Request for Option to Turn Off (Hide) Unused Settings

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Request for Option to Turn Off (Hide) Unused Settings

Post by 24Bit.96kHz » Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:19 am

Hi, it would be nice to have an additional settings option (with the radio buttons you use) to turn off/on unused features and even the settings in the main settings screen as there are way to many that never get used.
One would be the option to remove the wake and sleep timer buttons at the top of the main screen as well as their settings at the the top of the settings screen. Even the main screens settings button, as the settings can be accessed from the phones menu button (Galaxy S4). I never use these and find them somewhat annoying, and I wouldn't be surprised if others agree on this.

The best solution I would suggest is to have all these settings hidden from the settings page by default when first installing the app at first instance and have an additional setting that gives the option to turn ON or OFF other additional settings within the screen, and maybe simply call it "TURN ON/OFF ADDITIONAL SETTINGS"
I have been using Neutron Music Player for over 12 months, and still find the settings daunting at most of times and feel that this desperately needs fixing as there are way to many features, although I do agree that most of the settings are a great feature and does wonders in whetting the audiophiles appetite for the ultimate in sound perfection, but these are not for everyone, and also strongly believe this would scare away some newcomers to the app as they would find it highly daunting.
To be honest I was perplexed at the beginning with the myriad of features but I eventually rode it through, and now through trial and error on the settings I ended up not using half the features. Especially the Sound Effects - ie/ EQ, Tempo, Fade, Surround etc.. as I prefer a flat sound as I like to listen to the work the mastering engineer has put into the final touches of a recording.

I hope to see this implemented soon.

BTW, I love the new "Output To" setting and it works fantastic! I own a Logitech Squeezebox system and streams music from my Galaxy S4 directly to it as well as my Samsung Smart TV - very happy indeed, but again this another addition to the settings screen and nearly every time I get an update you add another - if the settings were made to be optional then I think this would be a major improvement. Cheers

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Re: Request for Option to Turn Off (Hide) Unused Settings

Post by Liveinthemoment » Wed Jun 18, 2014 12:47 am

My view is that you can simply ignore them - for example there are about 6 sound related "headings" in settings one after another related to sound. Not interested in looking at them simply ignore them.

If this was implemented people will likely ignore a setting then post here how to do something.

For example some questions get asked over and over and over again because many are too lazy to even look it up or spend 10 seconds to experiment with the one setting heading which could apply to their situation.

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