Music files not accessible on Neutron Recorder 1.06.8

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Music files not accessible on Neutron Recorder 1.06.8

Post by dmitrykos » Thu Aug 31, 2023 5:14 pm

Some users report that music files became inaccessible when updated Neutron Recorder to 1.06.8 via Google Play.

Neutron has to target Android 13 as a requirement set by Google for all apps in Google Play. If you got no music tracks then you could have Neutron installed earlier when it was targeting Android 10 and created standard Linux paths. When Neutron was targeting Android 11 and then 12 OS was operating in compatibility mode and retained access via standard Linux paths but it is no longer the case when targeted Android 13. We should all be grateful to Google for this huge mess they are creating by imposing "secure" approach to file access.

It is fairly easy to fix:
1. Give folder access permission via SAF as described here
2. Install Generic apk which targets lower Android OS version (currently Android 8) and is not limited by the OS. Download and then install apk from here

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