A: In most cases, no. Each platform (Android, iOS, Windows) has its own independent app store, and license verification is often handled by the platform itself (except for Android). This makes it technically impossible to link purchases across platforms.

Therefore, you will need to purchase Neutron for each platform you want to use it on. It's important to understand that developing and maintaining apps for different platforms requires significant effort. This includes:

  • Keeping up with platform updates
  • Migrating APIs to stay compatible
  • Complying with evolving platform rules and requirements

These ongoing efforts contribute to the continued development and functionality of Neutron across various platforms.

Additional considerations:

  • If you purchased Neutron on Google Play but want to use it on an Android device without Google Play services, consider it a separate platform due to the additional development and server infrastructure required.
  • Purchasing Neutron through PayPro (alternative payment method) helps support the development and maintenance of this alternative platform and its dedicated license server.

By purchasing Neutron for your desired platform, you directly contribute to its ongoing development and improvement!