A: How can I access files with recordings on my Android 11+ device?

Android 11+ OS is limiting standard file access for the apps. Apps can not access user folders without a user permission which can be obtained via a Scoped File Storage (SAF) mechanism. Therefore by default Recorder is saving files into the app's internal folder (so called sandbox) which is not normally accessible externally (also limitation by the OS).

To access files with recordings created by Recorder you have 3 options:

  1. Use Generic apk which is not limited by Android 11+ which has to be downloaded here and installed manually.

  2. Create a new source entry via SAF. Here is tutorial for the Player but it is also good for the Recorder. SAF permission allows to create a source entry and access your external user folder by the Recorder.

  3. Activate FTP for the default source entry in the Network settings. Then use any FTP client, for example FileZilla, to access it.