Used MP3Gain to set gain levels - Neutron also setting gain?

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Used MP3Gain to set gain levels - Neutron also setting gain?

Post by Yosharian » Tue Jul 18, 2017 2:54 pm

Hi, I use MP3Gain to set gain levels on my MP3s.

Example: load MP3 in MP3Gain - recognise clipping on track - use MP3Gain to reduce MP3 internal volume - clipping no longer present on MP3

I generally use album analysis/gain when applying gain as most of my files are stored in album form.

I'm confused by Neutron's Gain functionality. Is this function just showing me the player applying the gain I've already set using MP3Gain? Or is it applying additional gain?

If it's applying additional gain, why is it doing that?

If it's applying the gain set by MP3Gain... well I had no idea this was optional at all, I thought it was automatically applied.

I'm also confused by Neutron's identification of a 'track gain' and an 'album gain' as two separate values. I thought that this was identified solely at the editor level and that gain volume was applied to the file. I did not know the MP3 stored two different gain levels. Or does it?

Basically I am confused.

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