Silence Detector DSP allows to skip silence in real-time during the recording or playback. This functionality allows to keep recording for 24 hours and record only valid sound with silence fully skipped. For example, if dog barked for 5 seconds during the whole day only those 5 seconds will be recorded.

This DSP works for the playback mode too, e.g. if silence is detected Neutron will quickly skip this part of the file until sound is detected. For example, if you have a large recording of 12 hours and there sound somewhere in the middle that lasts for 5 seconds Neutron will try to skip (depends on the file system performance) to that part, play 5 seconds and skip further to the end of file if there is only silence.

This DSP is fully configurable and can be adjusted via its settings. The following options are supported:

  • Threshold: the gain threshold in dB below which the silence is detectable, e.g. if sound power drops below this level exceeding the duration of Time - Sound then silence is detected
  • Time - Silence: if any sound is detected inside this period the silence condition will not be cancelled
  • Time - Sound: if silence is detected inside this period it will be ignored 

Silence is detected:

Sound is detected: