry is deleted and PREV button used
! Fixed: UI Setup dialog


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