Due to the unique platform-independent software design Neutron's audio engine is capable of operating with 32-bit or 64-bit precision. All DSP processing is done in floating point format and then in the final output stage the floating point data is converted to the DACs native input format which is always a signed integer of 16 up to 32-bit width.

32-bit precision is useful to save CPU and battery because majority of CPUs have native hardware support 32-bit floating point arithmetic. It will provide enough resolution (SNR) for all modern DACs and amplifiers which is maximum 144.49 dB (we can use only fractional part of 32-bit floating point number for the output to the DAC which is 24-bit). Therefore 32-bit floating processing mode is the best common mode which provides a good trade off between CPU/power consumption and final sound quality.

64-bit precision moves the quality of the sound processing to the next level. Modern 64-bit CPUs offer native hardware support for 64-bit floating point math, so there is no much CPU overhead in comparison with 32-bit CPUs. Much higher precision allows to avoid the loss of the valuable bits with audio data during digital sound processing which normally is - Resampling and DSP effects. 64-bit precision allows to reach 192.66 dB SNR (for output in 32-bit integer format).

The loss of the valuable bits is causing the quantisation error which constantly accumulates inside the digital filters and intermediary variables. Quantization error affects the final sound quality making it more digital-like. Quantization error will always appear inside the processing chain if there is at least single intermediary truncation to the 32-bit value.

Neutron's audio engine is designed and developed carefully to avoid any internal truncation and guarantees true 64-bit processing from the decoding stage up to the final output. As a result with 64-bit processing the SNR ratio improves, that makes sound more soft and audibly pleasant to the listener.

Such degree of engineering dedication is not achievable by the common music classes provided by the operating system APIs on basis of which majority of music players are based and therefore Neutron's audio engine is one of the rare state of art exceptions which do audio processing right and with guaranteed result on any platform!