A: It depends on capabilities of your device and whether it allows (supports) changing of the output frequency. Access Neutron's settings -> Audio Hardware -> Frequency list and see if you have more than one frequency listed.

To achieve Bit-Perfect output you will need to switch off all DSP effects (check DSP Effects section in Neutron's settings) and Dithering. Activate Audio Hardware -> Follow Source Frequency option to match output frequency to the frequency of the music file.

On Android, devices with hi-res on-board DAC allow to change frequency, normally these are DAPs (those which are detected by Neutron and marked with [DAP] label in Audio Hardware -> DRV field) or advanced mobile devices which have Generic Driver -> Hi-Res Codec option available.

On iOS, normally Apple devices support only 2 frequencies: 44100, 48000 Hz, so you can achieve Bit-Perfect output with these frequencies only.

On Windows 10, make sure to activate Audio Hardware -> Exclusive Mode option which lets Neutron to use audio hardware directly and exclusively that allows changing of the output frequency.

If you attach USB DAC then generally you have hi-res output and ability to change frequency without any problem (on Android make sure to switch on Audio Hardware -> Direct USB Access option).