A: Neutron is configured to provide high quality result by default.

There are additional settings though which can increase playback quality in general on all devices:

  1. Playback -> 64-bit Processing: will improve precision by minimizing the Quantization error during the processing if you are using some DSP effects or Neutron is resampling to the device frequency (resampling will likely happen if device frequency does not match track's frequency).
  2. Playback -> Resampling -> Audiophile: will improve the quality of the resampling even more although standard mode gives excellent result by default.

If device supports Hi-Res Audio output, e.g. its supports more than one output frequency and bit depth is above 16 bits then check settings of Audio Hardware section:

  1. Follow Source Frequency: to avoid resampling, e.g. output frequency will match track's frequency.
  2. Oversample: the opposite to above setting that causes oversampling of the track's frequency to some specified ratio. Oversampling helps to move Quantization error outside the frequency range the human ear could perceive. It also improves the processing precision of DSP core due to increased frequency.
  3. DSD, DSD over PCM -> PCM to DSD: if device supports native DSD then Neutron can do real-time conversion of PCM to DSD before the output. It is unique feature and an advanced Oversampling scenario where oversampled PCM is then oversampled more to DSD. Such mode allows to bypass the oversampling of Audio DAC chip and you get the same Neutron's quality sound with any Audio DAC, more on this here.
  4. Direct USB Access: if your are using USB DAC connected to the device via USB OTG in order to get the most out of the USB DAC including native DSD support. Android's USB driver limits format to max 24-bit / 192 kHz but Neutron's USB driver has no any limitation and supports any PCM and native DSD formats.