Can not find recorded files even after installing generic

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Can not find recorded files even after installing generic

Post by bigbrotherisyou » Mon Nov 14, 2022 10:05 pm


Big Neutron fan here for years.

Got a new S20 and download the player and then saw the new recorder and downloaded that. Both were paid for.

Made some recordings and they sound great! But I cannot find the files to move them and back them up to another device.

Saw the pinned thread about going back to the old version and turning off auto update from google. Did that for both programs. Still cant find the files! I even recorded a new file and it is also missing.

Downloaded X-plore per a Samsung forum, still cant find the recordings.

If I click on one of the recordings, it says this is the path to the folder:

I cannot find that location, a search of 'neutroncode' comes up nada.

Any help finding my recordings would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks -Neutron Fan

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