A: Yes, it is supported. If you do not see the album art in Playing Now or in Albums list then your music files are missing album art tags or album folder has no image file. 

Neutron builds own media library and searches for an album art in:

  1. Folders where music files are located
  2. Metadata (tags) of the music files

On Apple devices Neutron will source album art from the iTunes library for the iTunes tracks.

On Android Neutron does not use slow internal system media library and therefore make sure you have images inside the album folders or re-tag music files and attach images to the metadata. You can use excellent free application for re-tagging your music files - Mp3Tag.

Neutron does not download the album art images from the Internet because it will cause the dependency on some 3-rd party music services. Instead try using one of specialized utilities for that and apply the downloaded album art image to the tags of music files or save as image files to the album folders, then refresh (Sources -> source entry -> toggle Refresh off/on) or rescan sources in Neutron (Sources -> long press source entry -> Scan) to update media library.